Friday, October 25, 2013

The 13th Floor collection blog tour continues with two great hosts & Creepy Freebies

Today I'm excited to have two great hosts welcoming me on their blogs along with two unique posts.
Check out Aubrie Dionne's blog for a guest post from Elli. Who's Elli? She's Harriet's cat in THE ORACLE & THE VAMPIRE.
I have some helpful tips for writing urban fantasy on Nutschell Windsor's blog. It's not like traditional fantasy writing at all.
 It's the final Creepy Freebies of the month.
Don't miss out on this awesome scary giveaway.
Head on over to Milo James Fowler's blog for some treats from these fantastic authors:
Aaron Polson

And the winners of this week giveaway are:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to the winners!
Emails have been sent. 


  1. Ooh, the two new guest posts for today sound fantastic. Can't wait to check them out later!

  2. You always have unique posts! Off to check them out.

  3. I agree with the rest—the posts sound fantastic!

    Have a great weekend. ☺

  4. Thank you all for stopping in! Next week is the final week of the tour. Don't miss all the fun! :)

  5. I agree with Nick...definitely have to check those out. Especially the tips for writing urban fantasy. Maybe they'll help me with mine.

  6. Looks like a fun blog tour. :) Off to check out all the other posts.

  7. We at the Cave are so very excited for your coming visit on Wednesday. :D Dwarves can hardly wait.
    Also, I have a special invitation for you today at the cave. I leave you dragon hugs!

  8. Congrats to the winners! And loved Elli's post at Aubrie's!

  9. Another busy Friday :D Have a great weekend!

  10. Two great posts today. I absolutely love Elli. <3

    I'm sad Creepy Freebies is ending, such a fun event and I just love the name.

    Happy weekend!

  11. Congrats to the winners:) Going to check out other other great posts:)


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