Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Vanished Knight is now available & a birthday break

The Black Knight, Nordaine’s crown prince, has no legitimate blood heirs, meaning someone must be appointed to succeed him. With two of the candidates’ families willing to kill for the appointment and the third candidate being seen as a threat to all, peace is balanced on a sword’s edge.

But then the Black Knight vanishes.

Darrion and Gawain, two of his possible heirs, set out to find him, but after they rescue an earth-girl from Merithian soldiers, they discover she has possible ties to Nordaine. Not only that, but Callan Blair could be an Elvish princess. And war looms on the horizon…

Buy the book here:

Congratulations to Misha! It's a gorgeous cover, and I love the sound of the story. You can find Misha on her blog, and we're also proud to have her as a fellow member of Untethered Realms.

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Today I'm taking a break from the internet and going to a Ren Faire for my birthday. Hopefully the weather will hold out. Then we'll be enjoying dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Good food, but I love it for the huge variety of yummy cheesecakes!

There's less than a day to enter the first of this month's giveaways! You could win a signed copy of The 13th Floor Complete Collection. I just got my box of books yesterday. (A wonderful birthday present from my husband! <3)
My birthday wish is to give away my book to all of you!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! It's my Dad's birthday tomorrow, seems like lots of awesome folks were born in October. (: Enjoy your break and have a great time at the Cheese Factory. I haven't had a cheese cake in years.....oh I'm so hungry now, lol!

  2. Hope your birthday was suitably yummy! And that box full of books looks great. Congrats also to Misha - I've seen her book around quite a bit.

  3. Happy Birthday sugar, I hope you have a lovely time and that box of books looks awesome. I will definitely be entering the competition. I've never had cheesecake but may have to give it a try. xxx
    P.S loving the 13 floor complete collection. I am currently reading it on my kindle. I will be snuggling up in the warm and devouring it page by page today :) So thanks for making my weekend awesome :)

  4. Cover is awesome, Misha!
    And a big happy birthday to you, Christine. Enjoy your day.

  5. Have a wonderful birthday! Sounds like a great way to celebrate, too! And best of luck to Misha--that's an awesome cover!

  6. Hi Christine,

    I am so happy for the lovely Misha. I know of her passion to make her dream a reality. No, not me! Her book getting published :)

    Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the parade in your honour.


  7. Happy birthday! Hope it was super-fun! ~\o/~

    And ooh, printed books! PRETTY!

  8. Happy Birthday... sorry I'm late. How very excited to receive the box of book... I would be squealing. Well deserved:)

  9. CONGRATS to Misha! Happy Birthday to you! Book covers look great.


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