Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Five for March 28th, 2014

1. Is March nearly done already? Wow. Time just flew past, and April's going to be a busy month outside the blogging world for me. I'll be slowing with my blog posts here and participating in the A to Z Challenge with Untethered Realms. We're featuring fantastical creatures. It's going to be a lot of fun!

2. I didn't get much done revision-wise this month. I had hoped to be halfway done with revisions for one of my WIPs, but my CPs and betas have been busy folks too. That's okay with me. I'm not forcing hard deadlines on myself this year. And I'm getting much more sleep because of it!

3. What have I been doing? I'm almost finished a new novella. I couldn't resist writing something new, and this is completely new for me. I found a call for themed novellas on a popular publisher site. One of them made me laugh. A lot. So I went for it, and the story flowed so easily. It's a geeky contemporary tale with absolutely no supernatural elements. Weird for me! And yes, I'm being mysterious about what it exactly is, because if the publisher rejects it, I love it so much I might self-publish it. Then you'll hear no end of it!

4. My son had his first literacy after school special this week. He blew the socks off the teacher. He's the best reader in his preschool by far. I'm so proud of my wonderful little guy.

5. No plans for the weekend. Maybe we'll finally watch Gravity. And the season finale of The Walking Dead. It's been an awesome season! Have a great weekend.

P.S. What do you think of my new blog banner?


  1. Getting more sleep sounds like a good trade off:) Can't wait to read your new novella... sounds very cool with the geeky theme. Haven't seen Gravity yet, but plan to soon.
    Okay, back to it.. I have a few awesome new chapters to read from my CPs:)

  2. Nice to hear about your little champ!
    Your banner looks good!

  3. The new banner is great! I love seeing Meira spotlighted in it. :)

    And how exciting about the new novella! Can't wait for you to be able to share more about it someday. Good luck with it!

  4. Hi Christine .. glad you're getting more sleep - your banner is mind-bending! Great. Your little on - how fantastic that he loves to read so much .. and is taking after his Mum at being good at it .. so pleased for you both ..

    Good luck with Untethered Realms during the A-Z .. cheers Hilary

  5. The new novella sounds interesting. Sometimes a total change of genre can feel like a holiday!

  6. Lots to be happy about! Good for your son! You've obviously done a great job raising a reader! That's also great news that you wrote another novella. I hope it gets accepted. I think you'll enjoy Gravity. I've watched it a couple of times, which I rarely ever do - so that means it must be decent!

  7. Your banner looks great—and what great news about your son! Isn't it great when our kids love reading as much as we do. :)

  8. Thanks, everyone! I love it that my little guy reads and is making up his own stories. His fanfiction really amuses me! :)

  9. Hi Christine,

    Hang on, I'm here. Yay and wow! :)

    Fantastical feature creatures.

    Oh my, I'm going to have to figure out all your acronyms. I'm kidding.

    Encouraging to know you've almost finished your new novella.

    Your son's articulation, no doubt has a lot to do with you.

    Hope you get to see Gravity over the weekend. Your new banner is delightful and I must now wing myself back to my site....

    Gary :)

  10. Gravity was pretty good. I was sure they filmed some of the scenes in one of those airplanes that simulate zero gravity, but apparently they did it all with wires. Hard to believe.

  11. I noticed your blog banner first thing- and I love it! Congrats on the little guy's success, and have fun movie watching this week.

  12. I was hoping to finish a draft, but I got stuck in a scene, which forced me to go back and add a much needed subplot. Still, lots of progress. We need to be aware when we make it.

    Yay for your writing and your son's awesome reading skills.

  13. Oh! New banner pic - cool! I'm way behind on my WIP revisions too. I hope we get more accomplished in April, right? :)

  14. The blog banner looks great, Christine -- and I look forward to reading more about the novella.

  15. Love the new banner.

    Good for your son! (Gee... I wonder why he likes reading. :P)

  16. Love the new banner!

    More sleep is probably a good thing! Wish I was getting more! :)

    I still haven't seen Gravity yet, although I hear it was better seeing it in the theater. Guess I missed that one. LOVE Walking Dead!! Big fan!


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