Friday, April 26, 2013

A to Z Challenge 2013 - W is for Wails

I'm posting snippets from a story for this year's Challenge.
If you'd like to read the whole tale, please start with A.


The monster's fangs plunged into Danielle's upper arm. It flung her up against the ceiling, smashing her into the stucco. It fluttered around them like stage snow.

She screamed. Or at least she thought she did, but all she could hear were Libby's wails.

Danielle summoned her blades back to her, and they emerged from her palms. The serpent threw her against the far wall beside the open closet. The world swam before her eyes, but she'd been hit in the head enough times sparring to know how to push through the pain.

Kill it properly this time. Fenn ordered.

An eerie rattling filled the room.

"I did!" Danielle growled. When the monster struck again, she was ready. Kicking its lower jaw up, she raked her swords along the soft flesh under its head. It didn't deal with pain as well as she did. As it flailed, she loped off its head, and it lost form becoming goo. "Definitely dead."

For three seconds.

"Dammit!" Danielle jumped out of the way and crouched down in front of Libby and Erik. "Libby, you don't have to be afraid any more. I'm here. Your fear is giving the monster power."

"But it's not my monster!" Libby cried. "It's Daddy's!"


  1. OMG, so intense from start to finish! And it's the dad's monster?! The next snippet can't come fast enough after a cliffhanger like that!

  2. This is an intense snippet! Love it!

  3. So much tension in just a few sentences! OMG - and it's Dad'S monster.

  4. Just die already!!! Have to echo the others - superb tension in this scene.

  5. So dad is the one creating all of the monsters?

  6. Powerful last line there! Great part to stop at- terrific job!

  7. Hi, Christine,

    Danielle sounds like, or should I say is, a kick-ass heroine. :)

    J.L. Campbell writes Jamaican Kid Lit

  8. So now we have a snake with gaping jaws? And it's Dad?
    You don't want me to sleep ever again, do you?

  9. Oh wow! I knew there was something about Erik! Great scene. :D

  10. Thank you all so much! A parent's fears can be really powerful. Have an awesome weekend. :)

  11. I like that or not, fear grows your monster. I'm scared for them, good luck to them!

  12. That was intense. Fantastic twist! :)


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