Sunday, October 27, 2013

The 13th Floor Collection blog tour continues with style!

Over the years as writers, we learn and grow. Finding our niche is good, but we must always work on improving ourselves.
Today I'm over at the lovely Carolyn Brown's talking about how my writing style has evolved over the years.

In other news: The 13th Floor Complete Collection won't be in my local library. They only take indie authors that have received excellent reviews from the big reviewers like The New York Times. They directed me to The Midwest Book Review, but you have to pay a $50 reader's fee. Drat. I'm a little sad about this. I'm curious as to what experiences other indie authors have had with libraries. Please share if you've had a similar experience or if you've been luckier than me. I wonder if it's common for most libraries not to take indie published books.


  1. Popping over to read the post... sounds very interesting. Bummer about the local library...

  2. I'm sorry about the library. I find it a little strange because I don't think that's the case here (but I could be wrong). My sister-in-law lives in Pennsylvania and is an indie author, and she's talked about how she's getting her book in her local library. I'll ask her about it the next time I see her.

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sorry your library won't take you. Bummer there's a fee for that reviewer.

  4. What about donating it to the library? Or is that what you tried already? I've dumped off loads of books at ours (not my own -- yet), and they've all ended up on the shelves.

  5. Thanks, everyone. Yes, I did donate my book to the library and it ended up in their used bookstore. I then sent an email asking about their policy regarding indie published books and that's where I got the news. I don't know why they wouldn't take it, but our library is in the country's top 5. Perhaps they have to maintain a stricter standard?

  6. Aw, that's a shame how the library won't accept your book! That would've been such a great way to get new readers...

  7. Hi Christine,

    I find it very disappointing that your local library wont take on your book. That's a real drag.

    I'm not sure what the policy is in Britain in regards to indie writers having their publications in libraries. Should check that out.

    I suppose ending up in their used book store is something. Although just what strict standards, I wonder.

    And the fun continues with your blog tour.


  8. My library won't take me because my book is in English :) Go figure....LOL!

  9. Our library is very reluctant. They have such limited funds that they only do it if there are lots of requests.

  10. I donated my books to the library where folks I knew would be asking for them. I was told more than once that they had waiting lists for the books, and the library had to order more books to keep up with the demand. Just like the local bookstores, once several folks ask for your books they eventually get on the bandwagon! You can do it! You've got great books!

  11. Hi Christine .. that sounds short-sighted ... and I like Yolanda's comment - so I'd go for it ..

    Or get them into cafes, where books are read ..

    Good luck and let's hope they change their minds soon for you .. Hilary

  12. Bummer about the library. Seems a shame that they don't want to carry a book by a local author let alone showcase it.

    And reviews that you have to pay for. Bah, on that.


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