Sunday, September 23, 2012

Once Upon a December Nightmare re-released

They were only going out to dinner and a movie.​

​But their plans go astray, and friends Cassie, Mary, Denise, and James decide to take a detour down a lonely mountain road. A felled tree blocks their passage and forces them to turn around in a clearing containing a disturbing arrangement of four deer carcasses.​

Then their truck breaks down, and their cell phones don't work. They must brave the cold December air, nightfall, and a long hike. Yet their troubles are just beginning. Tension runs high between the four young friends…and they are not alone. Each step brings them closer to safety, but will they make it to the main road alive?​

Includes the monster's origin story "Nightmare at the Freak Show"
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Please visit Cherie Reich's blog and say hello! Hopefully by next month, she'll have the long awaited sequel to this novella out, Nightmare Ever After. What a great Halloween read it will make!


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