Monday, April 29, 2013

A to Z Challenge 2013 - Y is for Yawned

It's the penultimate post for the 2013 A to Z Challenge!
I can't believe it's almost at an end already. What a month!

I'm posting snippets from a story this year.
If you'd like to read the whole tale, please start with A.


"No." Danielle's chin trembled. "No! I will kill this monster a million times before I ever hurt Erik!"

She charged the serpent.

You're not thinking with your head, Danielle. Fenn bellowed. The child's safety must come first!

The monster reared back, taking its head out of Danielle's reach. It whipped its tail around and smacked her, sending her flying against a set of drawers.

"I'll never let it harm Libby! But killing Erik isn't the answer!"

You don't know this!

"And neither do you!" Danielle's screech was cut off as the tail slammed into her. It wound around her body and squeezed. She couldn't get a breath. Hacking at the monster's body was doing nothing to deter it.

"No!" Libby ran at the serpent. "Leave her alone! Go away!"

"Libby!" Erik managed to roll to his hands and knees. His cry hoarse and wobbly.

"Go away! Go away!" Libby's tiny fists struck the monster. It hissed, almost like a chuckle.

Danielle wanted to scream for the girl to get away, but not even a squeak escaped her throat. Black dots decorated her vision.

The monster's mouth yawned, fangs glistened, and it descended upon the child.


  1. Love the tension in this snippet, but eek, what a brutal cliffhanger! *anxiously waits for the next snippet*

  2. Noo!!! Not the little one!! And what about the father??


    Tomorrow can't come quickly enough.

  4. This better have a happy ending tomorrow!!!

  5. Oh, no! I need to know what happens next—NOW. :)

  6. Are you wrapping that snake up on Z day? Guess I'll have to come back and find out.

  7. Hi, just found you from the A to Z list - what a great idea to write a story for the challenge :) Going to go back to A and start reading, hope you've enjoyed this month. Jo

  8. Noooooooo. I can't wait for tomorrow but I will be sad for the story to end.

  9. How you've managed to create such tension, with such short snippets, is amazing! Cannot wait for the finale. :)

  10. Oh my gosh! This gave me the chills and I'm almost afraid to read tomorrow's post.

  11. Hehehe! I have you all on the edge of your seats. One more day left. I think the monster is in for a good feast. ;) Thank you all!

  12. Bad snake! At least Erik is still alive!

  13. Good I caught the climax point. Tomorrow I will recover my breath, I hope.

  14. Ha! Great cliffhanger....what a nailbiter :)

    I'm really digging these! :)


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