Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Holidays! #Freebies

The happiest of holidays to all of you!

Wishing you love, laughter, and joy!

And books. Lots and lots of books.

I'll help with that. It's my Christmas First In Series Gifts!
For the next 5 days, these four books are FREE!

As a bonus gift, Of Blood and Sorrow is 99c!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

NaNoWriMo win and a writer's wonderings

I did it! I did it! I completed the NaNoWriMo challenge on November 28th. With my busy, busy month, I'm happy to prove to myself that I can do it. Congratulations to all those writers who made it too.

My progress looks like it was flipping me off, but I kept ahead of the curve.

As you can see, it was a month with varied writing days. Do I wish I could be more consistent? Yes. Yet I did write every single day. (Except after I made the 50k mark! I had another project that demanded my immediate attention.) The story isn't terrific. Though rewrites might help it. What I took away from this exercise is that I can write 50k a month. No matter how busy I am with other things, I can take a little time for myself and get the words down. I think I just didn't believe in myself this year. I wanted to remind myself that I can do it.

I've been neglecting a lot of online stuff. My blog and blog visits especially. I miss reading what my blogging friends are up to. That guilt is nibbling away from me. Next year calls for better time management.

I'm also having big issues where my pen name's genre is headed. I have RH (reverse harem) author friends that are right on the trends. I didn't like this year's ones (bully romance and alien abduction romance), though, and the big one they're calling for next year already (prison romance) is just... no. I've been told that my romance is too feminist, but I'm okay with that. More than okay. I won't write that other stuff. Yet it isn't what sells. I'm learning to be okay with that as well.

It makes me wonder if I need to just write in a different genre. I thoroughly enjoy romance. I love the intricacies of relationships and how unique every single one is. I get excited to see where my characters take me on their journey together. Fantasy and paranormal are still my go-to worlds. I like that something extraordinary in a story. Lately, I've been reading a lot of cozy mysteries. They're light, funny, and fun. Some of them have that bit of paranormal and a dash of romance. Maybe... just maybe that's where I might head in the new year.

2019 has been a rough year in my life all around. Even though the next few weeks are booked up and busy, I'm trying to take it easier this month. Friday night Dungeons & Dragons still maintains my sanity. I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends to meet once a week and play with.

Enjoy your friends and family this December. Be kind, laugh a lot, and enjoy the moment.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

All It Takes New Cover Reveal and Sale Blitz!

I'm busy working hard on my NaNoWriMo novel this month (I'm keeping up with the daily word count!), but I wanted to share with you this awesome new cover for Clare Dugmore's book, All It Takes. I love her stories! So much heart.

Blurb: Megan Green has her whole life figured out. She’s six months away from graduating uni, then she plans on backpacking around Europe for a year, before following her dream of becoming an interior designer. What she doesn’t account for is meeting local MMA fighter Kian Murphy. With his athletic body and Irish charm, Kian has no trouble scoring with the ladies, and one night is all he’s after.

But All It Takes is one night to change the rest of their lives.

After a chance meeting and passionate encounter, Megan finds herself pregnant with Kian’s child. But with a womanizing reputation, and a temper that often leads him into trouble, Kian his hardly boyfriend material, let alone father material. Now Megan and Kian must work out if they have All It Takes to turn their one-night-stand into a relationship that will connect them for a life-time.

All It Takes is a dual-POV, new-adult, contemporary-romance about responsibility, love and discovering who you are in life.

My review: Megan Green never expected to get pregnant before she was finished university. Nor did she expect the father to be MMA champ, Kian Murphy. After a one-night-stand, Megan has to break the news to Kian who has a womanizing reputation and try to manage having a baby while completing her education and finding a job. Because of his temper, Kian's career is going downhill. He must find out what he wants outside of the cage, and that something might be Megan and their baby.

A fantastic NA contemporary romance that nabbed me with its heart-wrenching plot and awesome cast of characters. I love it when an author can take a very real every day drama and make it so compelling that I can't put the e-reader down. This realism helped me to relate and sympathize with Megan. She's smart and sweet, but also an incredibly strong young woman. The thought of having a baby and raising it on your own is terrifying, and her whole range of emotions were caught wonderfully in the story. Kian is a good man under that tough guy exterior and struggles with his own demons. Megan is just what he needs in his life. The romance is sweet, but there is a little spice in there!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Not Guilty by C. Lee McKenzie - Review & Giveaway

I’m delighted today to welcome author C. Lee McKenzie to my site to talk about her latest release, NOT GUILTY, as part of her MC Book Tour Blog adventure.

After you find out more about this tantalizing new story, be sure to enter Lee’s giveaway featured below.

* Not Guilty
* by C. Lee McKenzie
* Publication Date: October 25, 2019
* Genre: Young Adult

          A blood-smeared knife. One young man’s word against another. A lifetime dream crushed.
          The evidence points to Devon Carlyle. He was there when it happened. Everyone knows he had it in for Renzo Costa. And Costa says Devon was the one. In the judge’s rap of a gavel, Devon’s found guilty of assault. The star of the Oceanside High’s basketball team loses his shot at the one thing he’s worked so hard for—the championship game where college scouts could see how good he is.
          Now he makes his great shots in Juvenile Hall with kids far different from those that have always been in his life.
          Angry? Hell, yes.
          He’s bent on finding who did the crime. He’s bent on making them pay because he’s Not Guilty.
          But can he prove it?

My review: An incredible YA contemporary story that takes the reader on a twisting roller coaster of a ride. Though this isn't the usual genre I read, it's books like this one that keep me coming back to them. It deals with several issues young people face every day and problems that seem overwhelming. Many times it seemed Devon would drown under the pressure or let his anger get the best of him, but I loved reading about his growth through these difficult times. I especially liked the friendships he formed with his roomies in the juvenile detention center. Real teens who had made mistakes, but had learned from them and were trying to better themselves. What made this tale even more compelling was that it showed not only what happened with Devon after he was found guilty and sent away, but how his family suffered too. The sentence didn't only affect him, but sent ripples out all around him. Well worth the read for readers of any age.

For those who aren’t familiar with the author, here’s a bit of background on her.

C. Lee McKenzie has a background in Linguistics and Inter-Cultural Communication, but these days her greatest passion is writing for young readers. She has published five young adult novels: Sliding on the Edge, The Princess of Las Pulgas, Double Negative, and Sudden Secrets. Not Guilty is her most recent one.

          Sometimes she likes to jump into the world of the fantastic and when she does, she writes for the middle-grade reader. Some Very Messy Medieval Magick is the third book in the time-travel adventures of Pete and Weasel, with Alligators Overhead and The Great Time Lock Disaster being the first two. Sign of the Green Dragon, a stand-alone, takes the reader into ancient Chinese dragon myths and a quest for treasure.

          When she’s not writing she’s hiking or traveling or practicing yoga or asking a lot of questions about things she still doesn’t understand.

For more information on Lee and her writing, connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and at her Website

NOT GUILTY can be found Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

The author’s other young adult books include: Sliding on the Edge, Princess of Las PulgasDouble NegativeSudden Secrets


With Halloween celebrated this week, Lee’s giving away five digital copies of NOT GUILTY and a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate. This tour-wide giveaway will end at midnight on Tuesday, Nov. 5th.

To enter the giveaway, just click on the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions. The widget may take a few seconds to load so please be patient. If the widget doesn’t show up, just click HERE and you’ll be directed to the widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for stopping by today during Lee’s visit. Do you enjoy stories where the underdog becomes the champion? Don’t forget to enter the giveaway.

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Untethered Realms 99c Sale & Giveaway!

Hop on over to Untethered Realms and check out all the awesome 99c books!

My two urban fantasy novels are included.

Of Blood and Sorrow will be 99c through October 23rd - 27th.

Of Gods and Sorrow is on sale through October 27th - 31st.

We're giving away fabulous treats!
You could win an Amazon giftcard, an UR t-shirt, and three copies of Elements of Untethered Realms.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Writing Life Update

Here I meant to get back into the groove of things, and I stumbled. It's been one of those years I've fallen down a lot on so many levels, but I'm starting to get back on my feet. Little steps, right?

Writing has been slow this year. I managed to get out my Samhain story in good time, but I haven't finished any of the novels I've worked on. That has to stop. A serious writer needs to complete projects. I must stay the course and follow through. To help with that, I'm going to do NaNoWriMo next month. I may lose about nine or ten days due to family stuff, but all those other days can add up big time. I'll be working on a new project for my pen name. A fae story involving a cursed carousel and who knows what else! I'm going to let it surprise me. If you'd like to be my buddy on NaNoWriMo, I'm CRains.

I'm doing great with my reading goals. Mind you, I'm way behind on reading everything I want to read since my TBR list is huge, but I'm nearing 100 books on my Goodreads challenge. I've hit 85!

I just returned from a trip to Canada to visit my family. There are a ton of seasonal events happening this month, and every weekend is busy for me. Life hasn't slowed down all year.

But I have my game nights on Fridays! This has saved my sanity tremendously this year. I finished running The Rise of Tiamat earlier this year. And just this past Friday, we started Curse of Strahd. I'm playing a bard, and I'm obsessed with this new adventure. Good friends creating a story together... There's nothing else like it.

Here's to a productive last quarter of 2019 for all of us!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Samhain treat: Bound by a Ban-sidhe

On Samhain, the veil between the realms of the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

No feast, treats, or costumes for Dusana. She’s stuck watching over the village’s flock alone again, like she’s done a thousand times before. Her quiet night is shattered when she must defend the herd from three huge wolves who turn out to be something much more frightening: three gorgeous shifters. The shifters are under the spell of a fearsome ban-sidhe, and Dusana is eager to help them. But what can a simple shepherdess do against a ban-sidhe on a night that her foul magic will be at its strongest?

This treat of a read is now available from my pen name. It's fantasy with a few marvelous twists and a layer of romance.

I had such fun writing it as I played with the ancient legends of the ban-sidhe and Samhain. I'm also curious to see who can figure out the twists before they're sprung!

Monday, September 23, 2019

We Know The Truth, Do You? - Area 51 anthology

Don't bother with the raid. Stay home and learn all about it from the comfort of your own home.

What's in Area 51? Is the government hiding aliens? Elvis? Maybe the set of the Apollo moon landing? Do you know?

We do.

Join this multi-genre group as they explore the hidden recesses of Area 51, which up to now have only been whispered conspiracies. Don't bother with the raid. Stay home, read these awesome stories, and learn all you need to know.

The truth is just a page-flip away.

All proceeds will go to US Veterans.


Universal book buy link

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New covers, website, and lessons learned #writerslife

First new cover!

Fearless finally has a cover it deserves! Though I'm already itching to make another. I'm telling myself to wait until next year. I need to get some writing done!

The book got a little boost in downloads when I changed the cover on Amazon, but it has settled back into its normal rank. It does all right. It always has downloads every month, but does it convince readers to buy my other books? I don't think so.

Writer Lesson #1: Times have changed. Free books do not lead to sales of your other books.

The TOTEM series!

I LOVE these new covers for the TOTEM series. I spent much more time on them than I anticipated, but it was worth it. The covers are much more urban fantasy than the previous ones.

There have been no bumps up in sales when I changed the covers and the keywords on Amazon. Yet I haven't done any promoting either.

Writer Lesson #2: A great cover and a fantastic story aren't going to sell books. Promotion is key. If you have the means, buy ads.

Feeling quirky!

For the Sasquatch Susies trilogy, I was inspired by my cozy mystery friends. I love their simple and fun covers. These were easy to make and I really love them. I'm going to do up new covers in this style for my other erotica titles. But next year. Need to write.

Writer Lesson #3: Write first. All the other author business can come later.

I've also been fussing around with my website. I left the hosting company and that was a mess. They'd been perfectly fine until I expressed my desire to leave and take my domain name with me. I finally managed to get my domain name from them and registered it with another host. It was half as cheap, and I was feeling good. Then I discovered that if I want to actually use my domain name with my new host, I'm going to have pay more for it. They didn't say this upfront. I had to go digging for it. And the price to use my domain name with them was much more than my former host.

I'm not paying that much money just to attach my domain name to a site. BUT my domain is registered with them, and I can't change that fact for 60 days. I can't even get a refund.

So I've currently moved to a free site on Wix. It will likely be my permanent site from here on out. I like the way it's designed, and it's easy to use. I'm also going to stay here on Blogger for a while. I need to get around to catching up with everyone!

Two lessons learned here.

Writer Lesson #4: Always read the fine print, even when you have to dig for it or ask. Ask for the details even if you don't think there is anything else to know.

Writer Lesson #5: I surveyed several author friends, and many feel that readers don't go to author websites anymore. It isn't essential to have your own site these days. (Don't waste money on your own domain name!) Usually only writers check out other writers' websites. Being present on social media is important, but an Amazon page or a Facebook page is enough as a home base.

It's been a while, but I'm writing again. It's a short Samhain story for my pen name, but at least it's something!

What lessons have you learned lately that you would like to share?

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Fantasy and PNR Summer Book Fair

Over 100 authors are participating in this awesome promo!

FREE books and book samples from every sub-genre of Fantasy and PNR. This includes my edgy paranormal, The 13th Floor Complete Collection.

Fill up your e-reader and enjoy the last days of summer with wonderful stories!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Garden of Ravens is unleashed!

A collection of dark poetry that journeys through folklore, twisted tales, mental breakdowns, and depression.

We hide in shadows
We wither under layers
Sunlight is for beautiful people
Darkness is for us

Store Links: 
Krystal is a writer of paranormal and supernatural fiction residing in the Tennessee Valley. When she’s not writing, she can be found sipping matcha frappucinos and searching for unicorns in the wild.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Back to Business #writerslife

After a very busy summer, school is back in session, and I have my writing time back. Woot!

Not that I've done any writing. Very little happened in front of the computer this past season. It's put me even farther behind schedule, but it has also give me a lot of time to think.

I thought I had a pretty good handle on this writing career thing. Loose as it might be at times, I had done my research. I'm smart. But nothing is working. Why isn't it working?!

Perhaps I've been too loose. I need to be tighter with my time management and what I put my time into. I need to seriously get down to business.

First, I'm going to put time limits on what I do and stick with them. Usually when I'm on social media, time gets away from me. No more. It takes away from writing time, and as a writer, the number one thing I need to be doing is writing.

Write in the mornings and write in the afternoons. Write. (Includes revising and editing!)

I need better covers. I created a new cover for The 13th Floor Complete Collection earlier this year, and it has perked up interest in it. (Anything from zero interest is an improvement!) My next task is to make new covers for the majority of my books. Yes, I realize there are a lot of them, but it makes a difference. It will be slow going, but one by one, I can do it.

I will be fixing my social media. First, this will mean a new website. I dropped my provider and I'll be setting up on Wix. I'm working on how to keep my domain name and transfer it over. Wix is not only free, but easy to use. I use it for my pen name and love it. I may move my blog to Wix too. I like Blogger, but it would be convenient to have everything in one place. Has anyone had experience with Wix's blog? Any info would be helpful, please.

Promos do help get new eyes on your books, and I want to participate in more. Yet after years of having books for free in promos, I realize it doesn't help. It's a momentary boost in my Amazon rank, but then it goes back down after the promo is over. It doesn't nab me reviews. Readers are much more likely to leave a review if they pay for something. 99c sales are better or 50% off. That way the readers feel they're getting deals, but they're still paying.

Write. Then write some more.

That's the plan. Rule the world. You and me. Any day. I mean, uh, consolidate, strict schedule, new looks, and write.

How do you handle the business of being of a writer?

Monday, July 8, 2019

Levels of Romance - guest post by Tara Tyler

Thank you for giving me some space at your place, Christine!

Let me start by saying, Christine is a tremendous romance writer on many levels! I’m usually not a romance novel reader myself, much less romance writer, but I do love some sexual/emotional tension in a story, and Christine does a great job at bringing that intensity into her paranormal romances. She also has a talent at the deeper romantic interludes... So today, I'm discussing the many

Levels of Romance

From friendship, bro-mance, and puppy love all the way through to intense relationships and erotica, the world loves reading about love. It's so complex, intriguing, captivating, and at times, infuriating. If you can touch someone's heart with your writing, you can hook a reader for life. And you can inject love into any level of writing...

Middle Grade (PG) - Puppy Love & Crushes
Kids at this age are on the cusp of puberty. They know each other exist, but are not ready to do much about it. The thoughts are budding and attempts might be made via texts, notes, nudges, and pigtail-pulling. Does she like him? Does he like-like her? Here, the distractions and complications begin!

Young Adult (PG-13) - First Love
Some might call this the scariest time in a person's life. The first big transition in their lives--more freedom yet more responsibility, exploration, risk, less brain function as its needed for the physical transformations which also mean more raging hormones. Yikes! Then there's peer pressure and fear of rejection. Many times innocence is lost too soon. But these stories are definitely full of high-tension emotions. Still rather not see the graphic scenes, if possible please...

New Adult (R) - Love Adventures
20-somethings are insane--I remember. And everyone I talk to remembers. It's college, more involved experimentation, dating stages, games and assumptions, finding out what works and what doesn't, break-ups, cheating partners. There are emotional roller coasters when physical intimacy is involved as this age group seeks love that will last and/or decides what they want to do with their lives...

Adult (M) - Love Relationships
These books deal with the above and more, marriage, divorce, families, boredom that leads to cheating, electronic devices, etc. And the sex scenes are explicit, sometimes leaving the plot behind.

That's just my personal breakdown. Not all novels have to include sex or romance, but it definitely makes them more exciting and appealing. And not all romance novels lack a good story. I believe it's the most profitable, based on the size of the section it has in bookstores, eh?

Personally, I like "light" romance, and mostly because of Christine and Heather M. Gardner and Elizabeth Seckman. They all weave excellent stories with the added enticement of romantic entanglements. Check them out and add their books to your summer reading list!

What about you? How much romance do you enjoy in a novel?

Thanks again, Christine for letting me ramble about my thoughts on romance in writing. But more for all your help and support with my WINDY HOLLOW release!

There's a touch of romance in Beast World because with teens, they can't hide their feelings! And they're so busy with the adventure, the romance can get in the way...

Beast World MG Fantasy Series, book #3
by Tara Tyler
Available NOW!

This summer, Gabe and his friends fly over the Great Sea for the wedding of the century: a dragon prince and a beautiful harpy. But Gabe can't relax on this vacation. Besides competing in rigorous wedding events, he overhears the nearby human village WINDY HOLLOW is in danger from an evil human scientist and a vengeful were-ogre experimenting on beasts. Gabe and his friends risk crossing the mountains to help, despite several warnings. 

Maybe he's going too far this time, but he's in too deep to quit. It's do or die, hopefully not die!

Tara Tyler has had a hand in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering. After moving all over the US, she now writes and teaches math in Ohio with her husband and one boy left in the nest. She has two series, Pop Travel (sci-fi detective thrillers) and Beast World (fantasy adventures), plus her UnPrincess novella series where the maidens save themselves. She's a commended blogger, contributed to several anthologies, and to fit in all these projects, she economizes her time, aka the Lazy Housewife—someday she might write a book on that... Make every day an adventure!

twitter: @taratylertalks
Instagram: taratylertalks
newsletter: tara tyler news

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Jennifer Estep's Protect the Prince Book Blast!

Everleigh Blair might be the new gladiator queen of Bellona, but her problems are far from over.

First, Evie has to deal with a court full of arrogant, demanding nobles, all of whom want to get their greedy hands on her crown. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an assassin tries to kill Evie in her own throne room.

Despite the dangers, Evie goes ahead with a scheduled trip to the neighboring kingdom of Andvari in order to secure a desperately needed alliance. But complicating matters is the stubborn Andvarian king, who wants to punish Evie for the deaths of his countrymen during the Seven Spire massacre.

But dark forces are at work inside the Andvarian palace, and Evie soon realizes that no one is safe. Worse, Evie’s immunity to magic starts acting in strange, unexpected ways, which makes her wonder whether she is truly strong enough to be a Winter Queen.

But Evie’s magic, life, and crown aren’t the only things in danger—so is her heart, thanks to Lucas Sullivan, the Andvarian king’s bastard son and Evie’s . . . well, Evie isn’t quite sure what Sullivan is to her.

Only one thing is certain—protecting a prince might be even harder than killing a queen…

My review: As the new gladiator queen of Bellona, Everleigh Blair has to deal with more trouble than she ever wanted. Greedy nobles, assassins, and peace treaties. Evie wonders if she is strong enough to be queen, especially when her magic starts acting strange. Business must continue, though, and she meets with the Andvarian king who demands she marry his son. Except Evie doesn't love the crown prince. Her heart belongs to Lucas Sullivan, the king's bastard son. Yet as she's visiting the rich kingdom, she realizes she's not the only one in danger. Despite her troubles, she must protect the prince from danger that could come from anywhere at any time.

I enjoyed the first book in this series, Kill the Queen, and this second book is even better than the first. Incredible world-building, well-written action, court intrigue, and a slow burning romance. I was swept away in Evie's world where there were so few people she could trust, and she wasn't even sure of her own self. I loved the twists and turns, and the big one at the end, WOW. It was marvelously done.

One of the things I really love about this series is the strong female characters. They're not just calculating ladies sneaking around court. They're warriors, assassins, magiers, and rulers. Evie herself is phenomenal, but I also love Paloma, Xenia, and Gemma. Even with the loathing I have for the villains, the Mortans, their women are impressive as well. Evil, but they kick butt!

Buy Links:
Amazon Kindle:
Barnes & Noble NOOK:

AUDIOBOOK digital audiobook:
Amazon MP3 CD:

Amazon print:
Barnes & Noble print:

About the Author: Jennifer Estep is a New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling author prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea.

Jennifer writes the Crown of Shards epic fantasy series. Protect the Prince, book #2, will be released on July 2. 

Jennifer is also the author of the Elemental AssassinMythos AcademyBigtime, and Black Blade fantasy series.  

For more information on Jennifer and her books, visit or follow Jennifer on FacebookGoodreads, and Twitter. You can also sign up for her newsletter.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Have a Happy Canada with a FREE Canadian Anthology!

Happy Canada Day!

This fantastic collection of stories, Futuristic Canada just came out, and to celebrate, the publisher is giving it away for FREE for 5 days only!

My short stories, "Carnaval Stream" and "Mother of Caribou" are featured in the anthology. Two very different views of possible futures.

Happy reading, eh!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Poisoned by the Pier Release - Interview with Mrs. Moto

Please welcome the wonderful Ellen Jacobson and the incredibly smart, adorable Mrs. Moto!

An Interview with Mrs. Moto—The Feline Star of Poisoned by the Pier

Readers sometimes tell me that their favorite character in my Mollie McGhie Cozy Sailing Mysteries is Mrs. Moto, a calico Japanese bobtail cat. And that makes total sense—because she’s utterly adorable! In fact, I think I could write an entire book just about her. Who needs a plot when you have a cat in your book?

As part of the celebration for the release of the latest book in the series, Poisoned by the Pier, I asked Mrs. Moto if she wouldn’t mind being interviewed. After all, she’s become quite the cozy mystery celebrity. Here’s what she had to say.

Interview with Mrs. Moto

1 – Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My humans, Mollie and Scooter McGhie, adopted me (you can read more about that in Murder at the Marina). We live on a sailboat at the Palm Tree Marina in Florida. I spend my days chasing lizards, visiting people on their boats, napping, and making sure my humans always have plenty of cans of Frisky Feline Ocean’s Delight on board. Oh, yeah, I help solve mysteries.

2 – What role do you play in solving the murder mysteries?

Mollie would be lost without me. Sometimes, a clue can be staring her in the face, but she won’t see it unless I point it out to her. People have said that I’m the best clue-finding cat in the business.

3 – Star Wars or Star Trek?

While Data has a cat, Spot, in Star Trek: The Next Generation, I’m going to have to go with Star Wars. Mollie likes Star Wars too. So much in fact that her cake baking competition and pet costume competition entries in the Coconut Cove Boating Festival are based on the original movie. You’ll have to read Poisoned by the Pier to find out more.

4 – Do you like sailing?

Like many other Japanese bobtail cats, I love the water. Unfortunately, our boat needs repairs, so we haven’t been out on her yet. But I do manage to sneak aboard other boats and go out sailing.

5 – How did you get the name Mrs. Moto?

I have black markings around my eyes which resemble eyeglasses. The owner of the marina, Ned Schneider, said that they reminded him of the lead character in the old Mr. Moto movies starring Peter Lorre who played a detective. And I’m kind of a feline detective, so it works.

6 – What else do you want us to know?
That I like to have my belly rubbed. Also, you should read my books. The book covers read “The Mollie McGhie Sailing Mysteries,” but they really should say “The Mrs. Moto Mysteries.” I’ll need to do something about getting that sorted out. But, first it’s time for another nap.

 Poisoned by the Pier Now Available!

Poisoned by the Pier, the third book in the Mollie McGhie Cozy Sailing Mystery series, is now available in ebook, paperback, and large print.

Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | Google Play

When Mollie's husband signs the two of them up for an extreme diet, she's not amused. When someone ends up poisoned by a cake, things get even worse.

While she tries to identify the killer, Coconut Cove’s annual boating festival is in full swing. In between getting ready for her first sailing race and cheating on her diet, Mollie and her cat, Mrs. Moto, uncover clues, interview suspects, and do their best to avoid rutabagas.

Can Mollie nab the killer before someone else is poisoned?

If you like quirky characters, adorable cats, and plenty of chocolate, you'll love this cozy mystery. Pick up a copy of Poisoned by the Pier and laugh out loud from the first page to the last.

New to the Series?

If you're new to the series, you might want to start with Murder at the Marina. Now is the perfect opportunity as the ebook is on sale for 99c/99p for a limited time.

Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | Google Play

About the Author

Ellen Jacobson lives on a sailboat with her husband and an imaginary cat named Simon. When she isn't working on boat projects or seeking out deserted islands, she writes cozy mysteries and sci-fi/fantasy stories.

Connect with Ellen on her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | BookBub | Blog

You can also sign up for her newsletter for updates about new releases, current projects, sales and promotions, and other fun stuff.

Friday, June 21, 2019