Saturday, April 7, 2012

A to Z Challenge - G is for Giggling Gorilla

I'm writing one story over the course of the month for this challenge.
If you're just joining me now, please start at A is for Abby.


Abby sliced through the thick hide of the monster with the party hat. Copious amounts of black blood splattered her, but that wasn't what made her curse. The beast laughed as its wound stitched itself together within a matter of seconds.

It swung its meaty arm at her with the force and speed of a wreaking ball. Abby jumped to the side, trying to focus on an alternative method of killing this beast other than hacking it to bits. Her line of thought was interrupted as Demetrius roared and made another attack.

"Stay back!" Abby shouted and leapt back into the fray with her blades whirling.

"You get out of the way. Let me crush the beast." Demetrius growled as he brought his huge club down upon the monster. It squealed as it was struck, but it wasn't hurt that badly.

What is it with men and thinking they can solve all their problems with a big chunk of wood? Tawa said with her usual bitter bite.

"Let's not even go there. I need to find a way to kill it." Abby hissed as she was smacked across the face. There was a bright flash of pain before she forced it down. Warm blood trickled from her nose. She wiped it away with the back of her hand.

"Then leave it to me." Demetrius was like an animal when he fought. All brute force, instinctual, and deadly grace.

Are you ever going to let him pay his blood debt to you? Tawa sighed. Let him kill it. He'll eventually find a way.

"No. This is my job." Abby would not step away from her duty. Every monster she faced represented a child's life. She would end it as soon as possible. She dodged another flurry of blows.

Demetrius was noisy as he fought. Snarls and battle cries. Three days ago she had brought him home andm after resting the first night at her loft, he had gone to a nearby park and returned with his club. He claimed that it had to come from a tree spirit who willingly gave its limb for the purpose of being used against evil. It made one hell of a weapon, but it wasn't going to work quickly with this monster.

"Think like a child." Abby tore her gaze from the impressive display by the fae and zipped out of the way of the beast. She scanned the child's room. Books, lots of books, and airplane models. A row of hats neatly hung from a coat rack. Some other toys and a teddy bear with its eyes plucked out thrown into a corner. Monsters were always so cruel to the children's favorite toys.

Yes, what weakness would a child attribute to this beast? Bananas? Tawa sounded as frustrated as Abby felt.

Demetrius was thrown into her and they crashed into the wall. Chunks of plaster fell around them. He was quick to his feet and stood in front of her, bare chest heaving. He never lost hold of his club.

"Is it laughing at us?" He swung at the beast again.

Abby could hear a strange coughing noise and the monster was holding its shaking belly. She stood up and moved beside Demetrius. "It's giggling."

"I will not be laughed at by an overgrown monkey!" He roared and launched himself at the thing. He was promptly thrown against the other wall.

"It's a gorilla." The nightmares that came to life from children's minds never ceased to amaze her. Why the boy who lived there was afraid of a giggling gorilla, she didn't know, but it was sharper than the typical beast. It also had to have a weakness.

Head-on attacks weren't working. It was too clever to let her get behind it. It did a little dance as it and Demetrius exchanged blows. The polka dots on the hat sparkled in the dim light coming from outside.

The hat.

Abby darted forward. She did so without fear of the horrific beast or for her own life. Her only fear was that she so easily fell into working with Demetrius and liked it. Not that she'd ever tell him.

She swung with her left blade to distract the monster. When it dodged it, she brought the right sword down to slice through its hat. It howled. Its giggles turned into sobs. Abby rammed both her swords through its chest. This time, its wounds didn't heal. It sank to the floor with a pitiful sob and shuddered once before it died.

"The hat was its weak spot?" Demetrius scoffed. He rolled his shoulders, brushing off blood and plaster. "That makes no bloody sense at all."

"It does, but I don't expect a caveman like you to understand." Abby's glowing swords disappeared into her palms.

"Caveman? You're the one that snores." He shot back.

"You're the one carrying the club." Abby adjusted Tawa on her back and headed to the window.

"Perhaps I'm the one with the club, babycakes," Demetrius said as he hefted it over one broad shoulder. "But at least I resisted the urge to knock you out with it and carry you back to my cave while watching you towel off after your shower this morning."

Abby's mouth fell open and her cheeks flushed a brilliant crimson. There was little privacy in her loft and she had thought he'd been sleeping. She heard him chuckle as she hopped out the window. She slammed it shut and walked off without waiting for him.


  1. Awww the death of the gorilla was kind of sad. :(

    1. It wasn't a real gorilla, though. It was a monster!

  2. you made me think of the old cartoon magilla gorilla--my favorite one---nice writing

  3. Good old Abby, still fighting away. Tsk, that Demetrius is still beating his chest, huh? You know, I often have difficulty writing action scenes - yet you do one every day :-)

  4. Funny and compelling as always Christine. I don't know how you do it!

    1. Thanks! I think the characters write themselves.

  5. This is one action-packed story. I love how there's some bit of information about the plot or the characters each day!

  6. Demetrius just proved he's more human than he cares to admit!

    1. That he did. Just don't let him hear you say it!

  7. Blimey! Hello!! Wow!! What can I say!??! What brutish bloody action! Phew!! Well done you! I ain't messing with either Demetrius or Abby! Yikes! Take care

  8. Love the action in this story. Nice gorilla picture, too!

  9. So creative and barbaric with a wonderful touch of humor.

  10. Christine, this is so good. It's raw and dark with lots of humor. A real treat.


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