Thursday, July 14, 2011


A long time ago, in an apartment not so far away, I wrote fanfiction. Harry Potter fanfics. Two novel sized ones. I actually think they're still out there on the net somewhere. They're thankfully not under my real name even though I thought they were pretty dang good at the time.

I didn't read a lot of fanfiction. I don't even look at it now unless a friend directs me to something extremely good or something immensely horrible. The other day, my husband found a podcast that does dramatic readings of the worst fanfics out there. And what is the worst fanfic of all time? It's called The Immortal. It's a Harry Potter fanfic.

What I have read of it is horrendous. It's hilarious and frightening at the same time. There's some debate whether it was written purposely to be that terrible or not. It would be the ultimate troll if it was done on purpose. I couldn't finish reading it. It's just that bad.

With the final Potter film coming out, I've been reminiscing. I miss writing fanfiction. I miss role-playing in Rowling's magnificent world of magic. Yet as much as I miss it, I won't go back to it. I have to concentrate on my own writing. Maybe if I'm published one day, someone will write a fanfic about my book.

Have you ever written any fanfiction? If so, what was it about?

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  1. Wouldn't that be wild to have fans write fanfiction about YOUR stuff?


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