Saturday, October 12, 2013

Only a month until Realms Faire 2013



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Jousting Tournament

Knights Wanted! Can anyone beat the 2012 champion, Ghost Knight? Angela Brown turned out to be a formidable opponent.

This year, the joust is all about YOU, the knights.

Each knight will be featured during the joust, the tournament held to help promote your book or site. Plus, you'll be publicized in the sidebar on my site until the 2014 champion is declared.

Prizes will be awarded to each day's commenters as well as to the winning knight at the end of the joust. Points are scored by commenters using particular words assigned to the knight. Such as, Zounds! Ghost Knight! Lance that lout! The winning words are zounds, Ghost Knight, and lance. That'd be 3 points for Ghost Knight.

Knights can provide either a story about their feats or an excerpt from any of their books. Stories/excerpts are limited to 200 words or less. However the tournament goes, you can't lose. I'll be posting everyday the week of November 11th, cheering on knights and promoting their wares.

Knights can also provide prizes.

The Joust is limited to 10 participants. Only 2 slots remaining!

Sign up!


 This year I'll be participating in the joust. Or rather, I'll have my champion ride for me. I'll be calling on your support to help defeat the Ghost Knight.


My Knight, Sir Xanthus Ehrensvard will wield an ancient lance that has been handed down from father to son for countless generations. He will also be shirtless.

Oh yes.

Check out the other events in the Realms Faire. I'll be hosting a fantastic event called Drench-a-Wench / Soak-a-Bloke. You could win a copy of The 13th Floor Complete Collection. There are several prizes for all the events. Mark it on your calendars. Don't miss out on all the fun next month.


  1. That's a handsome knight.

    Sounds like fun.

  2. A joust? Fun! I'm definitely rooting for Xan. :)

  3. Wish I wasn't on vacation that week, but I'll try to catch some of it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I'll remind you about the Realms Faire! Xan needs your support.

  5. Watch out, knight! I signed up to challenge you. We will meet on the battlefield!


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