Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Together We Stand Cover Reveal

Together We Stand Anthology
Genre: Multi-Genre Romance for Charity
Release Date: August 1st, 2020
Cover Design: Geri Glenn
Photographer: LJ Photography
As the entire world is impacted by COVID-19, a group of talented Canadian authors and authors with Canadian roots have come together to bring you short stories in multiple genres, each one surrounding essential workers.
All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to a Canadian charity that provides relief during the pandemic.
Join 30 True North authors and allow yourself to be captivated from a social distance.
Participating Authors:
Geri Glenn 🍁  C.A. King 🍁  Cameron Allie 🍁  V.J. Allison 🍁  Cassia Brightmore 🍁  AW Clarke 🍁 M. Jane Colette 🍁  Michelle Corchis 🍁  Allison M. Cosgrove 🍁  Tricia Daniels 🍁  Carey Decevito 🍁 Brianna Galway 🍁  Gillian Jones 🍁  Andrea Joy 🍁  Jean Kelso 🍁  Bethany-Kris 🍁  JA LaFrance 🍁  C.J. Lazar 🍁  Sue Langford  🍁  K Logan 🍁  Leah Negron 🍁  Lorne Oliver 🍁  DD Prince 🍁  Jennifer Rose  🍁  Crystal St. Clair 🍁  P. Stormcrow 🍁  Kadian Tracey 🍁  J.M. Walker 🍁  Scarlett Wells 🍁  Tracy Willoughby 🍁
Geri Glenn - USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy bikers and the strong women that bring them to their knees.
C.A. King - USA Today Bestselling Author. Bringing fantasy worlds to life one word at a time
Cameron Allie - Author of warm and fuzzy romance
V.J. Allison - Small town romance with a twist
Cassia Brightmore - Dark romance author of twisted characters you love to hate
AW Clarke - Speak softly, ride loudly, write with passion
M. Jane Colette - Flirty-funny-filthy love stories for people who think too much
Michelle Corchis
Allison Cosgrove - Author of murder, mayhem and love
Tricia Daniels - Award winning author of love stories beyond the limits of time
Carey Decevito
Brianna Galway - Romance reader turned author
Gillian Jones - Author of romance that sometimes hits you in the feels
Andrea Joy - Makes naughty look so good
Jean Kelso - Living between the pages with lots of love. Live everyday, love hard, and laugh lots
Bethany-Kris - Unapologetic romance
JA LaFrance - Author of sassy, strong women
C.J. Lazar
Sue Langford - Empowerment/realistic romance - empowering real women in the real world
K Logan - Love on the water
Leah Negron - Author of chaos and  havoc, romantic suspense, and edge of your seat thrillers. Where chaos comes with a price and everything you can imagine is real
Lorne Oliver - Author of Faryn Steel thriller, Alcrest mysteries, Sgt. Reid series killing people with no apologies
DD Prince - Author of dark, dangerous and deliciously addictive romance
Jennifer Rose
P. Stormcrow - Sexy romance that twist the tropes and challenge the norm
Kadian Tracey - Interracial stories with a plus size twist
J.M. Walker - Stories worth losing sleep over
Scarlett Wells - Romances to get lost in 
Tracy Willoughby - Reader with a dream

Monday, June 15, 2020

Writing within the fog #writerslife

I hope you're all safe and well. 2020 has been a crazy ride so far, and it's not over yet. The image of the pier reaching toward the fog is how I feel. I don't know what lies ahead of us. Some days, I can't even tell where the water is and where the fog begins. It all blurs together. I'm just taking one day at a time.

Now that my homeschooling days are done for the summer, I had hoped to watch and read a lot more. I've not been doing either. My island is getting a lot of attention on Animal Crossing, though. Barovia will rise again!

My presence online has also stumbled and gotten lost in the mist. I need to find my way back and establish a regular schedule again. Slowly but surely I'll get there.

One thing that has picked up is my writing groove. I'm actually working on two projects, and they're coming along marvelously.

Project #1 - Heirs of Blood and Feathers. First book of a post-apocalyptic paranormal romance trilogy co-written with a good friend of mine, Pixie Stormcrow. I'll be publishing it under my pen name, Morena Silver. We're moving along so well, we might go with an August 1st release date! More news next month on it.

Project #2 - Ravage of Revenants (Book #1 in the Khthonia trilogy). I might keep that name for the second book in the series and name the first book <Something> of Specters. A Shudder of Specters? I'll figure it out. This is my LitRPG novel, and I'm nearing 65,000 words. I'm so excited I'm nearly at the end! This book has been so much fun to write. It appeals to both the gamer geek and the fantasy lover in me. It's a little grim dark and has a light touch of romance.

Please leave me a little message and let me know how you're doing. And be kind not only to others, but to yourself as well.

Monday, May 11, 2020

A Quick Bite - Zombies Are Real


These monsters tickle our imagination.

Sink your teeth into a collection of tales about paranormal creatures that go bump in the night. Each story is told in exactly 200 words and designed to give you a quick bite no matter how busy your day is.

Are you hungry?

Buy Links

Zombies are real!

We all love a good zombie apocalypse movie where the good guys fight off hoards of zombies and save humanity. But are zombies really that far-fetched? Maybe not if you look deeper into mother nature.

Have you ever heard of Ophiocordyceps? It is a fungi. Harmless, right? Not if you’re an ant. When an ant come across these fungal spores in nature, the fungus infects the insect and spread through its body. Fungal cells in the ant’s head releases chemicals that hijack the insect’s central nervous system. The fungus can then force the ant to climb high. There, it kills the ant and a stalk grows out of the back of the ant’s head so spores can be released to infect more ants on the grounds below.

Sometimes, nature is more scary than fiction.

About the Author
Patricia Josephine is a writer of Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi Romance books. She actually never set out to become a writer, and in fact, she was more interested in art and band in high school and college. Her dreams were of becoming an artist like Picasso. On a whim, she wrote down a story bouncing in her head for fun. That was the start of her writing journey, and she hasn't regretted a moment. When she's not writing, she's watching Doctor Who or reading about serial killers. She's an avid knitter. One can never have too much yarn. She writes Young Adult Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Fantasy under the name Patricia Lynne.

Patricia lives with her husband in Michigan, hopes one day to have what will resemble a small petting zoo, and has a fondness for dying her hair the colors of the rainbow.

Social Media Links:
Newsletter -

Monday, April 13, 2020


It’s a pleasure to be participating in author Yolanda Renee’s MURDER, JUST BECAUSE Blog Tour through MC Book Tours today.

The author is offering an awesome tour-wide international giveaway. More information on the giveaway is listed below.

by Yolanda  RenΓ©e
◊ Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
◊ Publisher: Yolanda Renee
◊ Series: Detective Quaid Mysteries
◊ Paperback: 291 pages
◊ Print & eBooks
◊ ISBN-10: 0985820632
◊ ISBN-13: 978-0985820633
◊ Contains explicit sex & graphic violence
"While this book does contain explicit sexual language and graphic violence, it could easily be taken from the daily headlines. The content is plausible and realistic as we look at the world around us. The events in the book are not overly done but give a pragmatic look at the terrifying actions killers can and sometimes do take."

It was a matter of beginner’s luck, but rookie detective Steven Quaid’s career and reputation as an elite investigator skyrocketed when he captured one of the most sadistic serial killers in Alaskan history: Stowy Jenkins, AKA the Snowman. But that was ten years ago.

And now…Jenkins is back. Escaped from prison and on the move, his bloodlust is stronger than ever, and his methods of torture are even more horrifying than before. As his bloody rampage continues and the number of mutilated bodies mounts, terrified Alaskans increasingly doubt Quaid’s ability to catch the killer again. The detective’s reputation is on the line, and he’s going to need a lot more than luck, because this time, Jenkins is driven by more than the thrill of a random kill.

This time, it’s more personal. He’s out for revenge…and his ultimate target is Quaid. In a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, Jenkins starts picking off the people in Quaid’s life…slowly, gradually tightening his circle of corpses and drawing ever closer to the most important person in Quaid’s life...his wife. Can Quaid do the impossible again? Can he outmaneuver the killer, or has the detective's luck finally run out?

My review: Detective Steven Quaid wants only to enjoy his Hawaiian honeymoon with his beautiful wife, Sarah. Yet his world is shaken when one of the most sadistic serial killers ever, Stowy Jenkins (the Snowman) escapes after ten years in prison. And the Snowman has revenge on the mind. Everyone who had betrayed him is on his list. Quaid closes in on the Snowman as the killer closes in on him. Will Quaid be able to survive a second round with the Snowman or will he be the next macabre art piece?

This is the fifth book in the thrilling and horrifying Detective Quaid Mysteries series. Things start off right away and the tension builds to amazing heights with all the twists and turns. Quaid is trying hard to enjoy life with his new wife, but the call of his work is always there taking him away. Thankfully she understands! I love that Sarah is just as kick-butt as Quaid. Yet the Snowman, can anyone defeat him? He's very clever and enjoys the killing. He is a villain that I love to hate and read about even with all the blood and violence. I had no idea how it was going to end, I was on the edge of my seat, and it was not a disappointment! Plus you have the realities of the harsh life in Alaska. Great descriptions and settings. Even serial killers like to winter in the south!

This book is not for anyone under 18 or for those with weak stomachs. Renee doesn't spare the reader any details!

Author Yolanda Renee
For those who aren’t familiar with the author, here’s a bit of background on her in her own words.

At one time Alaska called to me, and I answered. I learned to sleep under the midnight sun, survive in below zero temperatures, and hike the Mountain Ranges. I’ve traveled from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, and the memories are some of my most valued. The wonders, mysteries and incredible beauty that is Alaska has never left me and thus now influences my writing.
Despite my adventurous spirit, I achieved my educational goals, married, and I have two handsome sons. Writing is now my focus, my newest adventure!

For more on Yolanda and her writing, you can connect with her here:
Blog    *     Facebook     *     Twitter     *     Pinterest    


This tour-wide giveaway is for a $25 Amazon gift card for one winner, a complete set of the Detective Quaid Mystery series books for another winner, paperback copies of MURDER, JUST BECAUSE for five winners, and a Kindle copy of MURDER, JUST BECAUSE for 10 winners.

To enter the giveaway, just click on the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions. The widget may take a few seconds to load so please be patient. If the widget doesn’t show up, just click HERE and you’ll be directed to the widget.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow Yolanda on her week-long tour HERE. You never know what you might find out. Do you enjoy watching a character grow from one story to the next?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Win a Critique from me from the WEP April Challenge

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. These have been crazy days. At least I hope you've been catching up on your reading and writing!

This month, I'm excited to be a part of Write... Edit... Publish's (WEP) writing blogfest challenge. WEP is a fantastic, supportive writing community. Every other month, they post a short writing challenge, and I love reading all the marvelous entries from the prompt. For April, the prompt is antique vase.

Click here for the post!

I will be providing the winner of the challenge with a 10,000 word critique. Be prepared, I dig deep when I critique. I also make silly jokes!

Good luck to all the participants!

P.S. Click on the image below to see all the expanded prompts for this year!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

It's your lucky day! Catch up on your reading!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone is doing well and making the most out of being at home. That means catching up on reading!

I want to help transport you to another world and let you escape the Coronavirus craziness for a little while. I've something for everyone, and they're all FREE!

A fledgling vampire wakes in a funeral home run by demons.

Shifter vs. shifter.

Not only the dead whisper upon the wind.

Gremlins have never been more terrifying.

More woo than boo. The Paramours - ghost hunting with a kiss.

When love is more difficult than finding Bigfoot.

Sexy cosplay and naughty games. Roll for initiative!

Monday, March 16, 2020

Taking Back Beast World - Review Time!

There was a little confusion last week, but I've got it right this time.

Taking Back Beast World, Phase 2. Disney/Pixar's Onward comes out March 6 with a setting eerily close to BEAST WORLD. It's time to shout out to the world about these great books! And shout out I will. Can you hear me? WOOT! These are such awesome stories! Hmmm... you can't hear me. How am I going to tell you then? Oh! Yes, I'll review the books for you.

Broken Branch Falls (Beast World series - Book 1) Review: If Gabe told anyone he'd like to try a sport, everyone would laugh at him. Goblins are the nerds of the community, and they aren't allowed to step out of their role. Yet when Gabe and his friends do, chaos erupts and the High Council votes to segregate all the beasts. Desperate to make sure this doesn't happen, Gabe and his friends go on a quest to retrieve the Book of Ages which is a hidden tome filled with knowledge that might help them. It's their only chance, but can they work together to complete the quest?

I absolutely loved it. This MG fantasy has all the quirky charm and lovable characters as the Harry Potter series. Tara Tyler does an excellent job of taking the familiar fantasy world concept and twisting it into something highly original. The history and politics of this world fascinates me as do the various beasts. While I did like the quest Gabe and his friends went on, it was the world-building and characterization that had me devouring this book.

Gabe may be a goblin, but he's your everyday teen wanting to break out of the stereotype he's been forced into and try something new. He's the perfect hero as I related so well to him. Ona was my favorite character. An ogress with clean teeth and who loves music! Rove also intrigued me, especially with his story. The whole cast was fantastic.

Cradle Rock (Beast World series - Book 2) Review: It's Spring Break, and goblin Gabe is having a hard time with the fact his ogress girlfriend, Ona is going away to Cradle Rock to search for evidence of humans. Humans have long been extinct, after all. Ona goes missing, and Gabe rushes with his friends to find her. They stumble upon a village and start a war with a sneeze. Can Gabe save not only Ona but all of beastkind?

I fell in love with the world of beasts in the first book of this series, Broken Branch Falls. It has the charm and wonder like the Harry Potter series except the boy trying to figure things out is actually a goblin named Gabe. Gabe is a nerd and klutz, and absolutely lovable. I'm also a huge fan of his girlfriend Ona who is the smartest ogre anyone knows. Each character is colorful and fascinating. Rove is definitely my favorite. The calm and loyal werewolf best friend.

We're whisked away from Broken Branch Falls to the wilds and beyond the Mist. The action doesn't stop, and just when I thought I knew where we were going, a new surprise pops up. This is an incredibly fun MG fantasy book that I can't wait to read with my son when he's a few years older.

Windy Hollow (Beast World series - Book 3) Review: It's the wedding of the century, and Gabe and his friends are invited! They fly across the Great Sea for the festivities, and boy, are there a lot of them for dragon weddings. Yet it isn't all fun and games. The High Council is delivering the Revelation to tell the beasts that humans do exist and to let humans know of them. With an evil human scientist experimenting on beasts, Gabe and his friends can't just sit back. Will they be able to end this terror or become part of the experiments themselves?

This is the third book in the thrilling MG fantasy series, Beast World. These stories draw me in to the magnificent world the beasts live in. There are great details about the sights and different beast cultures. All the fun challenges for the wedding had me grinning. Of course, it's not all about the games. There's plenty of teenage drama and an evil plot which must be thwarted. I love the cast of characters. Such heart! It's not just a fantasy adventure, but a tale of friendship and trust. It's wonderful seeing how Gabe, Ona, and their friends grow through this series. I highly recommend these books to readers of all ages.

Tara Tyler has had a hand in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering. After moving all over the US, she now writes and teaches math in Ohio with her husband and one boy left in the nest. She has two novel series, Pop Travel (sci-fi detective thrillers) and Beast World (fantasy adventures), plus her UnPrincess novella series where the maidens save themselves. She's a commended blogger, contributed to several anthologies, and to fit in all these projects, she economizes her time, aka the Lazy Housewife—someday she might write a book on that... Make every day an adventure!

How to find:
website: Tara Tyler Talks
twitter: @taratylertalks
Instagram: taratylertalks
newsletter: tara tyler news