Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five for April 17, 2015

1. Progress on my current WIP has been steady as a snail. I'm near 10k now and it's just getting into the thick of things. Usually I just throw my readers right into it, but with the weight of this story, it needs the slow start.

2. I've been trying to catch up on my reading. I have a lot of writer friends' books on my Kindle. Please don't think I'm forgetting about you! I also review everything I read. So know when I do read your book, you will know.

3. It's going to be a busy week for me. My mom's arriving tomorrow for a week long visit, and it's my son's 5th birthday on Monday. We're having a party at the park for him on Sunday. (Hopefully the weather will cooperate. *knocks on wood*) Lots of fun!

4. For all of you who are participating in the A to Z Challenge, you're over halfway through! Yay! You can do it. I've been having a great time reading people's posts and meeting new bloggers. In case you missed it before, I'm doing it with the Untethered Realms group. Our theme is teasers from our books, and wow, these books are amazing.

5. Don't forgot today's #SpecFicChat hosted by @UnRealms and @EllieMGarratt at noon EDT. The topic: What happened to the future? The flying cars and time machines? We want to hear what you have to say. And I really want my own hover board.


  1. I'm like you (2). I'm currently reading a few books when I get chance, and I've just reviewed Of Blood and Sorrow. I'm trying not to look at reviewing as a project. I usually try to pick up on every aspect instead of just gushing cause I loved it. The freedom of gushing is underestimated and means the reviews gets written, it doesn't flounder on a To-do list (like so many are on mine). :)

    Hope the birthday party goes well, and the mother-visit. Mine's just gone home. :)

  2. Hope Sunday is a beautiful day for your son and whole family! Enjoy your mom's visit.
    I appreciate you reviewing my book! I know it's tough to get to all of them. I am still working my way through my iPad.

  3. Have a nice visit with your mom and Happy 5th Birthday to your son!!! Those are special memories. I'm in the same boat as you. My current wip is a slow go, and I have a pile authors books to be reviewed.

  4. I have so many books I need to read and review, too! It's just hard to find the time.
    Enjoy your mom's visit and your son's birthday party!!

  5. I can't believe your son is five! My kids' fifth birthday parties were special. My daughter had a princess party. She and all her friends dressed up as Disney princesses. My son had a party at a farm, milked some goats, and had a baby chick poop on his head. Good times! Hope your son has an awesome birthday party!

  6. As soon as A to Z is over, I'm going to catch up on reading. Have fun at the birthday party. 5? He's growing up fast.

  7. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Sunday will be pretty there. And you are making great progress with the new book. :)

  8. My WIP in progress is going at a snail's pace too! Now that the hubby is away for a few weeks I hope to finish the first draft!!!! I wish you luck and send me some completion fairy dust too!

  9. I'm way behind on reading and reviewing. I still need to do Of Blood and Sorrow. An excellent read!

    Happy Birthday to Brandon and have a great time with mom <3

  10. Keep plugging away on that WiP, Christine. I can't wait until I finish my edits and can start writing something NEW. And many thanks for the reviews -- you seriously rocketh.

  11. Have fun at the birthday party!
    I'm sooooo behind on my reading... arrrgh!
    I'll try to make up after the A to Z challenge.


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