Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wicked Wednesday - the details of a kiss

It's the moment in all stories with a romance that we wait for: the first kiss. It might not be the individual's first kiss or the couple's first kiss, but it's the reader's first one, and it needs to be worthwhile. We can add a little magic into it with the supernatural, maybe some paranormal pheromones, but the kiss itself should be believable.

Here are some facts about kissing that will help add realism to your intimate scenes:

- 66% of people close their eyes when they kiss.
- The lips are 100 times more sensitive than the fingers.
- A substance 200 times more powerful than morphine is produced when kissing giving the feeling of euphoria.
- Two-thirds of kissers tilt their heads to the right.
- In some studies, men are more particular about women they kiss than women they have sex with.
- The majority of people rub noses while kissing.
- Though customs vary around the world, 90% of people kiss.
- 63% of men do not like to kiss women wearing lipstick.
- Nearly half of both men and women do not like nibbles or biting while kissing.
- The number one turn-off is bad breath. Couples are less likely to kiss right after a meal or first thing in the morning.
- Men are more willing to forgive and teach a bad kisser than women. Women are more likely to break off a relationship if they've experienced a bad kiss.

Also, don't underestimate the emotional side of the kiss. It's far more important than the physical.

What's your favorite literary kiss?

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  1. Excellent kissy facts! I struggle writing kisses, they are SO hard to get right lol!

  2. Brilliant facts. I once kissed a very bad kisser - it almost scarred me for life. Urgh!

  3. Wow, so many fun facts about kissing! I'll have to keep some of these in mind the next time I need to write/draw a kiss. ;)

  4. Great post, Christine. It reminded me of Cher's It's in his Kiss. :D I struggle a bit writing kissing scenes as well.Hm I'm trying to think of books I've read lately that have a scene that took my breath away..none comes to mind. hehe oh, yeah I remember 'Whitney, My Love' by Judith McNaught.

  5. Ha!! Interesting facts about kissing! I'm so glad my hubby likes garlic as much as I do ;)

  6. A third leave their eyes open? Weird. Agree on the lipstick though.

  7. Great facts.

    I would have to agree with most of them.

    I love that first kiss. It's so important in a book or movie.


  8. Ooooo fun kissing factoids. I love that first kiss in a movie-- that suspension of time as the lips meet. Ahhhh-- evokes the fantasy in our hearts.

  9. "You should be kissed, and often. And by somebody who knows how." -Rhett Butler

    Thanks for the stats! They were really interesting!


  10. wohoo! fun kissing facts. and yes, bad breath is certainly a turn off!

  11. those are really fascinating facts. I need to remember them for my next kiss scene.

  12. Great kissing stats! I wouldn't have guessed that a third kiss with their eyes open.

  13. Thank you all for stopping by and reading. I didn't know so many people kissed with their eyes open either, but some people like to watch the expressions on their lovers' faces.

  14. Great stats.... interesting to see how most people feel during the kiss:)

  15. No mention of when two people, who both wear glasses, kiss that they -always- manage to smudge the other's lenses?? :D

    Some neat 'smooching' facts...thanks!


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