Friday, April 13, 2012

A to Z Challenge - L is for Lips

I'm writing one story over the course of the Challenge.
If you're just joining me, please start with A is for Abby.


"Burrows lives in Wisconsin. Only six to seven hours in the car." Abby limped into the kitchen area. The washer swished quietly in the corner. She was a fast healer, but she'd be feeling the wound on her ankle for days. She tried not to wince as she balanced and attempted to make herself a sandwich.

"No." Demetrius shook his head and grabbed one of the stools from in front of the island to slide it around to her. He took her firmly by the hips and sat her down on it. "You need to rest and heal." His hands stayed upon her, and though she threw him a furious look, she didn't tell him to take them off.

"I consider sitting in the car for hours on end resting." Abby was very aware of his body behind hers as she opened the peanut butter jar and plopped a big blob onto a slice of bread. "You just don't want to sit in the car for that long. You can stay here and rest."

"I'm not leaving your side again." His hands tightened on her. "And we wouldn't need the car. I can take us north in a matter of minutes through the Ways. Once you're healed." His breath was warm on her neck. His woodsy scent enticed her, whetting her appetite for something other than a sandwich.

"We can't waste any time. Children will die if we don't do something about this now." Her knuckles turned white with her grip on the butter knife. She twisted her head. Her mouth a butterfly's breath away from his and her eyes not meeting his intense gaze. "I can't let any children die."

Demetrius pressed his chest to her back. His nose grazed hers and heat raced through her veins. The throbbing in her ankle was forgotten as a new ache blossomed between her legs. She needed to keep her mind on what needed to be done to stop the monsters. She needed to turn her head just a fraction of an inch more.

"We won't let any children die. We'll go, but let me handle everything. I can carry you." His fingers stretched out over her hips, slipping under the hem of her shirt to touch bare skin. She sucked in a breath.

"Don't be ridiculous." Abby snorted, immediately regretting how unattractive that was. She set down the knife and turned, intending to put a few inches more between them and tell him to quit treating her as a fragile doll. His mouth immediately mashed to hers and words were forgotten. His tongue parted her lips, demanding entrance. She didn't deny him. A wanton whimper escaped her, and her heart hammered in her chest.

His hands eased upward, taking her shirt with them. When his thumbs skimmed the underside of her bra, she managed to find her voice. "We don't have time for this. We need to leave as soon as possible."

"We have time." Demetrius insisted, kissing down to her neck and nibbling upon her sensitive flesh. She gripped his biceps and clenched her thighs.

"We need to go." Abby's voice wobbled. She should be pushing him away. Not just because she had a job to do, but because this could never be anything other than a fling. She was one of the Fearless. Her duty came first and it would claim her life sooner than later. He was one of the fae. His world wasn't hers. He would leave after his blood debt was paid. And she didn't do flings. Already she felt too much for him.

"We have time." He repeated, arousal making his voice deeper, more gravelly. His mouth met hers again, and then he paused to smile in that sexy way of his and say, "We have to wait until the wash is done. Can't leave without Tawa."

No, they couldn't leave with Tawa. The tension between Abby and Demetrius was smothering at times, and he was her only gulp of fresh air, but no matter how much her body cried out for his, she couldn't do it. A warrior she might be, but she didn't know how to defend her heart. He was too easy to love.

She gasped. He seemed to think it was from his touches and pressed himself more firmly to her. Abby had thought the L word. No. This couldn't happen. Not now. Not ever.

She pushed him away, shaking her head. "No. No, we can't do this."

"Abby." He breathed out her name as if in worship and nipped at her ear lobe as he attempted to pull her back to him.

"No." Abby pushed harder and yanked herself from his arms. "Don't touch me. Keep your mind on what we need to do. We're leaving once Tawa is clean." Demetrius didn't fight her on it and didn't get angry. He stepped back, brows furrowed. She turned away from him so he couldn't see her tearing up. She hoped he didn't see her hand shaking as she went back to preparing her sandwich.


  1. So different from what I write, but fun! Glad I visited your terrific blog.

    Pop over to mine if you've the chance. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Abby? Tearing up? Nooooo, not feisty, brave, kickass Abby. Oh boy, if she doesn't want Demitrius I'll have him Except I think she does he he. Tawa's in the washer? Tawa does not like that, if I remember (and neither would I)

    1. Nope, Tawa hates it. But if I were Abby, I'd take advantage of that waiting time! ;)

  3. How have I just realised this was going on, now I have some serious reading to do to catch up!
    I've left something for you on my blog :)

  4. I just read bits and pieces and feel your characters and wonder... good for you!
    keep writing!!!

  5. Wow! Beautifully written - I'm stopping by late in the month . . but I'm going to have to catch up!

  6. On the one hand, I'm glad she's keeping her mind on the mission. On the other, Tawa is in the wash . . .

    Great writing!

  7. aw, getting all hot and bothered now!

  8. That was so perfect! Poor Abby has a lot to think about but I didn't want her to stop him!

    1. I didn't want her to stop either. I first wrote this and Abby gave in, but I knew that was more me than her! She has to have a little more will power than I do. ;)

  9. This is a romance! Started like a children's book and now it is a romance. Abby grew up quickly!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's A-Z, the letter M

    1. Thank you! Yes, the A post was a prologue. It's paranormal romance through and through.

  10. She does! I'd put Tawa in for another rinse cycle for good measure! Hehehe!

  11. Seeing a whole new side to Abby here!

    1. And Demetrius wanted to see a whole unclothed side! *LOL*

  12. Nice amount of spice in the story. :) Great job, Christine.


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