Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wicked Wednesday - shapeshifters

As you can see, I'm doing a bit of a theme this month. Vampires last week, shapeshifters today. I could do a whole month on the various kinds of shifters, but no matter how much they might protest, I'll line them all up here together.

The ruggedly handsome were-creature driven by instinct. There's something incredibly alluring about a mix of man and animal. Alpha males are hard to resist even if they can be possessive and territorial. There are mysterious and magical shifters who aren't driven by their animals, but by a need to protect that sassy girl who has gotten herself in way over her head.  Oh, don't forget the shifters who can change into other people. Becoming someone else can lead into a mess that even the best soap opera couldn't top.

Not so surprisingly, werewolves top the list of the most popular shifters. In fact, they're more in demand than vampires these days. Most cultures have werewolf myths and there are various ways a person can become one. The most common one in paranormal romance is the bite. Not quite as sensual as a vampire's bite, but it says something about the mindset of the audience. A werewolf can be born from one or two werewolf parents. A person can use a wolf's skin and transform into one or drink water from the animal's paw print. A curse or a Satanic pact. There are myths that say sleeping under the full moon can make a person shift.

What is your favorite shapeshifter? Do you like the traditional western myth or do you prefer something out of the ordinary?


  1. As for a favorite shifter, I'm not sure. I think I like were-cat creatures almost more than werewolf ones. It's amazing how much can be done with the mythology of were-creatures.

  2. I've never thought about my favorite. Hmmmm...what about a merman?

  3. Native American Skinwalkers-I read about them first in a Crittered story but then looked them up. They can take any animal form as long as they ahve the pelt.

  4. I enjoy a good werewolf story every now and then. Unfortunately I read an awful one the other day. I won't name names, I don't think the book was even all that popular, but now I want to go and pick up a really good one to erase the memory of the previous disaster.

  5. Cherie, feline shifters are pretty popular too. I would say second or third under the wolves.

    Aubrie, if a merman can transform from man to fish, then yes! ;)

    Nancy, I like that myth too.

    Prerna, oh no! I've read quite a few bad werewolf books. Have you ever read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs? Mercy is one of my favorite shifters and heroines, and the wolves are awesome.

  6. My favorite shapeshifters are the werewolves from Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson books. Adam and his pack are fantastic at the whole alpha male thing, but they're not monsters, just dominant. I never like it when the weres are abusive/make the females submissive to make the males seem stronger. Briggs does a great job of writing her men strong and dominant without taking the strength away from Mercy. Also, her weres are hot ;)
    Nice post,
    Ninja Girl

  7. My favorite shape-shifters are the dragon ones. :)

  8. I've never been able to like that whole man/animal thing. I think men are animal-like enough as, and if I want to vacuum up pet hair, I have a German Shepherd for that! Ha! Okay, okay, I'll stop being silly.

    I do like a nice vampire, though. Mmmm-hhmmmm-hhmm. :)

    Glad you've hit on a theme for the month. This is great!

  9. Such a hard question... I like the idea of all kinds of shifters... probably more than vamps - I think it's their vulnerability to change into something scary - like Jerkel and Hyde...:)

  10. I'm not sure about FAVORITE favorite, but that one guy from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine totally comes to mind. Sadly, his name didn't come to mind quite as much...

  11. I'm obviously following the general fandom, as I do like werewolves. I think that's probably because I love wolves though.

  12. Ninja Girl, always nice to meet another fan of Mercy! :)

    TGE, dragons are becoming very popular. Have you read any Kim Harrison?

    Nadja, HA! You do have a point. ;)

    Tania, that's true. I love dealing with such issues with my characters.

    Peggy, you mean Odo! I'm bit of a Star Trek geek.

    C D, wolves are my favorite animal too. I use to have pictures all over my walls in university.


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