Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Adult Book Read Blogfest

This Blogfest is hosted by Heroines with Hearts. All you have to do is fess up on the first adult book you picked up and read: whether a classic, a racy novel or that of unusual content, then post your entry on own blog July 24th/25th.
I was always a mature reader. I started reading Stephen King when I was ten years old. I can't recall if I read Cujo or Carrie first. Yet I do remember when I started to read Cujo, I was home alone after school. At the beginning of the book, a little boy is being terrorized by a monster in his closet. As I read it, our basement door slowly opened on its own. Someone probably didn't latch it properly, but I was in the proper mood to be startled. I went up to my room to sit on my bed and read. Then something fell down in my closet. I removed the doors to my closet after that thus making sure my room didn't have a closet for a monster to hide!


  1. Oh my, I think I would have died of fright, Christine! I used to read some scary stories, but never read any of Stephen King. Now I prefer less scary reads!
    Thanks for taking part in our HWH Blogfest :-)

  2. Ah, yes, those closet monsters! We always make sure the closet door is shut tight before we go to bed each night!

  3. Hi,

    Oh no, can imagine the fear the closet instilled!!

    Memorable book, memorable time... Make a fantastic opener to a paranormal thriller. ;)


  4. I never read King as a teen. Too scary! I still don't like horror films, and I cover my ears when scary parts come in regular movies. I jump when spooked. Must be a sissy.

  5. Great choices! I haven't read them, but they are definitely being added to my TBR list!

    Love your blog! :)

  6. I started with Terry Brooks when I was about eleven or so.

  7. I just stopped by from the blogfest. My first Stephen King was Salem's Lot - very scary. New follower here. I look forward to visiting again.

  8. I never read Stephen King--too scary for me, but I had friends who were huge fans. I do love his magazine articles/commentary, though.

  9. Oh my God, I'd be terrified to read a lot of his books by myself. King certainly knows how to write horror...and he does it well. I think my first of his books was IT. I still hate clowns. I've been enjoying the blogfest entries. So many good recommendations!


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