Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Bah Humbug Blahg Fest

This made me laugh. I couldn't resist participating in Grumpy Bulldog's Blahg Fest. I've been known to be a bit of a humbug now and then. Less so now that I have a child, but the humbug still creeps out on those dark December nights.

The rules are simple. Answer this question:
What are the 12 things I hate most about the holiday season?

1. Fruitcake. It's one of those things that make me inwardly cringe. It looks like... Well, I won't say. I don't want anyone else experiencing nausea when looking at those things. Blech.
2. The commercialism. Yes, I know we all hate it. It should go unsaid, but, well, I'm saying it anyway.
3. Family guilt trips. My family lives in Canada. My husband's parents are divorced. We have to decide between three different places to spend Christmas. Those we aren't with at Christmas give guilt trips. This year, we're staying home and not traveling. The guilt trips are coming in like a blinding blizzard.
4. Mothers should not buy their adult daughters Christmas panties. Every year it happens. Socks, please. Socks are a much better option. I never want my mom thinking about something only my husband and I will ever see.
5. The awkward moment when someone unexpected gives you a gift and you haven't bought anything for them. You try to be gracious and apologetic. But they know there's nothing you can say to make up for the fact they got you something and you didn't get them a thing. I've seen the Facebook updates. I know what they say after the fact.
6. Mistletoe. The perfect excuse for a drunken neighbor or a creepy uncle to let his lips linger too long.
7. The Elf on the Shelf. My brother and his wife gave us one last year. My son loves it. The thing gives me the willies.
8. Shopping. I don't like shopping to begin with. I tried to do all my shopping online this year. I didn't succeed. People are so much ruder and aggressive this time of year at the stores. My sympathy to those of you who work retail.
9. Christmas cards. I like to send out cards and I like to receive them. I make sure they're all addressed and ready to go before December. I send out about 60 of them. On average, I get about 15 back. It makes me pout.
10. Advent Calendars. Only one chocolate a day? Oh no, I don't think so. At least a dozen would make it more worthwhile.
11. Early Christmas hype. At least wait until after Halloween!
12. The idea that Christmas is just for children. The rest of us want to enjoy it too!

Don't forget to enter David Salnave's holiday giveaway! No humbugging from him.


  1. Oh you're so right about #5. I've learned to not worry about it tho... unless we agree in advance on a Xmas exchange you need to give because you like to give, not because you expect something back. We do the advent calendar, but they get anything from chocolate to candycanes to little trinkets. If it's a small gift, we leave a note or map in the little door. We also do Elf on the Shelf, and coincidentally, my kids think the Elf (whose name is Buddy) fills the advent calendar every night. For a long time my daughter was freaked out by Buddy too... the idea of him moving around the house and those creepy blue eyes just weirded her out. lol
    Can you imagine working retail this time of year?? What a nightmare!

  2. I enjoy Christmas!
    The guilt trips aren't fair. Besides, you have your own family now and you have to establish traditions right there for them. Sure it's fun to spend it with parents, but when there's a great distance involved, get real - who wants to travel during the holidays?

  3. Those are all legitimate things to be upset about. I second your motion to make it more fun for grown ups too.

  4. I'm glad my mom stopped buying me panties years ago. Thanks for participating!

  5. #5 is hard to witness. Ouch.

    And I refuse to participate in the whole Elf on the Shelf fad. I think the whole concept is creepy. Why can't we just play "Hide the Pickle?" Same concept, just less weird.

  6. The Elf on a Shelf thing is very creepy. I also detest fruitcake.

  7. You had me at number 2. (Number two...teehee)

  8. Advent calenders drive me crazy. The kids eat it all at once. Then they ask me EVERY day, how many more days till Christmas. You little bugger, if you hadn't ate all your chocolate you would know. I ain't telling ya :)

  9. I didn't even think of Advent calenders. Even LEGO has one. Tempting, but pricey. You are not alone. #7 creeps me out as well. :)

  10. Pk, I like that idea for an advent calendar. Better than chocolate! Our elf's name is Kai. I swear he moves on his own.

    Alex, I totally agree. I want to start up traditions for my son. My opinion is if the grandparents want to visit, they can travel themselves. We're the ones with a small child.

    Rusty, the movement needs a leader!

    Grumpy Bulldog, yet you probably got cool ones like Underoos. Those were awesome. And you're welcome. It was fun!

    Jay, I'd choose the pickle over the elf. Far less creepy! Though, it could be taken in a whole other way.

    Michael, I'm lucky to rarely see fruitcake these days. Ug.

    Joshua, hehehe!

    Angela, ha! Silly children. I could totally see my son doing that!

    David, LEGO has one? Wow. I must google it now!

  11. Family guilt trips are the worst, as are Christmas cards. I wish e-cards counted, but when someone sends me a card snail mail, I know they want a paper card back. *sigh*
    Merry Christmas!

  12. I have to think that those crazy Europeans that invented "Hide the Pickle" had to be a little perverted.

  13. The commercialism drives me nuts, too. Oh dear, I have yet to send any cards. Bad me.

  14. I'm with you on the guilt trips. Plus, you have your own family now. Of course you should stay in your house, where your son has all his toys, etc. Your family shouldn't make you feel guilty for wanting that.

  15. Yes, yes, yes to all! Especially the fruitcake and commercialism! Never heard of the elf on the shelf but it doesn't look that freaky, does it?

  16. I definitely agree on commercialism!

    I've never heard of Elf on the Shelf before, but it does seem a bit strange . . .

  17. I know what you mean about early Christmas hype. It's all about making money. Bah!

  18. E.R., I actually don't mind if I don't get a paper card back, but I'd at least like a thank you in some form.

    Jay, just a little? Heh.

    Mary, you still have ten days!

    C D, I totally agree with you. It was different when we were childless. It was easier to travel, but the kid has to come first now.

    J.C., it does look that freaky. Especially sitting on a book shelf and staring at you!

    TGE, you should look it up online just to see a picture of it. Or maybe I should take a picture of mine lurking about!

  19. I love all your hates--except the before Halloween thing. Christmas is a season, and a season is three months. When I was having to buy presents for six kids I'd start in August to make sure I was done before Thanksgiving (I HATE crowds). Then I'd spread out the baking and the parties/school events so I could enjoy them. There's no way we can do everything we have to to (and keep our sanity) if we wait to late to get started (like one coworker who insists it must wait until after Thanksgiving to honor that holiday). Um, not for me! =D

  20. Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard! LOL I love the Elf on a Shelf one. I refuse to buy one. They totally creep me out. And Christmas panties! Luckily that has never happened to me! Ha ha ha! Thanks for sharing! :D

  21. We've got four or five in common! I knew there was a reason I loved reading your blog so much, we share the same dislikes! ;)

  22. Ditto on so many of those! But the two big ones for me are the early hype (seriously?? I actually don't want to hear word one about it until after Thanksgiving, but that isn't going to happen) and the cards. I used to keep a spreadsheet (not lying) of who I had sent cards to so I could easily reference it the following year. Had I added a column for the return ones I got, I would have been super depressed. Like you, I was sending out about 50-60 cards and getting a handful back. This year I just couldn't feel it, and I sent out maybe 20. I've already gotten two from people I didn't send one to, and who never sent me one in the past. That's a bit hysterical, actually. And now I feel like I have to explain that I went minimalist this year and only send to relatives.

  23. i'm sorry i missed this! i love complaining!
    great lst =)

  24. "Mothers should not buy their adult daughters Christmas panties." Excellent. Your family goes the opposite way of mine, I see. Two years ago, my dad called me up and said "What would you like for Christmas this year?"

    I said "To be honest, we could use a new lamp or two for the living room. The boys broke one and I haven't replaced it yet."

    He said "A lamp? That's kind of personal. I'll get you a sweater."

    And he did.

    Liked the list!

  25. I'll admit that I feel obligated to give gifts to people who give gifts to me, and yet when I give gifts, I really don't expect anything in return.

    And I'm so with you about the early Christmas hype. At least wait until after Halloween, preferably after Thanksgiving.

  26. Donna, when you put it that way, I can see why you need to have all that time!

    Chantele, avoid the Elf on the Shelf. Don't let those little spies into your house!

    Heather, I vow that I won't ever be that sort of mom! *LOL*

    Shannon, the spreadsheet idea is a good one. Mostly family and a few friends send ones back to me. I should just limit myself down to 20!

    Tara, it's fun to bah humbug once in a while!

    Briane, HA! That's hilarious. A lamp is too personal. Wow. hehehe! Thanks for following.

    Cherie, I so wish I could give Brandon's book fairy a proper gift other than a picture he colored. One day. One day I'll pay for the hotel room when we go on a book tour together. ;)

  27. Great list Christine! I'm not a fan of fruitcake either, or the decorations coming out in early October. When it comes to Christmas morning, I think I'm more excited for my daughter to open presents than she is! :)

  28. Amy, I'm excited about the same thing. My son wasn't much interested in anything last year other than the tissue paper. This year, hopefully he'll get into opening gifts!

  29. Hi Christine. Can't resist commenting, re. #11 I especially miss the way Thanksgiving has become completely buried in the Christmas windup. I remember when Thanksgiving was a much bigger deal (then Christmas hype started the weekend following), candy corn and "harvest mix" candy was for Thanksgiving (only hit the shelves after Halloween) and they used to have chocolate turkeys and pilgrims (my sister and I used to take joy in biting the heads off the latter--(unlike chocolate Easter bunnies where you nibbled the ears first, pilgrims required full and immediate decapitation).

    On guilt trips, my ex's parents were in Bedford which made it easy. We visited them for dinner Thanksgiving since it was just a day trip, then my mother on the east coast (father deceased by then) got us Christmas, plus my sister and nieces, for about a half week (to justify the cost of the trip, maybe go into New York across the river to catch a show while we were there, etc.)

  30. James, ooh, chocolate turkeys. Now that's something I can get into!


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