Monday, May 13, 2013

Day One of The Oracle & The Vampire Blog Tour and Pop Travel cover reveal

Yay! Harriet and Kiral's story is here!
Welcome to day one of THE ORACLE & THE VAMPIRE blog tour!
This is the fifth book in the 13th Floor series.
There's one more book after this. The cover and a big surprise will be revealed this Friday!

You can buy THE ORACLE & THE VAMPIRE at:
Amazon * B&N * Kobo * Smashwords

I have two awesome stops today to kick off the tour.

Romance between Harriet and Kiral?
This book isn't like the others in the series.
Discover how tangled their relationship is at Kyra Lennon's blog.

Get hooked with a stunning excerpt
at Kerri Cuevas' blog.

Today's tidbit: This book was originally supposed to be Harriet's story. Yet something was lacking. When one of my CPs suggested I include Kiral's point of view, I was worried Harriet's voice would be overshadowed by his, but it turned out to be exactly what the story needed. I didn't think I'd make my deadline with the amount of rewrites, but here we are! Another unique and wonderful tale to add to the series. 

Today is a lucky day! Not only is it the first day of my blog tour, but I'm honored to help with Tara Tyler's cover reveal. It's gorgeous!

POP TRAVEL by Tara Tyler
Release date: July 7, 2013
Publisher: Curiosity Quills

Private Investigator J. L. Cooper always knew pop travel laser teleportation was too good to be true. Finding video proof of a disintegrating traveler is the stomach turning “I told you so.”

Not bothering to upload the video to the nosy, government monitored Qnet, Cooper digs around, bringing the death of his client and threats to his political little brother, who is in jeopardy of turning to dust anyway for disregarding Cooper’s warnings not to pop. Cooper has to do everything himself.

If he survives his first pop, Cooper won’t let anything distract him from getting the job done. Not the android security guards, the constant surveillance, or even Southern Comfort in a purple dress, Geri Harper. Nothing Coop can’t handle.

Author Bio: Math teacher by day, sports mom by night,
When does she have time to write?
Good question, but the Lazy Housewife makes time! Tara Tyler writes sci fi, thriller, and fantasy, with dabs of romance and humor and tips for efficient living. Something for everyone.


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  2. Whoo! Glad to see The Oracle and the Vampire is finally here--so exciting! The fact that it'll feature two POVs makes me more eager to read it. :D

  3. Congratulations! You and Tara are awesome :)


  4. congrats, Christine!!
    Also Pop Travel sounds fabulous

  5. Well done to both of you for the launch... very exciting:)

  6. thanks, woman!

    and cant wait to read this one! i love that there are two in one, oops on the pun!

    pls tell me there will be more!

  7. Congratulations, Tara! And a big week for you, Christine.

  8. Congrats and have a wonderful tour week!

  9. Good luck on your blog tour, and thanks for introducing another interesting author.

  10. Congrats on your book, Christine!

    Tara's book sounds great, too. Love her cover! I'll be featuring it this week. :)

  11. Congrats on the start of your tour, Christine! This is a busy time for you. :)

    Both the cover and the blurb for Pop Travel are intriguing! Going on my TBR list.

  12. Have fun on your tour! And a huge congratulations to both of you!

  13. Very fun seeing your book around the blog world-- great cover!

  14. Love Tara's cover!

    And congrats on getting book five out there!

  15. Thank you very much! I can't wait to read Tara's book.

  16. Woot, Christine!! I almost have the whole set now...

    And congrats to Tara!

  17. Congratulations to both of you! Tara's cover is really cool!


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