Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Treat - Cherie Reich interview and giveaway

Happy Halloween!

No tricks today. I'm giving everyone a fantastic treat.

Please welcome my good friend and critique partner, Cherie Reich.
She's willing to fill someone's treat bag with a copy of her horror story, Once Upon a December Nightmare.

Cherie has so kindly agreed to do an interview. My first interview! Thankfully she knows me well enough to forgive all my quirks in trying to conduct a proper interview. I won't waste any more time. Let's jump right into it!

I know that Once Upon a December Nightmare was inspired by something that happened to you. What's the short version?

Cherie: It's loosely based on true events. In late December 2002, my friends and I were going to go to a movie and out to dinner. The movie was sold out, so we ate at Subway and went riding around some country roads. We went up this trail along the Jefferson National Forest and the truck broke down. We had to walk to the main road to call my dad to pick us up. The entire way I talked about all that could go wrong--aliens, mass murderers, big foot, wild animals, etc. I think I scared everyone, but it made me feel better. More prepared. It also made a good story to write later on. Also, the dead deer in the clearing are a true fact. Creepy. Seriously.

That's frightening! I'm sure you had your friends jumping at every little noise. What about the horror genre interests you?
Cherie: Not that I think I'll meet up with a vampire or zombie or something anytime soon, but I love reading horror and thinking "what would I do" in that situation. How would I survive to the end? I love to see who can live. Who dies. I suppose I just like to be prepared. Perhaps it's the former Girl Scout in me. 

I'm the same way. Why do you think people like to be scared?
Cherie: I think people like the thrill. A lot about horror and scary stories includes intense emotions. It's a high and rush. It gets the adrenaline flowing without having to exercise. 

I definitely like the rush! What was your first introduction to horror literature?
Cherie: My very first introduction to horror was R.L. Stine's GOOSEBUMPS series. Then, I graduated to Stephen King. Both can be scary.

King is my favorite. He's a horror genius. Any tips for writing scary stories?
Cherie: Pacing, pacing, pacing. Keep an eye on it. Know when to prolong the tension and when to speed it up. Short sentences can pack a lot of punch. Also, know what scares you and find ways to show people that terror.

Great tips! Finally, what is your favorite Halloween treat?
Cherie: Halloween is great for candy, but I do like having some candy corn around Halloween. It's something I look forward to each year.

Thank you, Cherie. Now on to the giveaway! One lucky winner will win her e-book, Once Upon a December Nightmare. Just leave a comment below with your email address. The winner will be picked by Also, three people will win postcards signed by Cherie. You have until Thursday at midnight to enter. The winners will be announced on Friday.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Author Bio: Cherie Reich is a writer, freelance editor, book blogger, and library assistant. She enjoys writing horror, fantasy, and mysteries, but she doesn't let that stop her from trying other genres. Her short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies, and her e-book Once Upon a December Nightmare was published in August 2010 by Wild Child Publishing. She is a member of the Virginia Writers Club and Valley Writers and placed third in Roanoke Valley's BIG READ writing contest. When she isn't writing short stories, flash fiction, and blogging, she's working on her work-in-progress novels.

Author Links:

They were only going out to dinner and a movie.

But when their plans go astray, friends Cassie, Mary, Denise, and James decide to take a detour down a lonely mountain road. A felled tree blocks their passage and forces them to turn around in a clearing containing a disturbing arrangement of four deer carcasses.

But when their truck breaks down, and their cell phones don't work, they must brave the cold December air, nightfall, and a long hike. Yet this is the least of their troubles. Tension runs high between the four young friends…and they are not alone. Each step brings them closer to safety, but will they make it to the main road alive?


  1. Now the blood on the snow is explained! Glad that part didn't really happen though.

  2. Thank you so much for interviewing me, Christine! I'm posting about this on my blog in a couple minutes.

  3. I love scary books. R. L. Stein was intro into the genre as well.

  4. Great interview! Once Upon a December Nightmare definitely sounds haunting, can't wait to check it out! :)

    Happy Halloween!

  5. I love the premise of Cherie's story. I'm freaked out just thinking about it :) Great interview.

  6. I love that you turned a real-life event into a horror story! Isn't it amazing what a good imagination can do? Happy Halloween, ladies!

  7. Congrats to Cherie! Woot. Love the cover. The creepy plot is very attractive, too.

  8. Great interview and the parts of your story based on true events makes it that much scarier...

  9. If I'd been wandering along a lonely road with a friend suggesting we could be murdered, (a) I think I'd have been terrified, and (b) I think I would have wanted to gag the friend ;).

    Great interview, Cherie, and I feel very lucky to already have a copy of your book :).

  10. Great interview! The tension definitely keeps the story scary, but it's soooo hard to write well. You do it so well in Once Upon a December Nightmare!

    No need to enter me, I've already got one of my own!

  11. "It gets the adrenaline flowing without having to exercise."

    I think you just nailed why I love a good horror story :)

    Your excerpt has sold me too.

    Fabulous interview.


  12. Great interview! The cover is sooo creepy!

  13. Good interview goes well with the blood :)

  14. You made me look over my shoulder even though I was sitting on the couch in my living room. It's been really windy the last couple nights, trees shadow boxing outside, moans and creaks and random clatters.

  15. Good interview R.L. Stine's GOOSEBUMPS are really scary and full on adventure series. I read and watch Goosebumps movies. Recently I Watch Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween 2018 Online video trailer and excited to watch full movie.


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