Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Five for April 24, 2015

1. What a busy week! I had a great visit with my mom. My son's birthday party was rained out, but he wasn't bothered by it at all. He's such a trooper! I, on the other hand, was really disappointed. Spring weather is unpredictable. We brought his cake and decorations to school on Monday and had a little party there with his school friends. It makes me so joyful that I have a happy child who goes with the flow when things like this happen.

2. Thank you to everyone who visited this week. It's my pleasure to help out my fellow writers with reviews and promos. It'll take me some time to catch back up on things, but I'll be making the rounds.

3. For those of you doing the A to Z Challenge, wow, we're nearly at the end. You're almost there! This month has been speeding by. It's been so much fun to participate with Untethered Realms. Next week, look on X day for a certain dragon slayer. *winks*

4. No writing or reading was done this week, but I squeezed in a bit of time to critique two short stories for my local writer's meeting this Saturday. I submitted my sci-fi horror tale. Hopefully I managed to pull off the terrifying twist.

5. Have a wonderful weekend, folks! Here's a smile to help you get into the happy weekend mood.


  1. Happy Friday to ya. Hope yall have a great spring weekend.

  2. I got some reading done, but no writing. I hope to be able to write soon.

    I'll have to remember to look for that X post. :)

    Have a great weekend, Christine!

  3. Sorry about the rain, but glad your son has a great attitude about life and didn't care.
    Helping other authors is what it's all about.

  4. Your son is so cute.

    Good luck with the short story. :)

  5. Aww! He's so cute! And he's such a good kid too. I'm glad he didn't seem disappointed about the party.

  6. What a sweet smile it is too! And what a blessing to have such an easy-going little boy that took the rained out party so well!! I'm certain if it were my party, I would have whined and carried on just like the spoiled little brat I am. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Your guy is so precious. Glad you got to visit with your mother.

  8. As a kid, it usually snowed on my birthday. So attendance to any birthday parties was always pretty minimal. I know, boo-hoo, right?

    Have a great one!

  9. Great smile, he sounds like a real character! Have a good weekend.

  10. Your son has the best attitude in regards to the rain. As long as everyone enjoyed themselves and he had a good time, that's the most important thing.

  11. Happy birthday to your son! That's a real shame about the rain, but how great that he was able to shrug it off.

    Also, best of luck with your sci-fi horror tale! I'm sure you have nothing to worry about... :)

  12. Hopefully you'll have a bit of time over the coming weeks to catch up on your writing... can't wait to read your new story:)


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