Thursday, October 3, 2013

The 13th Floor Collection blog tour & Partners in ParanormalYA Blitz

Today is a big day!
Not only do I have some very special guests on my blog, but I have a special post for you today for my blog tour with the wonderful Annalisa Crawford.
I will be revealing my brand new author photo.
I'm more nervous about this than revealing my cover for the Collection.

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I'm so very pleased to have here with me today one of my favorite ghosts. I'm a big fan of Franny. You'll see why!

Welcome to Franny Knows Best! I’m your ghost TV show host who should know the most, at least I should after 125 years. Let’s welcome my guest, Badger of Givin’ Up the Ghost and A Guilty Ghost Surprised fame.

*enter Badger from backstage. He settles on the couch beside Franny, who’s hovering ever so slightly above the cushion*

Franny: Thanks for coming on my show today, Badger.

Badger: Glad to be here.

Franny: Now let’s get right down to it. Are you afraid of girls?

Badger: What the bloody…? Um, why…erm…who…what?

Franny: It’s okay if you are. I can give you a few pointers. You know I have a way with men from my time as a madam.

Badger: Wait…no. I’m not afraid of girls.

Franny: Well, I’m quite confused on why you haven’t set about courting Indigo. Is it those baggy sweat shirts she wears? I do try to get her to accentuate her feminine wiles at times.

Badger: Indigo’s bloody wonderful. It’s just…complicated.

*cue the Downtown Abbey intro song*

Franny: *speaking over the music*: That is all for today’s show. Come back again when another guest gives me a chance to help them because Franny Knows Best.

About A Guilty Ghost Surprised: Indigo Eady and gang are back with a  feather and a Chance setting off another twisting-turning investigation to bring a cold case, and loved ones, closure at last.

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About They All Fall Down: Free of their duties as Cleanser and Harvestor, Abby and Basil try to move on with their lives. But some secrets remain. And what is done in the dark won’t be good when it comes to light.

TAFD buy links: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Gwen Gardner and Angela Brown - YA paranormal authors embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Share with us as we take the Indie journey to bring our works to the world. Buckle up! There'll be mystery, mayhem, action and emotional roller coasters...oh, and a few things that go bump in the night.

Hauntings are scary but we love interaction:

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  1. Just checked out Annalisa's blog. You shouldn't be nervous about your author photo at all!

    And *hee*, Badger and Franny totally had me giggling!

  2. It's a pleasure to have you on my blog today :-)

  3. Christine, you're beautiful! I think the photo is perfect. And wonderful authors/highlights here. Go Gwen and Angela! (And YOU!)

  4. LOL I totally love Franny and this is perfect. Poor Badger.

    Heading over to Annalisa's now. :)

  5. Definitely gonna head on over to see your new author pic :)

    Thanks so much for letting Franny host today! Badger will thank you, too, as soon as he gets over his embarrassment.

    AND Angela and I thank you, too, for letting us take over your blog today.

  6. The new author picture is wonderful!

    Congrats to Gwen and Angela! :)

  7. Fun! Now I'll have to read it to see what's going on with these two.

  8. You are beautiful. I adore your photo.

    And thanks for letting Franny share her show with you today. Franny can be a rather direct ghostie lol!!

    And thanks for have Gwen and me here :-)

  9. Thank you so much, everyone. I'm feeling much better about the picture. :)

    Thank you to Gwen and Angela too! I adore Franny. She's such a fun character!

  10. Going to check out your new author photo now:) Congrats to Angela and Gwen.

  11. Just visited Annalisa's blog and left a comment. Nice author photo.


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