Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A to Z Challenge 2013 - T is for T-Rex

I'm posting snippets from a story for this year's Challenge.
If you'd like to read the whole tale, please start with A.


Hooking the T-Rex's lower jaw with one blade, Danielle yanked it down and sliced through its neck with her other sword. The monster tried to roar, but black ooze gushed forth instead. Danielle darted to the side as it lost its form and fell to the floor in a jiggling pile.

That was a dangerous move. You couldn't guess how strong its jaws were. Fenn chided.

"I was well in control of its head. And those tiny little baby arms would never have reached me. Whoever said that was the T-Rex was one of the most ferocious of carnivores needs to spend a night with me." Danielle snorted and then paused to take in her own words. She corrected herself. "Not like that. I meant slaying monsters."

I didn't think anything else, Fenn said dryly.

"Yes, that's right. You're no fun." She then quickly added, "Not that I want you thinking anything like that." She shook her head at herself. The boy whose room it was had fled to his brother's bedroom, so there was no need to stick around. She headed to the window when she stopped and stared at her hands.

They were still glowing.

"My hands." Danielle surveyed the room. There were no monsters left. None in the house that she could feel. "What's going on?"

After a few seconds, Fenn spoke. How close did you say Libby lived to this boy?

"The next block." Danielle leapt out the window and ran.


  1. Whoa! We finally get to see her kill a monster that's for someone else. I wonder about both children, though.

  2. "Whoever said that was the T-Rex was one of the most ferocious of carnivores needs to spend a night with me." <---Hahahah— Oh, you didn't mean it like that?

    Great line.

  3. Oh wow, I am so curious how this all ties together with Libby!

  4. Channeling your Jurassic Park are we? Very well written as usual Christine.

  5. Go Danielle!

    Have paleontologists decided those tiny arms were a T-Rex signature body part? I've heard they had revamped how this guy looked. Just curious.

  6. Geese, squirrels, and now T-Rex?? Danielle really has her (glowing) hands full, it seems :)

  7. Thank you, folks! I had no idea they revamped how the T-Rex looks. I'm going to have to check that out.

  8. You do well at keeping your writing moving. It never seems to lull. Digging the Fenn / Danielle dynamic.

  9. Love the T-Rex line.
    Great story I'm loving it.

  10. I can't wait for this to end. Not because it isn't enjoyable but because I cannot stand the suspense any longer. It's not just the cat, that curiosity is killing. :)

  11. I continue to love all the banter between Danielle and Fenn! :) But whoa, what a cliffhanger! *runs off to read the latest snippet*

  12. Love the cliffhanger here! On to the letter U!!!

  13. Sounds interesting. I've got to make time to go through and read them all from the beginning.


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