Sunday, March 24, 2013

The winners of The Harbinger blog tour giveaway

The Harbinger tour was fantastic!
Thank you again to all my wonderful hosts and
to you, my awesome readers.

The fifth book in the 13th Floor series will
be released May 13th.
And don't forget that The Marquis is now free!

Now on to the giveaway winners!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to the winners!
I've already sent out emails.

Join me this April for another peek into the world of the Fearless with the A to Z Challenge.


  1. Congratulations to the winners! Looking forward to your posts, Christine. Can you believe it's been a year since you created Fearless?

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Such an excited blog tour - glad it went well! I loved the 4th book and I'm marking May 13th on my calendar. :)

  3. Congrats to the winners!
    I'm currently half way through The Marquis. Enjoying it and will do a review for you when I'm done. :)

  4. Congrats to all the winners! :D
    I am looking forward to your posts, too~
    You are on a role...I love the # 13 ;D

  5. CONGRATS to the winners!

  6. Congrats to the winners:)

  7. love this series! i am about to start 1303!

  8. Yay! Thanks again for The Harbinger. Looking forward to your A-to-Z posts! :)


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