Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pink stains and supernatural crime

A good and not so good start to the new year. My son has been sick. Once again, I'm thankful for our new rug steam cleaner. Just so you know, watermelon stains carpets and nothing gets out that faint pink splotch. Poor little guy has such a sensitive stomach.

He didn't sleep much at all yesterday, but today he made up for it. I have over 3000 words done on my first short story of the year. A supernatural crime story. My writers' group is meeting a week early this month, so I have to have it done by Sunday to send it in on time to be critiqued. It won't be over 6000 words. I think I can do it if my son does two more good naps this week.

I've been fussing with a blurb for one of my novels too. It's a blurb the wonderful Nicole Zoltack has critiqued for me. She mentioned something in it and totally opened up a big hole in my plot. I sat for a long while thinking about why I never thought of it. Then I realized why it never happened. It was something my protagonist would refuse to do. Whew. So while it did make sense to me, and I was thinking too much like myself at that moment, it didn't make sense in terms of the way my protagonist thinks. Making this blurb the best blurb it can be has me one step closer querying.

i can has cute kitty and donuts?


  1. Oh, poor little tyke. He'll feel better after his sleep, and so will you.

  2. Sorry about your son. Don't think I could handle the pink. And three thousand words? Whoa! Do you know how long it would take me to type that much? I am impressed. Yes, you may have kitty and donuts.

  3. I hope he feels better, and soon. Good luck with the blurb!

  4. Blurbs...ugh. Harder to write than the novel.

    Carpet stains...double ugh. In the tropics all my floors are ceramic. Yes.

    Hope your little guy gets better quick and your story is fabulous. Is there any doubt?

  5. I hope Brandon feels better soon!

    Can't wait to read your newest short story!

    And that's the awesome thing about blurbs. It can point out to problems with your story quicker than anything else. That's why I often write mine before I write the novel. Heh.

  6. Deborah, the little guy is still feeling off this morning, but now I have a husband who caught it. And he's much worse than our son!

    Alex, thanks! I'm a fast writer when I get into a scene.

    Joshua, thank you!

    Farawayeyes, I totally agree. Blurbs give me so much trouble. I wish I had hardwood floors!

    Cherie, you'll be the first to get it. Maybe I should get into the habit of writing blurbs first too!

  7. Hopefully that pink stain will relent after a few more washes >.> Maybe...I can't stand those types of stains. I end up looking at the offending spot every time I come into a room. No matter if I was thinking of it or not :P

    The blurb sounds like an awesome way to get a good look at your story. :D That's when you write the "preview" of a story for a potential reader to look at?

    Yes, yes you can of course have a kitty and a donut ; )

  8. Sending (virtual) kitties and donuts, stat!

    I hope your little man and hubs feel better soon! Poor guys:(

  9. I hope he feels better soon!

    Good luck with your blurb.

    Of course. Kitty and donuts, on the way. :)

  10. PudgeMallow, I always look at the stain too. I have a few on our carpet that just won't come out. Grrr. Yes, that's exactly what a blurb is. :)

    Kathleen, thank you! My hubby is still doing pretty rotten, but hopefully since my son ate and didn't throw up, he'll be doing better tomorrow.

    TGE, thanks! I'm totally in the mood for a donut right now.

  11. Poor little guy. Poor mommy. Poor carpet. Hope everyone is feeling better very soon.

    Blurbs. No comment:)

  12. I'll take a kitty and donut:)

    It's good you found out a potential hole, that now you can address even if your character doesn't do it, it means she can grumble about it.... Well done on getting closer to your end goal:)

    Hope the little one feels better.

  13. I hope your son feels better soon. It's awful when the little ones are ill, isn't it? You really miss the cheeky grins and the neverending supply of energy that surrounds them normally.

    Sounds like you're already doing really well with your writing.

  14. Hope your little guy is feeling better.

    The beauty & curse of crit partners...making us think things we wouldn't.

  15. I'd like the cute kitty and donuts, too! (And the book deal). Good luck with getting that blurb figured out! Sorry about your son. :( My 6-year old has GERD, and we're still figuring it out, so we have some nasty incidents. I know to avoid the watermelon now.

  16. Ruth, I feel the same way about blurbs! *LOL*

    Tania, thanks! I put the hole in the donut where it belongs. Hehehe!

    C D, it is. I feel so sorry for the little guy. Plus, he's teething and not wanting to eat.

    M Pax, I totally agree! I am a far better writer with them.

    Shannon, oh my, GERD. I wish you luck. I worry about my son in that since he does have a very sensitive tummy usually.


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