Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fate Intended blog tour - guest post by Elizabeth Seckman

I'm very happy to host the wonderful Elizabeth Seckman today.
She's talking about being a writer mom.
She has four boys. I can't remember my name sometimes and I only have one. How does she do it?!
Take it away, Elizabeth!

Being a mom and being a writer comes with dilemmas, like why are they so bad when the muse is being so good?

 No one wanted me while I stared like an idiot into the screen.

Perhaps the sound of clicking keys inspired orneriness and hunger? Or possibly while the muse and I were hanging out, Mom lost track of time and forgot no one's been fed for hours?

The writer zone can quickly become a vacuum, and that's an occupation mommy/writer hazard.

I mean I would LOVE to write twelve hours a day, six days a week. But I can't. I have log off and be present in my family life. Or at least be more present than yelling, "Can you make yourself another peanut butter and jelly sandwich?"

I know, sometimes breaking the obsession is like pulling a two-year-old off the merry-go-round. I get it. Writing in the writing zone is fun. It's invigorating. It's totally absorbing. We probably sound just like those toddlers...the cries the, the begs, the bargains...please just fifteen more minutes and I'll have this chapter finished!

We can be sad.

Just as we knew- the kid can't stay on the merry-go-round all night. We also know that we can't either.

Being a mom (or dad!) brings responsibility. And as a mom, I have tried really hard to make sure my kids still have some semblance of a normal life while I pursue da dream. I mean if I fail them, they could declare me incompetent, take all my millions I earned form my books, and stick me in a nursing home without an internet connection. Whoa. That's a scary thought.

I think I'll go see what my kids are up to.

Chase the goal. Hug the kids. Keep the balance.

Fate Intended is the third book in the Coulter Men Series.  Trip is the last of the Coulter sons to find love. He’s a handsome man with all the skills a young spy needs to succeed. But when it comes to love, he misses the target. Jane is a sweet beauty who may or may not be wanted for murder. She’s hiding out as a cleaning lady when chance brings her and Trip together. It looks like a happily ever after is in the cross hairs until reality tries to destroy what fate has intended.

Elizabeth Seckman is a simple chick with a simple dream…to write stories people want to read.
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  1. Thanks for having me over Christine!

    And I must say, one toddler equals four nearly-all teens!

  2. I sometimes feel so guilty, but then I figure if I was out of the house working a full time job, they'd see an awful lot less of me! I do like the independence my kids have now, although I've yet to teach them how to make a decent cup of tea!

  3. great post.. I can so relate…

  4. Even if you don't have kids, the spouse needs attention as well.
    Don't worry about your kids, Elizabeth. They are busy smearing jelly all over the kitchen floor.

  5. It can be very frustrating for writers when they can't get to their writing, for whatever reason.
    Tomorrow is a fun day for me - it is Fate Intended day!

  6. @Annalisa- You are totally right there! And that can be one of the hazards, you are constantly available. My kids are older now and pretty decently trained.
    @Hilary- I think most moms can!
    @Alex- you are so right. I am guilty of violating this one more often than ignoring the kids. But I know, I have to uplug and spend time with my husband too. I might be a freak, but once I get started writing, twelve hours could pass like minutes and I'd hardly notice.
    @Fanny- I just love you! I do get cranky if I don't write. I swear, it could possibly be called an addiction!

  7. haha great comparison to the merry go round.

  8. @Pat, thank you. If I had made it rhyme, it would have been perfect!

  9. It is not easy keeping the balance. I commend you for finding the time to write while mothering 4 kids! I know that's not easy!

  10. Elizabeth is one busy person. It's all about finding that balance which includes time to chase and hug the kids.

  11. @Sherry, it's a bit easier now that they are older. I can leave them alone in a room and not have to worry that anyone will sprinkle themselves with Comet
    @Stephen, it's amazing, chasing them used to mean following them around the house, now I follow them around the state!

  12. It was a pleasure hosting you, Elizabeth. Maybe your kids can babysit mine and we could get a lot of writing done! :)

    Thank you to everyone for stopping by. Elizabeth is an inspiring woman and so talented.

  13. I don't have kids, so I think it's wonderful when a writer has both the novels and kiddie stuff going on. That's commendable. :)

  14. @Christine- awesome idea. My kids are actually very good baby sitters. They have little cousins who trained them well!
    Thanks again for having me over!

    @Medeia- I've no doubt in my mind that you could rock anything you tried.


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