Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pop Travel's Geri on being a Lazy Housewife

Thanks so much for letting me invade your blog today, Christine!

Christine requested a Lazy Housewife post - well, I'm putting a twist on it, of course. Today we are going to hear from Geri Harper, Cooper's love interest in POP TRAVEL. Before I let her take over, I'll tell you a little about her. Geri is an FBI agent. She's tough, sarcastic, and doesn't have a lot of patience. Her favorite relaxation is watching late night TV with a big juicy sandwich in a bubble bath. And now, here's Geri's stance on being a Lazy Housewife...

Can you see me as a lazy housewife?! I'd have a lazy house-husband before I'd wait on a man or give up my career to stay home and take care of kids and all that goes with that. Cooper will make a wonderful lazy house-husband, at least the lazy part. So here are my anti-lazy housewife tips:
  • Buy a personal android - If I had a messy family, I'd get one or two to do the cooking and cleaning and driving around. I don't have one for just me because I'm never home. It would collect more dust than it would actively dust.
  • Use a service - whether android or human, a weekly or monthly service is the next best thing to owning one, this is what I do and it's worth it. (if that makes me a lazy housewife, so be it.)
  • As for food, I have my order delivered weekly and it's mostly meal pellets. I love my rehydrator.
  • And my last bit of advice - don't have kids. I know some women can't resist the little cherubs, but as I was cursed by my dad, mine would be just like me. I can't risk it, so no kids in my future.

DISCLAIMER! The views expressed above by Geri Harper do not reflect the opinions of Tara Tyler or Christine Rains. We are happy Lazy Housewives with wonderful children we adore. It ain't always easy, but it's totally worth it!

Thanks again, Christine for letting me come over and helping me reveal my new POP TRAVEL cover - it's to die for! And the re-release has a sneak peek at the first chapter of SIMULATION which comes out Sept 14th!

by Tara Tyler
Re-released July 1, 2015

In 2080, technology has gone too far for private detective J. L. Cooper. He thinks he can avoid pop travel teleportation, until he stumbles onto a video of a pop traveler who turns to dust.

Sparking a series of murders, attempts on his life, and threats to his brother, Cooper wants to pass off the evidence but knows he’s being watched and can’t trust anyone. And who would believe him?

With help from the neurotic genius “Creator” of pop travel and a beautiful Southern charmer, Cooper must expose the deadly glitch and shut it down or die trying. No problem.

Amazon ~~~ B&N ~~~ Goodreads

Tara Tyler has had a hand at everything from waitressing to rocket engineering. After living up and down the Eastern US, she now writes and teaches math in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. Currently, she has two series, The Cooper Chronicles (techno- thriller detective capers) and Beast World (MG fantasy) She's an adventure writer who believes every good story should have a moral, and a few laughs!

Also by Tara Tyler, MG/YA Fantasy series, Beast World,

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IWSG for July 2015

The Insecure Writer's Support Group (IWSG) is the brilliant idea of Alex J. Cavanaugh. The purpose of the group is to share doubts and insecurities and to encourage one another. Please visit the other participants and share your support. A kind word goes a long way.

The awesome co-hosts for this month are: S.A. Larsen, AJ, Tamara Narayan, Allison Gammons, and Tanya Miranda!

 To all my Canadian friends and family,
Happy Canada Day!
And a little early to all my American friends and family, Happy Fourth of July!

Enjoy time with your family and friends, eat lots of good food, and maybe see a fireworks show. Watch a parade, go to the beach, or enjoy some time camping. Have fun and drink it all in, and then use the best bits for material in your stories! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Secret Worlds - 21 books, 21 authors

Secret Worlds is a HUGE boxed set ebook collection for lovers of dark fantasy and paranormal romance from twenty-one popular authors of the genre, including Catherine Stine, a member of Untethered Realms.

Supernaturally thrilling and engaging, this boxed set has it all: ghosts, vampires, mind-readers, shapeshifters, demons, faeries, werewolves, hybrid beings, and more.
For a limited time, enjoy books from today's USA Today, Amazon Bestselling and award-winning authors, including titles slated for the big screen. When purchased separately, these books cost over $50. But they are yours today for less than $1.

Get a flavor of the novels and novellas in the collection:

Taken by the Beast by Conner Kressley and Rebecca Hamilton
Women are going missing. Women who look a lot like Charisse. And the man this beauty is falling for may be the beast responsible.

The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton
Sophia's ancestor's body went missing during the Salem Witch Trials, and the only one able to help solve the mystery is a shapeshifter Sophia is afraid to trust

Summoned by Rainy Kaye
Dimitri can't reveal the paranormal bond controlling him, and Syd won't tolerate his secrets.

Purgatory by Susan Stec
A sex-hungry myth with no name, no flesh, and no identity ...unless it wears one of you.

The Pandora Principle by Noree Cosper
As a descendant of Pandora, Cassi must discover if her lover is one of the evil spirits she hunts before all her friends die.

Heart Song by Samantha LaFantasie
When incredibly handsome Marren frees Relena, there's a catch.

Changeling by Debbie Herbert
As a changeling and a witch work together to restore order in Fairy, they discover that love, like magic, casts its own spell of enchantment.

Shiftless by Aimee Easterling
After years of suppressing her inner predator, Terra meets a shifter who forces her to reclaim her wilder side.

The Black Parade by Kyoko M.
Poltergeist Michael is the key to saving Jordan's soul from hell, but can she handle the cost of her salvation?

Haunting Echoes by Caethes Faron
Will Amaia's vampire clan kill her ex-fiance before she learns whether he returned from the grave for love or revenge?

Braving Fate by Linsey Hall
Diana and Cadan fight demonic forces and a deadly passion that has lasted centuries.

Trinity Rising by J.E. Taylor
Damian and Naomi are desperate for victory against the devil, but one wrong step couldtrigger Armageddon.

Moonlight by Katie Salidas
Good girls don't wear fur, fight over men, or run around naked, howling at the moon. But Fallon's not a good girl.

Lash by L.G. Castillo
Lash, a fallen angel, must choose where to place his trust--in a home he fought so hard to regain or in a forbidden love he can't bear to lose.

Between by Lisa Swallow
Alek could kill Rose with a kiss. Finn, with a touch. Pulled into an intense affair with Alek, Rose discovers her connection to Finn threatens them all.

The Devil's Fool by Rachel McClellan
When vampire Boaz gives Eve the one thing she never had--love--she falls into a world of greed and seduction.

Spark Rising by Kate Corcino
A runaway Spark and the agent arresting her ignite a revolution to end their people's enslavement while resisting the electricity between them.

Ruby's Fire by Catherine Stine
On the run from a desert cult, Ruby must choose which handsome stranger to trust with her heart and her darkest secret: Armonk or Blane.

Cursed by Lucy Leroux
Governess Isobel Sterling has been hiding an uncanny ability her whole life--until she has to use it to save herself from a madman.

Hunted by A.J. Colby
With Agent Holbrook's help, Riley races time to stay ahead of a crazed werewolf killer.

Vigilant by Angel Lawson
Ari stumbles into a world of crime and vigilantism while discovering the one man that sets her heart on fire.

Friday, June 26, 2015

What's behind Masked Kiss

Video game geek Josh Hanson never gets noticed by women until a gorgeous booth babe drags him into a dark room for a quickie.

She doesn't give him her name, and her face is covered by a silver mask. Josh is determined to find the dark-haired beauty again, but communication isn't easy in a huge hall filled with nerds. When they end up playing in a tournament later, the games extend into her hotel room. Josh wants more than just a con fling, but she's not easy to catch. Can he figure out how to beat her games and become her champion?

Buy the book:

Add it to read on Goodreads.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped promote the Dice & Debauchery series. Your support and encouragement means a lot to me.

This is the final book in my geeky trilogy. It was also the most difficult one to write because it's from the guy's point of view. I asked my male friends a lot of questions and received many weird looks. You'd think they'd be use to me doing so by now!

Book tidbit: I used the Konami Code in one scene!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Once Upon a Nightmare tour - 7 Tips on Surviving a Horror Story

7 Tips on Surviving a Horror Story
by Cherie Reich

1. Never split up.
The first one to split from the group is almost always the first to die.

2. Phones are bad.
They never work when you want them to, and when they do work, it’s usually a way for the killer to get you right where he wants you.

3. Never look back.
Run, run, run and never, ever look back. You’re more likely to trip and die, if you do look back.

4. Off with its head!
There aren’t too many monsters out there, except hydras, that can live or grow stronger without their heads. So chop away!

5. Don’t live in small towns, forests, or near cornfields.
They’re crawling with monsters and aliens.

6. Don’t laugh at guys with chainsaws.
This one is from personal experience. No one likes to be laughed at, and it’s more dangerous to do so when the person has a chainsaw.

7. Romance will get you killed.
Whether it’s a one night stand or a romantic tryst with your beau, it’s better to be single in a horror story. Romance (or sex) clouds your judgment and makes you great monster bait.

What’s your favorite tip on surviving a horror story?

A monster hunts us. After hibernating for a decade, it’s ravenous. We long to stop this nightmare, but the end of the road is far. There is no waking up once a legend sets its sights on you.

Disappearances every ten or so years make little impact on the small town of New Haven, Virginia. Hikers get lost. Hunters lose the trail. Even when a body is discovered, the inhabitants’ memories last about as long as the newspaper articles.

No one connects the cases. No one notices the disappearances go back beyond Civil War times. No one believes a legendary monster roams the forests in Southwestern Virginia.

I don’t either until the truck breaks down on an old mountain trail. Cell phones won’t work in this neck of the woods. It’s amazing how much a person can see by starlight alone. So what if we can’t feel our fingers or toes as we hike toward the main road. How many more miles left to go?


Hear that noise?

Purchase Once upon a Nightmare: A Collection by Cherie Reich at Amazon. From June 22-28, the collection is only $0.99!

Cherie Reich is a speculative fiction author and library assistant living in Virginia. Visit her website and blog for more information.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The CassaSeries takes flight!

I'm so pleased to help the awesome Alex J. Cavanaugh spread the word about CassaSeries. All his fantastic space opera novels in one boxed set. This is a must read for all sci-fi and speculative fiction fans.

By Alex J. Cavanaugh 
ISBN 9781939844118
Price - $5.99 eBook boxed set
Science fiction/adventure (FIC028010) and science fiction/space opera (FIC028030)

The Amazon Best-Selling Series!

CassaStar - Few options remain for Byron. Slated to train as a Cosbolt pilot, Byron is determined to prove his worth to his instructor, Bassa. As war brews on the edge of space, Bassa must make a decision that could decide the fate of both men. Will their skills be enough as they embark on a mission destined to stretch their abilities to the limit?

CassaFire - Byron’s days of piloting Cosbolt fighters behind him, the detection of alien ruins sends him to the planet of Tgren. Forced to train a Tgren named Athee and deal with an eager young scientist, he feels invaded. Tensions mount as the ruins reveal a potential weapon, plunging him further into the chaos. All Byron wanted was his privacy…

CassaStorm - Commanding the base on Tgren, Byron watches as a galaxy-wide war encroaches upon the planet. When the war hits Tgren, it triggers nightmares in his son. The ancient alien ship begins transmitting a deadly code and the probe that almost destroyed Tgren twenty years ago returns. The storm is about to break, and Byron is caught in the middle…

Find it here:

About the author: Alex J. Cavanaugh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and works in web design, graphics, and technical editing. A fan of all things science fiction, his interests range from books and movies to music and games. Online he is the Ninja Captain and founder of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. He’s the author of Amazon Best-Sellers CassaStar, CassaFire, and CassaStorm.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five for June 19, 2015

1. One week until the release of Masked Kiss, the final book of the Dice & Debauchery series! It's available for pre-order everywhere right now. I'm excited that the whole series will be out. The trilogy is like the 13th Floor in that all the books link together and happen over the same space of time. It's fun to write and read the same scene from different points of view.

2. While next Friday will be a big day, I won't be around to promote it. I hope to do a tour in August for the series. Just not a three month tour this time! That was far too long and tiring. Two weeks seems to be the best time period for a tour.

3. I'll be taking a blogging break for the next three weeks. I do have some pre-scheduled posts during that time, so please stop by for a fabulous guest post about surviving a horror story by Cherie Reich on Wednesday and some tidbits about Masked Kiss next Friday.

4. I've gotten a little writing done this week. My WIP is still moving slow. It's at 15k and there's only one dead body! I've written a lot of novellas in the past few years, so this pace feels odd, and the story is challenging me. But that's a good thing.

5. Don't forget the T.B. Markinson's June Giveaway is still going on. You could win five awesome books and an Amazon gift card. One of those books is Of Blood and Sorrow by me!

Have a wonderful rest of the month. I'll see you in July!

My little guy swimming in the lake!