Monday, April 20, 2015

Review for Tallas

In a decimated world, setting foot outside the protected village of Tallas is certain death—or so they say. Mutations caused by those in the wilderness have plagued Tallas’s citizens—or so they say…

For Doogan and Keeyla their belief in a Free Tallas has lost its glimmer. And when their young son, Fabal, is given a very dangerous assignment, they risk everything to protect him. Fleeing Tallas, they head for the wilderness. But when they are ambushed by cruel Mediators, Doogan is recaptured, and while Keeyla and Fabal escape, she is severely injured. Can the two of them survive in the wilderness? Will Doogan getaway from the clutches of the Mediators? And are the terrible legends about the monsters beyond the walls of Tallas true?

My review:
Young Fabal is waken by his mother Keeyla in the middle of the night and she leads him on a daring escape from their protected village into a post-apocalyptic wilderness. The Elite claim Tallas is the only safe place in this ravaged world, but life might be harsher inside with the vicious Mediators running things. Fabal's father Doogan is captured but Keeyla continues on with her son in search of his grandfather. Both monsters and Mediators lurk in the dark. Can they survive in this perilous land?

TALLAS is a wonderfully written YA dystopian fantasy. The world building is brilliant. Tallas is this haven in a chaotic world full of fascinating mutants and terrifying monsters. It's a mystery as to what exactly happened, but that's the draw of it. The history of the village itself tells like an ancient legend even if Tallas isn't that old. This world holds all sorts of possibilities for many stories.

As interesting as the world is, it's the cast of characters that make this a great read. Fabal might be small and young, but he's brave. He's definitely his father's son. Doogan is a smart man in a tough situation. I could never guess exactly what was going to happen next. Keeyla is his perfect complement. I also loved Fulvio, Smelt, Swan, Knox, and Tibbles. And there are bad guys a plenty. Loathsome and just plain downright detestable.

I recommend this to young and old readers alike! An original dystopian tale that holds you from start to finish.

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  1. Great review! Tallas sounds so intriguing and intense...

  2. I really like the mix of fantasy and dystopian. It sounds like a great book.

  3. Good characters are what makes a book. I still have to read this one.

  4. You had me at YA dystopian-great review. Going on my TBR pile.

  5. Very cool. I've been wanting to read Cathrina's work for a long time.

  6. WOW!!! Christine, thank you for the phenomenal review. I'm so glad you like TALLAS!!!

  7. A positive review.

    I like the repetition of "or so they say..."

    The repetition creates doubts in the reader's mind. You just want to know what is real.


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