Saturday, October 19, 2013

The 13th Floor Collection blog tour scary interview!

I'm giving you a dose of Halloween cuteness before I send you to today's interview.

 That's my boy! Isn't he adorable?

Okay. You're fortified with cute armor.
Click on over to the talented Yolanda Renee's blog for a frightening Halloween interview with me.

Here's one more level of darling to help you!
My little guy wants to be a rocket ship this year.


  1. Those costumes are terrific! If you made them yourself -- you're super-talented. If not...then at least you take good pictures! :-)

  2. Ahh, that the cutest thing I've seen all week! And just the right introduction to your interview! LOL

    Such a cutie, isn't Halloween fun - the little ones allow us adults to really get into it without guilt - not that it would keep us away anyway. :)

    I created a Dark Wing Duck costume from scratch once, and my son won the prize, and momma was proud as punch. Yeah, through their eyes is the most fun! Plus, they get all the best candy!

  3. Awwwwww!! He's so CUTE!!!!! :) Now I can go off to your interview smiling!

  4. I like the rocket ship. How will he carry his bag of candy though?

  5. I'm not that crafty to make costumes as great as those. The rocket ship costume does have arm holes, so he can poke his arms out. Yet he has his arms inside because he said astronauts do not have their arms outside the ship!

    Have a great Saturday, folks!

  6. Oooh, scary. :D I'll check out the interview.

  7. Your boy is adorable! I can't wait to get my Kindle so I can read your book. I was excited to win a copy. Thanks.

  8. Aww, your boy is absolutely the cutest!

  9. Cute costumes! : )


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