Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A to Z Challenge - J is for Jelly beans

This is an ongoing story for the Challenge.
If you're just joining me, please start with A is for Abby.

Abby took shallow breaths, unwilling to her body press any more to Demetrius' than it already was. They were swashed into a corner by a deck and a garage. Tawa was mashed against the wall and complaining in some ancient language. Sounded a little like Greek but not quite.

The man on the deck told his dog to hurry up and finish his business. The dog, of course, took his time.

Abby could hear Demetrius' heart in his chest. It annoyed her it was much calmer than hers. Her stomach quivered and her hands clenched. No matter how she was breathing, she could smell that masculine woodsy scent that she had come to know as his. Even though he had been using her soap in the shower, he still smelled like he had just come out of the forest. He was as hard and solid as a great oak too. Yet cut in the most appealing of ways.

She glanced to see him looking at her. A smirk quirked up his lips and he leaned against her more so. Abby wanted to look away, but her head refused to move. Those lips of his were a crime. Too full and sensual to be a man's, but so fitting for the fae. What would it feel like to have him kiss her? Would he be tender? Or would he be wild as he was when fighting?

The dog finally did his thing and trotted back up to the house. The man muttered and shuffled inside, shutting the glass doors and locking them. The outside lights turned off.

Abby and Demetrius stood where they were for another minute. Their gazes locked. Goose bumps freckled her arms as he bent his head. He was going to kiss her. Oh, how she wanted to taste that fire.

My face is squished. Tawa grumbled. This is only the first house of the night. Let's get moving.

Tawa's sharp voice was enough to knock some sense back into Abby's head. She pushed her way out of their hiding spot, taking in a deep breath of the cool night air. She needed to focus on the matter at hand and not the gorgeous man her hands wanted to be exploring at the moment.

"This one's in the basement. Let's avoid going in through the rest of the house in case anyone is still awake. There's a window to the basement right there." Abby pointed to it. She stiffened as she felt Demetrius' hand on the small of her back. He seemed warmer than he should, or was that just her?

"I won't fit through the window. We can go through the back here. No alarms, right?"

"No alarms, but we're not taking the chance that anyone's still awake. I can take care of this one myself." Abby marched forward and worked the window open.

"You're not going in without me." Demetrius' tone was one that demanded her to obey. She ignored him. When she sat on the ground and slid her legs in through the window, he grabbed a hold of her arm. "Not without me."

"I've been doing this for years without any help. It's just one monster." Abby tore her arm from his grasp. "You go prance around the yard or whatever it is you fairies do." She slid the rest of the way in before he could snatch her again. "Oh, be careful. The dog left something nasty out there."

Demetrius cursed at her and stuck his head through the window. "I have a blood debt. I will not have my honor insulted by being ignored or belittled like this."

"Yes, yes." Abby waved a dismissive hand at him and let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the basement. There was only one child in the house. Mark had sent her a note with the boy's address and nightmare. Furry critter in the basement ready to yank him down there and eat him. She heard a noise to her left. Her palms glowed and her blades slid free. She gripped them tightly.

The ceiling wasn't high and she could see nothing her height or taller. Another noise and she looked down. A monster the size of a rabbit hopped into view. It was all eyes, ears, and mouth, and the rest of it was covered in dirty purple fur. It growled and left a big pile of slobber on the floor.

"Lovely." Abby wrinkled her nose. She could step on the thing and be done with it.

There was another noise to her right. Then one in front of her.

Several growls echoed the first creature's and nearly two dozen of the critters hopped into view. Each of them a color of the pastel rainbow.
What do you see? How many? Tawa asked.

"Rabid jelly beans. A whole freakin' basket full."


  1. The last line is great! Really enjoying this story, Christine.

  2. Another great scene! I wish she had let Demetrius kiss her, though!

    1. Me too! My characters don't always cooperate with my desires though.

  3. Very nice indeed, and I really like your blog as well. Am now following. If you've the chance, pop over to mine and take a look. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series. Would love to see what you think.

    1. Thanks! I've returned the follow. Still trying to catch up on all the blogs after my trip. :)

  4. Hehe! Rabid jelly beans! That's great!

  5. Cool story! This was SO not what I expected from your title! ;-)

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    1. I bet a lot of people were expecting something to do with Easter!

  6. Rabid jelly beans, haha. That is AWESOME!

  7. I just finished a bag of Starburst jelly beans last night. Mmm...jelly beans.

    1. Now I'm craving some Starbursts. I didn't get any jelly beans from the Easter bunny this year. Lots of caramel eggs, though.

  8. reading above comment, sorry haha---i gave my son a big bag of starburst jelly beans and he wanted to trade his son, my grandson for his small bag of coldstone creamery---great post!

    1. I use to trade candies with my brother all the time! Thanks. :)

  9. lol Great monster. Eww on the slobber. Can't wait for K.

  10. love it! Rabid jelly beans - Ha! Love the tension you're creating between Abby and Demetrius as well.

  11. You do know I'm a Jelly bean fiend, right? I can't help but feel my craving surface as I read that. :)

    1. I didn't know. I don't know how tempting those jelly beans are though!


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