Monday, October 24, 2011

Revising, planning and deciding

This week I'll be doing some more revisions on my latest WIP. Hopefully I'll get the majority of it done before November. I might send out my first query for it on the weekend. The cover letter and synopsis have been worked over about ten times now. Are they perfect? No. I don't think I'll ever get a cover letter and synopsis perfect, but they're good. Much better than what I started with.

I did some planning for my NaNo novel. I usually don't plan ahead and I'm finding it difficult to do so. I gathered a list of names and monsters from the net. This will keep me from searching for something online when I should be writing. I have all the main characters named, described and generally settled into the plot. That really means I know who the good guys and bad guys are. I know the general overall plot. I know how it will start and how it will end. The middle, well, I have no idea. I tried to plan out each event, but after the first five, my muse smacked me with a stop sign. I'm not allowed to know until I get there. That's how it usually goes with my writing. I know it might drive some people bonkers, but I like the surprise. I like just writing and seeing where it takes me. Do my stories make sense that way? Yes, they do. Somehow I'm able to keep everything together. Sometimes I'm jealous of the plotters, because it seems it would be much easier in the long run. Yet I'm happy to be a pantser. (I really wish there was a different word for that!)

I still haven't decided on a Halloween costume yet. I went out this weekend, but there wasn't anything that caught my eye that I could afford. I thought about just going in a silly outfit as a character from someecards with a little poster board around my neck with the sarcastic saying. Ah, those ecards make me laugh!
 My other idea was making a big poster with a hole cut out for my head and design it as a MySpace page for a zombie. When I don't get enough sleep, I look like the dead!

Finally, please come by on Halloween when I'll have a special treat for you.


  1. Oh, how I remember the days of not being able to afford a halloween costume. I liked the ecard. You have some innovative ideas. I'm sure it'll work out.

    Good luck on your query and synopsis.

  2. Sounds like you are ready for NaNo! For Halloween, go as yourself and tell everyone you are a overworked writer/wife/mother.

  3. i like the zombie my spac page idea!
    good luck =)

  4. I got some outlining done as well, and it is difficult. I'm not a planner by nature.

  5. Isis, thank you! I hope I can be creative with no money.

    Alex, that costume is just too frightening!

    Tara, thanks!

    Prerna, I know how you feel. It all works out in the end though.

  6. Just stopping by from the blogfest. I know, I know, I'm kind of slow. I really like to read the blogs and know if I really want to follow. I'm not a hit and run kind of gal.

    Enjoy your post. I'm in the same boat for NaNo. Ready and waiting. Outline kinda done (beginning and end) 'panster' ugh! about the middle also. Characterizations done and their talking to me. Come3 on 11/1.

    Nice to meet you.I'll be back.

  7. If this shows up twice,I'm sorry. Got a weird message when I tried to post.

    I'm just stopping by from the Pay It Forward Blogfest. I know,I know, I'm kinda slow, but I really like to read the blogs not just hit and run.

    I'm with you on the NaNo Got my outline kinda done - beginning and end - 'panster' ugh! about the middle also. Characterizations done and their speaking tome. come on 11/1.

    Enjoy your blog.Nice to meet you. I'll be back.

  8. Good luck on the revisions and the querying. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Sounds like you're already for Nano.

    lol, love the idea for a Halloween costume.

  9. I really admire you pantsers. I simply can't write without a roadmap... it can be kind of cumbersome.

    Thanks for stopping by my contest!

  10. *laughs* Great ecard there!

    And you'll be ready for NaNo. It's okay not to know everything. Although, I'm one of these weird people who can't not plot and know what's coming next.

  11. Haha I love the big poster idea... Awesome that you're ready for Nano... can't wait to find out what your story is about:)

  12. farawayeyes, that's alright. I have trouble with comments on blogs sometimes too. Good luck with NaNo. It's a lot of fun being a pantser sometimes!

    M Pax, thank you! This is the most polished manuscript I've ever sent out. I hope it shines.

    Gina, I do wish I could be a plotter sometimes. Your contest is fabulous!

    Cherie, you're weird one way and I'm weird the other. We work very well together!

    Tania, I can't wait either! *LOL*

  13. Good luck on the querying. And the costume. =)

  14. I agree about the pantser thing especially given that I am one and since my name is Nancy my sisters would do various rhymes with Nance and pants. Their favorite involved me doing a dance and losing my pants to which I would scream in great outrage, forever giving me the nickname of yes, pantser. Good luck on your costume.


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