Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day four of The Harbinger blog tour

What a fantastic tour so far! I'm having so much fun.
It's best to agree with me lest Hera turn you into a poodle.

Don't forget the first volume in the 13th Floor series, The Marquis is now FREE.
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I have two great stops today.
Join me at Tonja Drecker's for an awesome excerpt from The Harbinger. Get hooked!

I'm chatting with my brilliant beta reader, Clare Dugmore about Greek myths and gods. Come find out what our favorite ones are!

Today's tidbit: There's one scene in the book that came out of nowhere. I had to stop writing and do a bunch of research to make sure I had all the details right. Then even after I wrote it, I wasn't sure I was going to keep it because I felt it was a bit over the top. Yet everyone loved it. I know sometimes I second guess myself and self doubt creeps in. Thankfully I have awesome CPs and beta readers, and they chase away the monsters for me. Or tell me they're perfect right there in the story!


  1. I must agree, it is an amazing blog tour! (and I don't want to suffer Hera's wrath)

    Don't you love when people love especially what was difficult for you to decide upon keeping in your story?

  2. I agree, too! Stay away from me, Hera. ;)

    About today's tidbit: People who love what you've done make all your hard work worth it. ☺

  3. So awesome! You are doing a great job! I've been seeing you everywhere!
    I just got #1304. Can't wait to read it!

  4. Thank you all! :) I think it wise not to piss off Hera. She's worse than Zeus!

  5. Love the tidbit. i think every writer faces self doubt many times in their careers.

  6. CP's are awesome.

    I'll check out the links and see you around this tour.


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