Monday, September 3, 2012

Anthologies seeking submissions - September 2012

It's that time of month again. I don't have any idea what I'm going to write for a short story this month yet. I'm browsing a couple of sites to see if my muse perks up at anything.

URBAN FANTASY ANTHOLOGY - 1-time print (Elektrik Milk Bath Press); h/f/magreal/humor/lit (fic). Pay: $30. Words: 1k-5k. RT: <6 weeks. Reprints: query. E-subs: PREFERS. Angela Charmaine Craig, Editor. Deadline: October 31st or when full.

URBAN GREEN MAN - 1-time print (Edge SF & Fantasy); f (fic/poem). Pay: 3½¢/word (poem=$20). Words: <5k. RT: <3 months after DL. Reprints: no. E-subs: ONLY. Adria Laycraft & Janice Blaine, Editors. Deadline: November 30th.

SONG STORIES - 1-time print/eAntho (Song Stories Press); sf/f/h (fic). Pay: 1% per 1k words. Words: <5k. RT: <2 weeks. Reprints: query. E-subs: ONLINE FORM ONLY. Wakefield Mahon, Editor. Deadline: December 1st or when full.

YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT! - 1-time POD/eAntho (Cruentus Libri Press); Christmas-themed h (fic/art). Pay: shared royalty, £3/150 copies sold. Words: 2½k-7½k. RT: receipt=<1 week; final=<2 weeks after DL. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. Kevin G. Bufton, Editor. Deadline: October 31st.

STORY QUEST SHORT STORY CONTEST - annual; sf/f/h (fic). Words: 1k-3k (strict!). Fee: $0. 3 Prizes=$175 +pub (of all short listed stories). Reprints: no. Judges: Gerry Huntman, Esme Carpenter, Warren Goodwin, & Daniel I Russell. E-subs: ONLY. Contact: Gerry Huntman. Deadline: October 31st.

ZOETROPE: ALL-STORY SHORT FICTION CONTEST - 16th annual; all genres of literary fiction (fic). Words: <5k. Fee: $20. 3 Prizes=$1750 (& 7 HMs), lit agent consideration. Reprints: no. Guest Judge: Karen Russell. E-subs: ONLINE FORM. Queries or questions only. Deadline: October 1st.
(I usually don't post contests that have a fee, but the first prize in this one is absolutely amazing. For those of you who have $20 to spare and a polished short story, this is a great contest.)


  1. Really wish I wrote short stories...
    And I saw Fearless on Medeia's site this morning!

  2. Hope something catches your muse's eye!

    Thanks for all the links.

  3. Thanks for the tips! And good luck with whichever one you choose to go for! :)

  4. So many great links... thanks for sharing.

  5. Awesome Christine. Thanks.


  6. I don't write short stories, but it's so kind of you to put this list together for those who do.

  7. Good luck. Those all look like great markets. I just love writing short stories!

  8. I wish I had time to do anthologies, but I have all these deadlines with my books. I miss doing them! Remember how we got into the pirate one together? Fun times.

  9. Great links! Thanks for sharing them.

  10. so on the ball with these links! thanks! i'm feeling the xmas one!