Friday, March 29, 2013

Wish The Awakening review

Most residents of Pine Hill shy away from seventeen-year-old Lelah without knowing why. It’s the Djinn magic surging through her blood. She lives in a world where wishes are really curses, dark power meant to twist and deceive in unimaginable ways.

When a fit of temper exposes Lelah for what she really is, she must flee to a sanctuary only whispered about, before her family is exposed and enslaved by their ancient enemy. What she discovers is a treacherous path filled with power, lies, and betrayal – a path that’s destined to ensnare her and destroy a civilization.

My review:
Lelah may be a Djinni, one of the most powerful beings on Earth, but she only wants to fit in with the humans at her school. She loses control when she sees her best friend about to be attacked and causes a horrible disaster, killing several students. Lelah flees and searches out Sanctuary, a safe place for the Djinn. Yet it is there she discovers something more frightening: her destiny is tied to the survival of her race and humans. She's manipulated and confused, not even sure she can trust her best friend any more. Lelah must find the truth amongst the lies or be used as a tool to eliminate the human race.

The idea of the Djinn hooked me immediately. Laura Eno has created a fascinating mythos, but there's still plenty of mystery surrounding these beings. Their power can destroy civilization, but I love it that wishes are double-edged swords. It's no wonder the Djinn see "wish" as a bad word. Most of the Djinn keep to their own kind and see humans as slaves, but Lelah is different. She grew up around humans. Her big heart might get her in trouble, but it's her compassion that makes her so likable.

The plot is twisty with so few people that Lelah can trust. There's a light touch of romance. It's easy enough to get distracted by a gorgeous smile and a good kisser after all. The immensity of everything else overshadows the romance, though. It's an amazing start to the series. I can't wait to see what Laura Eno has in store for us next.

Author bio: Laura Eno lives in Florida with a very tolerant husband, three skulking cats and two absurdly happy dogs. After spending years immersed in English literature courses, she now writes novels late at night with the help of muses from the underworld.

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  1. Great review! I don't think I'll be able to resist checking out this book sometime. I've loved Djinn folklore for years!

  2. Another great review, Christine. Love the cover!

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    Happy Friday!

  3. Great review for Laura! I have it on my iPad just haven't had time to read it yet.

  4. sounds great! fabulous review!

    and what are you up to?!

  5. loved the cover! and I love the interest in using others mythological creatures besides weres and vamps.

  6. Thank you so much for such an awesome review! :)

  7. You're welcome, Laura! It was well deserved.

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by. This was a wonderfully original read. Pick up your copy!

  8. I have it on my Nook. I look forward to reading it. I've liked Laura's other books.

  9. Great review! The book sounds awesome.

  10. Great review - I will definitely add this book to my list!

  11. Wonderful review Christine... this is a book I'd definitely pick up. Thanks for sharing.


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