Monday, March 11, 2013

Givin' Up The Ghost review

Indigo Eady is NOT clumsy. At least, not until she moves to Sabrina Shores. Can she help it if she’s off-kilter since moving to a modern day medieval village in England? Who knew it would be teeming with afterlife? Ghosts are coming out of the woodwork: Franny Bishop, an interfering nineteenth century madam; Hannah, a technology-loving seventeenth century serving wench; and Cleo, a prissy ghost cat. Not to mention Bart Bagley, the murder victim!

With the overwhelming psychic overload, it's no wonder Indigo somehow manages to bowl Badger over every time they meet. She is becoming hazardous to his health, not to mention her own. If it weren’t for the murdered spirits and interfering ghosts vying for her attention, her life would be so much easier! 

To top it all off, why did Badger have to be so cute? That is no doubt the problem. Mix needy dead people and very-much-alive cute guys, and you have the ingredients for a world totally out of whack. Even so, sparks fly in more than one direction! 

But who has time for romance? They have a murderer to catch, and time is running short as the body count mounts.

My review:
Having recently lost her father, Indigo Eady has moved to a village in England to live with her Uncle Richard and cousin Simon. She's looking forward to a fresh start and forgetting the troubles her psychic talents have brought her. Yet in an old town, there are a lot of spirits and it's hard to find some peace. Simon convinces Indigo to help find out what happened to his best friend Badger's father. When she discovers the man has been murdered and the police haven't done a thing, the friends launch their own investigation. They've gotten themselves into something bigger than they imagined, and to top it off, Indigo can't stop herself from liking Badger even when she makes a fool of herself in front of him all the time. That problem will have to wait when it might be her life on the line next.

A fantastic ghost story with intrigue and a bit of romance. This well written tale builds with the list of suspects and has you on the edge of your seat, eager to see what will happen next. Indigo has had it rougher than the average teen and acts more mature than her sixteen years. Her character is refreshing in the YA genre where the teen angst can become immensely annoying. To add to that, the boy she likes is a good guy. No bad boy complex here. I'd love to see more teens in YA books like them. While I enjoyed the main characters, it was the ghosts that made me laugh. Chloe the ghost cat who particularly loves the guys, and Franny who was once a madam became my favorite.

This is a book for readers of any age. It has a sweet quirkiness I adored. A little bit of a Scooby gang vibe, but with real ghosts. I can't wait for Gwen Gardner's next book in the Indigo Eady series, A Guilty Ghost Surprised, which will come out later this year.

Author Bio: Running, writing, and reading are her favorite things. She's also a dreamer. Have you ever told yourself that “someday” I’m going to travel or write or whatever it is that you are passionate about but can’t do right now for whatever reason? You can go for years and years and keep telling yourself that “someday” you’ll do it. Too often “someday” never comes. But Gwen's did. She's a former Administrative Manager and Vice President of a successful swimming pool plastering company – until she woke up one day and realized that he “someday” had arrived. She quit her job, moved to the mountains and began to write. Crazy, she knows. But even crazier? Is when you get to the end of your life and realize that your “someday” is too late. Life is much too short for that! So the adventure has begun.

Find Gwen at her blog, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook.

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  1. This sounds a lot like the books my critique partner writes and I love them. Thanks for highlighting Gwen for us.

  2. A Scooby-Doo vibe - that's funny! Good review for Gwen.

  3. I love a good ghost story. Thanks for the review!

  4. i love ghost stories!!!! and i love how she is going after her dreams :)

  5. Ghost stories are among my favorite escapes.

  6. Congrats to Gwen! This was a nice review.

  7. It's a fantastic book. Go pick up your copy! :)

  8. This book sounds soooooo good! Love a good ghost story.

  9. I love ghost stories! And it features a good guy, too? Awesome! I agree--that's definitely rare for YA! Adding this to my wishlist. :)

  10. i entirely agree! itwas fabulous, wasnt it!
    and your review is way more thorough than mine. nice job!

  11. What a cool book... really love the cover too.

  12. Scooby Doo, lol! Someone else said that, too. Thanks so much for the awesome review, Christine! And thanks to everyone else for the lovely comments.


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