Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Five for May 24, 2013

1. The blog tour for THE ORACLE & THE VAMPIRE went wonderfully. Thank you again to all my fine hosts and readers. One more book left in the 13th Floor series. I can't believe I'm almost at the end! I've really loved writing this series. Such fun stories. (Sales tidbit for you: THE ALPHA is still selling more than any of the other books, even the new one. So far, the "werewolf" tag trumps the "vampire" one.)

2. The protagonist in THE GHOST isn't speaking clearly yet. I know where the story is going to go, but I'm pulled between having Chiharo's personality the same as when she died or having some wisdom from all the years she's spent as a ghost. I've been calling her the Wooden Girl. Since she still feels stiff to me. Her love interest has a powerful personality already. He wants to curse a lot too.

3. Yesterday was my son's last day of preschool. We're now officially on summer break. Yikes! I know he'll miss school, but I think I'll miss it even more. I keep telling myself the summer will go fast, and then he'll be going three mornings a week starting mid-August. An extra morning for me to write! Yay! Yet I have to survive the summer break first.

4. Thank you so much to all the teachers out there. You have such a big influence on our lives and our children's lives. Teachers are so under-appreciated. An especially big thank you to my son's teacher. She made his first year of school the best!

5. The long weekend is coming up here in the US. Yay! We have absolutely nothing planned at all. I'm really, really looking for to it. Have a fabulous weekend, folks!


  1. I'm excited for a long weekend! It's going to be a busy one for our family, though.

  2. Well done on your series, and the voice for your Ghost story will come to you:) Enjoy the long weekend.

  3. Finally got around to purchasing my copy of The Oracle & the Vampire--can't wait to read it! :)

    And the werewolf tag is currently beating the vampire one? I can't help but be amused by this. As great as vampires are, werewolves deserve to be the victors for a change!

    Also, sorry you're struggling with your protagonist from The Ghost right now. I'm sure she'll learn to speak up eventually. Until then, I'm wishing you good luck!

  4. The summer break will go all too fast. Enjoy the time with your family.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  5. Hope The Ghost comes together for you.
    And that you survive summer break.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm looking forward to The Ghost. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. It seems like just yesterday you were blogging about your son's struggles with his start at pre-school and now he's finished with his first year! Wow- were did the time go?

    Have a wonderful, long, uneventful kicked-back weekend. Those are the best kind, if you ask me!

  8. Hello, Christine

    I've popped over from Nick's Scattergun Scribblings blog. I'll definitely be over here more often. :)

  9. yay for summer break! And congrats on all your success. I hope that voice comes in loud and clear soon.

  10. I'm just amazed that you were able to write all those books in your series and take care of your son! Wow! You're a super mom! Glad your tour went well. Enjoy the long weekend!

  11. Congrats on a successful tour. I'm a bigger werewolf fan than vampire also.

    The summer will fly by too quickly, I'm sure. And I'm so glad for the long weekend. I've been off work for three weeks with a broken ankle and I'm glad I get one more day before going back to the grind.

    My plans are to get some blog posts pre scheduled for June ;)


  12. Awe graduating preschool. The time goes so freaking fast.

    Wooden Girl, that is an awesome name. I'm sure it will come around and look forward to reading Ghost.

  13. Thank you for stopping by, folks! I hope you have a fantastic weekend. :)

  14. We have a long weekend too! That's cool because we don't share many holidays. Have a good one!

  15. I'm going to read, clean, and write over the long weekend- it will be awesome. Have a great day!

  16. My kids had their last day of school this week as well - only in our case it is because we returned to homeschooling.


  17. Nothing planned = more time to write! As a teacher, I can't wait for summer to start (3 more weeks). There will be PLENTY o' writing to be done. Enjoy your weekend, Christine.
    In Medias Res

  18. im hearing a split personality in your ghost. that could be cool. a true personality conflict as her ghost splits & fights with itself... ha!

    that alpha was awesome, i'm not surprised! good for you!


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