Thursday, January 12, 2012

Booking Through Thursday Interview

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1. What’s your favorite time of day to read? I usually read at night after my son has gone to bed.

2. Do you read during breakfast? (Assuming you eat breakfast.) No. I usually eat cereal and watch the news before I have to get the menfolk up.

3. What’s your favorite breakfast food? (Noting that breakfast foods can be eaten any time of day.) I eat cereal. Fruit Loops, most of the time. My stomach can't handle anything heavier in the mornings.

4. How many hours a day would you say you read? I try to get in one, but sometimes I don't make it.

5. Do you read more or less now than you did, say, 10 years ago? I read less than I did ten years ago. It's hard when you have a toddler running about!

6. Do you consider yourself a speed reader? I'm a fast reader, but I don't think I speed over the text.

7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Teleportation. It would make doing errands and visiting family and friends so much easier.

8. Do you carry a book with you everywhere you go? Most of the time I remember to slip one into the diaper bag.

9. What KIND of book? Depends on what I'm reading at the time. I read a lot of paranormal romance.

10. How old were you when you got your first library card? Five. I'm not including school. The tiny town library was right next to my elementary school.

11. What’s the oldest book you have in your collection? (Oldest physical copy? Longest in the collection? Oldest copyright?)  Oldest copy: Sophocles - The Theban Plays. Oldest copyright: John Stuart Mill's On Liberty. (I was a Philosophy major and I have a bunch of old texts that I bought from used book stores back in my university days.) Longest in my collection: my Stephen King books. Can't remember which one came first.

12. Do you read in bed? Yes. I love reading in bed!

13. Do you write in your books? Never.

14. If you had one piece of advice to a new reader, what would it be? Read everything. Don't stick to one genre. You'll surprise yourself at the gems you'll find.


  1. Great answers! I probably read more now than I did ten years ago. After all, I was in college ten years ago, and the reading kinda took a dive, except in summers. And I technically always have a book on me (Kindle app on my smartphone does count. :D)

  2. I read more now that I have an iPad. And I can't do a big breakfast. Usually it's just some variety of food bar.

  3. Thank you for not writing in your books. Please tell me you don't crack the spine...please?

  4. I write in my books, I read in bed, and my favorite time to read is on the treadmill.

  5. I definitely read more now.... Love the answers:) Teleportation would be ultra cool.

  6. I always read in bed. It's fab. The last bit of advice is great. Reading different genres can inspire new ideas. I never write in my books either. Text books I did, but not fiction books.

  7. i read in bed at night too =) and now more than before...
    and i have at least 3 in progress - one by bed, one in kitchen, and one in car. i hate sitting with nothing to do!

  8. Totally agree with that advice. In my teens I ONLY read fantasy. Now I've branched out and wish I'd done that ages ago.

  9. Did you ever had the fruit loops with the marshmallows?! those were amazing!! and i'm liking VA so far. I'm about 50% thru with it. are all the books in the series good?

  10. I read more ten years ago than now. Which is a shame - I love to read, but with two little ones and another on the way, I can barely finding time to edit and write let alone read.

  11. I originally read this post when there were only two comments, I've been waiting for the comment box to load since then. What is going on?!?

    Well, here was my little comment: who is this? Because she sounds just like me and I dont remember being interviewed! ;)

    Worth the wait, I'm sure.

  12. It's been too long since I read in bed . . . I love doing it, especially during the winter when I can wrap myself in blankets.

    Great advice. :)

  13. one a hour a day is a good goal with little ones. Wish I had more time.

  14. I enjoyed reading your answers. I remember barely reading at all when my kids were little. I think they were starting school before I got back into it.

  15. Great stuff. I like the advice at the end. Well said. Writing in a book is sacrilegious.

  16. Cherie, I didn't read quite as much in university either, but more than I get to now!

    Alex, I'd like to find a good breakfast bar that my picky palette would like. Any suggestions?

    Joshua, ack! No way. I never crack the spine.

    Michael, I'd love to have a treadmill, but I have an exercise bike and bumping up and down makes it hard to read.

    Tania, it would be so cool to be able to teleport. Someone needs to get that device invented already!

    M Pax, yeah, I wrote in my textbooks too. I still have them. I'm one of the weirdos that never sold their books at the end of each semester.

    Tara, can you read in your car or do you listen to audiobooks? If I had any length of time alone in a car, I would absolutely do that.

    Lynda, I wish someone would have given me that advice when I was a teen too. I only read horror.

    Trish, all the VA books are great even though there is one that some people have a problem with. I never tried the Fruit Loops with the marshmellows. Now I have a craving!

    Nicole, I'm surprised you find time to do anything at all!

    Heather, hehehe! I didn't say mindreading for my superpower because I already have it!

    TGE, oh, that sounds so nice right now with the winter storm raging outside. I think I may just curl up in my blankets and read after I do this!

    Prerna, as with Nicole, I'm surprised you have any time yourself!

    Susan, I can't wait until my son is in school or when he starts to play more independently.

    Rusty, I always cringed when my mother wrote an inscription in books she gave me as gifts. I think she thought she was sweet, but I was/am a little weird about such things.

  17. I so love reading in bed. I just started again recently because I got a Kindle--I can read it in bed because the light no longer bothers my husband. Happy day!

  18. I love reading in bed with a cup off hot chocolate to savour. I used to write in my text books...tiny notes to self. I read the same as before but end up with more uninteresting books nowadays (maybe more choice available less quality or I am getting old and grumpy).

  19. Yes, teleportation! We are on the same page there. Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Reading in bed is my fave too. I have a copy of Pride & Prej that was my mom's when she was a teen. It's a paperback and the price on the cover is .25cents. I cherish it... it's also the first copy I've ever read of Austen.

  21. I enjoyed reading your answers! I read at night as well, although I'm a slow reader unless I'm reading something I really like.

    I usually don't write in my books, but sometimes if I think it can help my own writing I'll circle it!

  22. Heidi, that's great! I'm usually in bed and sleeping before my husband, so I don't have to worry about bothering him. :)

    Rek, I seem to find more uninteresting books these days too. Maybe we just know what we like now!

    Pepca, no problem!

    Pk, wow, that's great! Not only is it a valuable book, but the sentimental value is priceless.

    Aubrie, thanks! I really should have a notepad to make notes about bits that might help me.

  23. That was fun! Teleportation, good choice of superpower! I could get shopping done in half the time lol!

  24. Kerri, imagine not having to deal with traffic!

  25. Cool interview. I love reading. Sadly don't do as much as I did in my child free days, when I could read three novels in a week.


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