Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Madness at Untethered Realms

March Madness! Untethered Realms is pleased to be hosting a monthly game on their Facebook page. Multiple entries are permitted. Keep it PG. The winner will be decided by the authors of Untethered Realms. This month's prize: an ebook copy of Boomtown Craze by M. Pax.

We’re looking for crazy opposites – ie, rocks that tickle, pretty little flowers that eat people. The winner will be the most creative combo you come up with. What crazy combos have you’ve got?

Only ten days until the official release of 1304 - The Harbinger.


  1. Sounds like a fun game.

    Ten days! You're in the countdown now. ☺

  2. That does sound like fun! :)

    Only 10 more days - I can't wait! I get to host you and I get to read the next in this awesome series!

  3. Ten days! It's approaching fast this time. Yikes! :)


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