Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wicked Wednesday - more about blogging

Last week I talked about blogging and set up my schedule. Thank you to everyone who commented. There is no question most folks are tired of cover reveals, blitzes, and the same old interviews.

On my blog, many of my most popular posts are guest spots. Any time I'm hosting another author, I see a jump in visits and comments. The highest rated ones are those posts that are different too.

Giveaways also attract attention. Yet many people seem bored with Rafflecopter and prizes of ebooks. Giftcards are the most sought after prize. My Goodreads giveaway last year had a huge response.

A lot of people stated they enjoy posts that are personal. Nothing long and rambling. A peek into that blogger's life. Maybe something funny, a goal reached, or an issue that means a lot to them.

Writers like reading about writing, of course. But there are so many articles about the craft out there. Posts about the author's personal writing journey are more interesting. This is one of the reasons the IWSG is so popular.

After all the talk about blogging in the community, have you or do you plan on changing your blog content?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Necromancer release and Shelfie Blog Hop

Blurb:  A primeval fiend is loose in the ancient metropolis of Malkandrah, intent on burning it to a wasteland. The city’s leaders stand idly by and the sorcerers that once protected the people are long gone.

Maldren, a young necromancer, is the only person brave enough to stand against the creature. Instead of help from the Masters of his Guild, he is given a new apprentice. Why now, and why a girl? As they unravel the clues to defeating the fiend, they discover a secret society holding the future of the city in its grip. After betrayals and attempts on his life, Maldren has reason to suspect everyone he thought a friend, even the girl.

His last hope lies in an alliance with a depraved and murderous ghost, but how can he trust it? Its sinister past is intertwined in the lives of everyone he holds dear. Can only evil defeat evil?

Where to Buy:
Amazon Kindle: USA | UK | B&N Nook | Apple iBook | Kobo
Paperback: USA | UK

* * * * *

 When: From Now until October 6th, 2014

What: Take a picture of your favorite book(s), your bookshelves, or you with your favorite book(s). We understand if you're shy and don't want to be in the picture, but you get bonus points if you are. Then share it on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter. It's as quick and easy as that!

I'm excited to co-host this blog hop with seven amazing authors: Tara Tyler, Heather Gardner, CD Coffelt, M.J. Fifield, Elizabeth Seckman, Rena Rocford, and Vikki Biram. We'll be offering prizes for various categories. The grand prize winner will win $40! I'll be giving away a digital copy of The 13th Floor Complete Collection for the geekiest Shelfie.

What is geeky? Well, how about a Shelfie of your gaming books. This is only one of our shelves in our house. All our shelves are over-stuffed like that!

Make sure to include the links to all your Shelfies,
and you could win one of these awesome prizes!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five for August 22, 2014

1. This week, my son went back to preschool and he's loving it. I'm loving the fact I get to spend my mornings writing. I promised myself only to write and not surf around on the internet. It's blissful. I missed regular writing time over the summer. I'm in a better mood and feeling more like myself again.

2. I'm still waiting for the okay to share my news, but my newsletter subscribers were let in on the secret. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet, just pop your email address into the little widget on the right side of my blog. My subscribers get all the good news first!

3. I have my local writers critique group meeting tomorrow. This time I sent in a contemporary flash piece that I hope to create two very different emotions with. I do wonder if I succeeded.

4. I've submitted a few horror short stories this past week. It's that time of year when venues are looking to fill up October slots. I have one that is a twist on the Sleepy Hollow tale told from the horseman's point of view. He's not really that bad of a guy. Well, okay, maybe he is, but it's fun to get his side of the story!

5. I cut my finger on the saw of my tinfoil box the other night. It bled a lot. As I was nursing it, I wondered how I managed not to do that before. I'm often lost in my head, so I tend to get bumps and cuts, but never on the tinfoil saw which seemed really weird to me in the moment. What's the strangest thing you've ever cut yourself on or bumped into?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wicked Wednesday - blogging about blogging

There has been a lot of talk lately about blogging. Is it losing popularity? Will blogs disappear while everyone tweets? Will Twitter give way to something faster and shorter?

Not everything I have to say can be said with 140 characters. I've been blogging for a long time. Not here on this blog, but over the course of ten years, I've had three of them. I'm nearing 1000 posts on this blog.

My blog is my number one tool for marketing and connecting with people. I'd give up Facebook and Twitter before blogging. Not only do I like writing posts, I love reading other people's blogs. I feel I really get to know people when they share little slices of their lives.

I do understand that people are getting tired of too many cover reveals, blitzes, and bloghops. Readers want either more personal posts or helpful ones with advice and tips. Shorter is also better.

Yet I want to support my fellow writers by promoting their works. I don't want to chase off readers, though.

The best way to do this is to set up a blogging schedule. This way, readers know what to expect and when. If they're not interested in certain things, they can skip that day and visit another.

My blogging schedule:

Mondays - Promoting other authors with cover reveals, blitzes, reviews, and guest posts.

Wednesdays - The first Wednesday of every month is IWSG, and the others will be my Wicked Wednesdays where I talk about writing, marketing, and publishing.

Fridays - This is my weekly update. Friday Five catches my followers up on where I am with my writing and gives you a peek into my everyday life.

There will be exceptions for special events, but I'm sticking with this schedule. It'll save my followers valuable time and me as well.

Do you have a blogging schedule?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Broken Branch Falls Summer Blog Tour - guest post by Tara Tyler

Christine - terrific blogger, stupendous writer, awesome mom, great friend! I'm very happy to be here today, but even happier to know her!

Only a couple of posts left on my Broken Branch Falls Summer Blog Tour. Thanks for catching this one. I'll be talking about...

The Pros and Cons of Sequels

First, sequels can go two ways. They can be part of a continuous story, like Hunger Games or Game of Thrones, where you really need to read the previous books to know what's going on in the later ones. Or they can be separate stories with the same characters, like Harry Potter. Both of my series are like the latter, same characters, but independent stories. They refer to the past, but you don't have to read the previous books to understand newer ones.

Next, I conjectured about the pros and cons of sequels...

Sequels help build a fan base - if a reader likes the characters and story, they will want more.

When building a series, writers have to put off new ideas to write the sequels, usually.

The world is pretty established with the first novel, adding more is great, but it's not like starting from scratch, just add a few new characters and places.

Coming up with new story lines can be tough to do.

If you're published, you should be set for the next one (should...)

Need to keep the next books fresh and as exciting if not more so than the first one that inspired the writing in the first place.

The writer gets to continue the story, create and fulfill the answer to the question What happens next?

All in all, I love writing sequels. I hope to submit SIMULATION, next in the Cooper Chronicles series after POP TRAVEL, in Sept. Then I can concentrate on BBF's sequel, CRADLE ROCK. I also have some other, new ideas waiting, but I work on them when I need a break from the main WIPs.

Whether writing sequels or stand-alones, the best thing to do is keep writing!!

What advice would you give for writing sequels? Do you write/read them?
Christine's 13th Floor series is phenomenal! I highly recommend it!
And thank you again for having me, sweetie! I look forward to meeting you in person!

Try this BEASTLY QUIZ and find out which beast you are!
(It's part of the August giveaway below.)

by Tara Tyler
Publisher: Curiosity Quills

Gabe is an average fifteen-year-old goblin. He’s in the marching band, breezes through calculus, and gets picked on daily by the other kids at school, especially the ogres. But Gabe wants to break out of his nerdy stereotype and try other things. He has his eye on the new ogress at school. Though it’s against all beastly rules, there’s just something about her.

Gabe starts a fad of mingling with other species, forcing the High Council to step in and ruin things by threatening to destroy the school and split up Broken Branch Falls. With help from other outcast friends, Gabe sets out on a quest to save his town. They'll show 'em what different friends can do together!

Available at
B&N ~~~ Amazon
Add it to your GOODREADS list!

Tara Tyler has had a hand at everything from waitressing to rocket engineering. After living up and down the Eastern US, she now writes and teaches math in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. Currently, she has two series, The Cooper Chronicles (techno- thriller detective capers) and Beast World (MG fantasy) She's an adventure writer who believes every good story should have action, a moral, and a few laughs!

Also by Tara Tyler, techno-thriller detective series,</ div>
The Cooper Chronicles, Book One: POP TRAVEL

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five for August 15, 2014

1. It's been a busy week with my mom visiting. We had lots of fun, and my little guy will be very sad to see his gramma go this morning.

2. One step closer to being able to tell you my news. Maybe this coming week! *crosses fingers*

3. Today it's preschool orientation and then school will officially start on Monday. Yay! I'll have five mornings a week (minus my participation days twice a month) to write. I'm dedicating it to only writing. I'm very excited about this. Summer went by quickly, but it feels like a long time since I've had time to write. I'm going a little bit crazy.

4. I've been enjoying the new fantasy-based reality show, The Quest. I've never kidded myself that I could do Survivor or any of the other shows, because I won't eat strange things and I burn after five minutes in the sun. But The Quest, I would happily do! Has anyone else been watching it?

5. No plans for the weekend. I'm on countdown to Monday morning. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Hint of Cayenne cover reveal

Two bounty hunting elves must put aside their attraction to each other when a malevolent fairy comes up for grabs. Cayenne and Hawthorne both need the twenty gold reward, but only one can walk away with it.

This is another gorgeous cover for the Trouble with Elves series. I'm a huge fan of these books. Fantasy with a naughty edge.

About the author: 
If I had to describe myself, it would be in a word that has infinite meanings with a complexity which falls off the tongue. A word made up of many elements, is deceptive in appearance, and creates an illusion from the imagination. My word would be Phantasmagoric.

You can find Decadent Kane here: