Friday, December 23, 2011

A little Christmas story

This is my entry for Heather's holiday story contest. Here's the details:
It's very simple.  I want to read your most original, scary or uplifting holiday story (I like both, so since this is my contest - I figure I'll make you write what I like to read!).  Now, notice I didn't say "Christmas"; it can be ANY holiday you celebrate!  It does NOT have to be a holiday that occurs in winter months.  The entry can be no more than 500 words.

I do not know how to do the wonderful "Linky Lists" like Rachel Harrie over at Rach Writes did during the Campaigner Challenge, so here are the requirements:

1. Post your story on your blog
2. Mention my blog and this contest within that post
3. Comment here that you have posted and link back to the SPECIFIC post
4. "Follow" my blog! :)

That's it!  What you can win is some pretty cool stuff.

First place: $25.00 Amazon Gift Card
Second place: A beautiful E-Reader cozy (that I will purchase from the fantabulous ZiziRho Designs, your choice!)
Third place: A leather writing journal

All entries MUST be posted by Saturday, December 31, 2011.  I will have the three winners posted on my blog by Thursday, January 5, 2011.

I decided to go with something sweet. I hope you enjoy it!


“I think I'm going to cry.”

“What?” Barb shot me a glance. “Shush and stop being so melodramatic.” She returned her attention to the CEO as he finished his Christmas toast. Everyone raised their glasses and shouted, “Cheers!”

I didn't pick up my glass. There was nothing for me to toast. Victor didn't show for our first date. My stomach was hard and heavy, and there wasn't a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

Barb downed her drink and let out a whoop.

“Bring in Santa!” Her exclamation was met with several hoots and cheers.

“I can't believe they're still doing this stupid Santa thing.” I grumped, flopping into the nearest empty chair.

A chant of “Santa, Santa, Santa” pounded into my head. Bells jingled and someone flipped on Christmas music. A man in a red suit and horribly fake beard strode into the room, playing up to the crowd. He danced with the girls and gave high fives to the guys.

I couldn't take any more of this ridiculous merriment. I thought Victor was different. I thought he could have been the one.

“I'm going home.” I stood up and was nabbed by Barb before I could walk two feet.

“Oh come on, hon. So what? Some jerk stood you up. I'm single and you don't see me getting all depressed.” She hooked her arm through mine and yanked me forward. “It's two days until Christmas. It's an open bar. And have you seen how good you look tonight? Santa's going to drool into your cleavage.”

“That's exactly what I want for Christmas.” I rolled my eyes, but I let her drag me into the line. I knew Barb was right, but it was still hard to feel festive when all I could imagine was Victor's gorgeous smile and the sparkle in his eyes.

Lost to my own dreary thoughts, I hadn't realized we were at the front of the line until Barb shoved me forward. I stumbled, half-sitting on Santa's leg and using the arm of the chair to balance myself. I felt silly sitting on his lap, but it was a company tradition.

“And what do you want for Christmas, pretty girl?”

I didn't look up at him. I could feel his eyes on me. I bet the perverts lined up for this gig.


“There has to be something you want.” His voice softened and he patted my knee.

That was it. I wasn't going to pretend to put up with this crap any more.

I raised my head, looking into his eyes, ready to sock him in his padded gut. His dreamy eyes.

He smiled. The same smile that always made my knees weak.

“I think Santa brought me exactly what I need.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Later.” Victor winked at me.

“Later.” I agreed and rose from his lap with my Christmas spirit renewed.


  1. Oooo lovely story and kinda romantic. Obviously her friend was in on this. Victor as Santa. hehehe.

  2. I love it! You do know how to write romance! ;) thanks for entering, I'll post the winners on January 5th 2012!

  3. Thank you all. I hope everyone finds something that will boost their holiday spirits when they need it this season. :)

  4. Very sweet ending... she did get what she wanted... I liked it...:)

  5. Great story. Loved the voice and the ending was so sweet. Excellent entry for the contest.

    I've written a story on my blog for the contest too if you'd like to read it.



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