Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Five for February 28th, 2014

1. I did a happy dance on Wednesday after I unchained myself from my desk. I finished the 3rd draft of my superhero WIP. Woo-hoo! I sent it off to my CPs and betas. Then I celebrated with peanut butter cookies. On Monday, I will start revising WIP #1 again. I'm right on track with my writing goals so far this year.

2. It's been a tiring week. I've been babysitting every day. It only reminds me I no longer have the energy of my youth. I just wish the youths understood that!

3. My husband was sick on the weekend, and with stuffed up nose, he snores more than usual. So I spent two nights on the couch. I love my couch. It's amazingly comfy, but it always gives me weird dreams. One dream had 5 good versions of myself fighting 5 bad versions. Not clones. (I don't have access to Alex's cloning machine!) It was more like a spirit battle. It was unsettling. Thankfully when I'm sleeping in the bed, I only fight monsters and not myself, er, my selves.

4. I've been reading a lot lately, and I realized I have a favorite bookmark. Until recently, I didn't care what I marked my pages with. A lot of the time it was just a strip of paper ripped from a recycled scrap. Now I have to have a certain one. Do you have a favorite bookmark?

5. I got some BIG news this week: the 4th book in the 13th Floor series, THE HARBINGER, has been nominated for a BigAl's Books & Pals Readers' Choice Award in the category of Fantasy. I'm honored and excited. Voting starts on March 2nd and runs through to the 12th. Please consider voting for my book. I'll share my cookies with you!


  1. Congrats on completing the third draft of your superhero WIP! What a great accomplishment!

    And wow, you weren't kidding about the couch giving you strange dreams. The one you mentioned sounds like a story in the making. ;)

    And hurray for The Harbinger! That's one of my favorites of yours, so I'll definitely have to remember to vote!

  2. Yay for #5, that is so awesome. Congratulations. All your writing has led to so many amazing publications and opportunities.

  3. Congrats on all of your good news this week!

  4. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction for ya, congrats on getting that 3rd draft done and WOOT on the nomination! I'll be sure to vote, I'll do anything for peanut butter cookies (; And I have a favorite bookmark too. I'll search for it all over the house before I can sit down to read a new book. Which reminds me, I need to find a spot I can keep it where my little gremlins can't get to it... (;

  5. Congrats on finishing your draft.

    My kids gave me a lovely bookmark for Christmas - so that's my favourite!

  6. Congrats on all your great writing news—especially your nomination!

  7. Congratulations on the nomination!
    After the episode with Al's Dwarves, I'm not letting anyone else near the clone machine...

  8. Thank you, folks! I'm excited about the nomination. Have a great weekend!

  9. That is a funny dream!!!! And props to you for staying on track with your writing goals. SO impressive!

    And so neat with the nomination, Christine! Good things right now. :)

  10. That's great news about the award and finishing that 3rd draft! (And yay for PB cookies! Yum!) When my WIP isn't going well and I'm not sure how to fix it, I have nightmares. Luckily, I'm not having many recently. Have a great weekend! :)

  11. Congratulations on your nomination! That is excellent news!

    I hope your hubby gets well soon so you don't have to sleep on the sofa. That was one crazy dream you had!

  12. LOL. My husband has bad dreams when he naps on the sofa.
    Remind me to vote next week and congrats.

  13. Congrats on finishing that third draft.

    And yes, I do have a favorite bookmark. Weird, maybe, but true.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. WOO HOO!! I will most certainly vote for you!! (gentle reminder needed for my soggy brain, please)

    I had the weirdest dream last night too. I couldn't find BBQ sauce for my fries. I don't even eat BBQ sauce on fries in real life, but I guess in my dream world it was a matter of life or death.

  15. Congratulations on the nomination.

    Wow, you have been busy, Christine. I'm not surprised you're tired.

    Two nights on the couch - that's not so bad - I've spent almost a year on the floor with the dog! She got so stressed out because she couldn't get onto the bed with us I opted for the sofa bed that folds down onto the floor.
    I think this is the reason why I'm going insane!

  16. Hi Christine,

    I reckon you have a lot of youthful energy happening, my friend. Despite your hubby's snoring even more than normal, you managed to have some weird dreams on your couch. Sofa so good. If you dreamt of actually fighting clones that would have been a nightmare over and over and ...

    Yay to your excellent news!

    Have a hopefully peaceful weekend.

    Gary :)

  17. Congrats for the nomination. Voting isn't there yet, but I will try again later.


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