Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wicked Wednesday - romance to erotica

I'm adding a little more wicked to this Wednesday! I've been considering querying a manuscript that's not my usual genre. Most of my novels are paranormal romance, but I have two that I consider paranormal erotica. Even considering doing this, I'm presented with several things I need to think about.

I have branded myself as a paranormal romance writer, but I do write in other genres. I have several short stories published varying from sci-fi to horror to western. I like the challenge of writing something out of my comfort zone. Paranormal erotica is only one step away from what I usually write, but in some people's eyes, it's a very big step.

Will I lose credibility? I hope with most of my readers, they will stand by me even if they aren't interested in that genre. I've heard people say negative things about erotica stories. I still get some guff about being a romance writer. I can imagine what would happen if I published erotica. Yet I've read some excellent erotica stories. There are some real gems if you dig around enough to find them. Story has been and will always be most important to me. The sizzling sex is just a bonus!

I've read that one of the best ways to become successful as a writer is to branch out into other genres. Yet I've also heard a few horrible backlash stories. I have plenty of paranormal romance manuscripts to work with if I were to stick with that genre alone, but even if I don't branch out now, I would like to do so in the not too distant future. Yet I might go the sci-fi or fantasy route too. Is this the right time in my career to do so?

I have no answers to any of my questions. I won't know until I try. If only my crystal ball really worked!

What's your opinion of erotica? Is it a genre you'd ever try? 


  1. Congrats for reaching into other genres! It takes a lot of courage to do that. I completely understand your fears, but I'm betting it won't be a problem. Some people might find it 'difficult', but as you said, I don't think romance and erotica are really that far from each other (not like MG to erotica ;) ). Here's wishing you the best of luck! Go get them :)

  2. I don't think genre-hopping is a bad thing at all. The trouble I'm having at the moment is deciding which one to focus on, there are so many.
    Surely it demonstrates your versatility as a writer.

    As for erotica, it shouldn't be treated any differently to other genres. If people have a problem with it then they shouldn't read it, and shouldn't complain about it.
    There are plenty of people that do like it and will you give you the right feedback.

    (I hope that came across as I intended, supportively ;-))

  3. I think genre-hopping shows how well-rounded you are as a writer. Best of luck!

  4. While I don't read erotica, I don't see anything wrong with writing in other genres. You're established now - it should be all right.

  5. I have published one erotic story, but I did use a pen name for it. Then again, I have story ideas ranging from MG to adult, so it was purely so when I get my YA (and if I ever get around to writing my MG story idea), then it'll be a little harder for those ages to find my more 18+ material. I think with your dilemma, it helps that you're still writing in the same genre ... just going from sweet and slightly spicy to hot. In other words, it's not THAT big of a leap. :)

  6. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with exploring other writing venues.

    You said it yourself "-You- have branded yourself a paranormal romance writer", so there's no reason you can't change that brand to fit other genres, as well.

    For those of us who enjoy your writing, we'll follow along regardless :)

  7. Thank you all. I'm not quite sure where I'm going to go yet, but this is one path.

  8. I'm exploring other genres too, notably NA romance. But when I submit, I'm pretty sure I'll use a penname because I do write for middle-graders occasionally.

  9. Honestly, I've considered it, too. A friend of mine makes a great living at writing erotica.

    My next fantasy has more romance and more of the sexay in it than my former work. It's all good.

    Since you write for the adult market anyway, I don't think you should get any backlash. It's just degrees of spice, right?

  10. This is something I've struggled with too, as I'm love to try erotica. I think paranormal erotica could be really popular, too.

    The best I've come up with is using a pen name, and I know some authors who are doing that, but then that means building a new brand.

    I wish I had more useful advice for you ...

    The one thing I'm certain of though is, any true fans of your work won't care if you venture out into new genres. They'll either be pleased because it's more of your work for them to read, or they'll leave it be if it's not their cup of tea. And I think any true writer friends won't give you guff for trying a new genre; I think most people will understand your motivation for it.

  11. I think the best advice I always read about this kind of thing is follow your heart, write for yourself with passion, and others will follow.

  12. I enjoy exploring other genres, too, both as a reader and as a storyteller. If this is something you're passionate about, then I say ignore your fears and go for it! It's fun to branch out from an established norm. :)


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