Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Word Witch Wednesday - a writer's ups and downs

All writers have them. Sometimes it's like we're manic. Extreme euphoria and then end of the world depression. There are a few authors who find a good balance.

But for me, it's been an Indiana Jones mine cart ride. Especially this year.

I'm back after being a week away from my writer's life. Tons of emails and stuff on social media to catch up on. It's so overwhelming, I feel like I'm going to drown. It's hard to concentrate.

I'm gone a week, and my muse is refreshed, eager to get going.

The end of the Totem series is near. A nine book series. What was I thinking? It's exciting to see the end of the long tunnel, to share the whole story with the world. Even more exciting to know I'll be able to start on something new once I'm done.

I'm writing the last book of the series, and I don't know what's going to happen. I have no idea how the heroes will defeat the villain. None. I'm so stressed out about it. Sometimes being a pantser sucks.

Being a pantser is wonderful. I love the surprise twists and how my stories evolve all on their own.

I have so many ideas for stories. What do I go with? Should I concentrate on what I love or what's marketable? How do I know if both of them converge? Trying to figure out this whole publishing thing is painful. It makes me feel like a failure.

Yes, marketing is hard, but I'm doing what I love. How many people get to say that?

Up, down, up, down, around, loop, up, down, corkscrew, and repeat.

And you know, no matter how rotten the downs can be, the journey is worth it in itself.


  1. I like to think of it - paraphrasing that old bumper sticker/saying - that a bad day writing is still better than working at anything else. Or maybe I just need more coffee this morning. :)

  2. Madeline, I love that old saying! :)

  3. I love that saying Madeline quoted, too! ^_^

    Everyone is different, but I have to concentrate on writing what I love first. I am a legitimate mess if I don't, and that's not worth it. I also won't produce very good stories.

    I like hearing pansting tales because I'm 100% a hybrid kind of writer. Pansting an entire story sounds like crazy-making to me, but it's also interesting to see why people do it.

  4. I'm exhausted just reading this! Find your focus! It will all work out!


  5. Wishing you Happy Writing and release from stressing. One thing at time-one completed its behind you so you are doing good. Hang in there.
    ' Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  6. I feel you. What I've been trying to do the past week is to focus on 1-2 things a day. It makes things much simpler. We don't have to do ALL the things RIGHT NOW. :)

  7. Break it down so its not so overwhelming and they've waited a week--another few days won't kill them. That said, I sometimes feel bipolar myself. Those ups and downs can drive a sane person mad.

    I'll let go if you will. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  8. The ending will come to you. Don't panic.

    I might finally stop drowning soon and be able to get back to my own writing.

  9. You are so right! And I'll add that part of the cart ride is that each portion of the writer job takes different sets of skills. When I am in a mindset to market, I can't plot. It's maddening!

  10. Concentrate on what you love then it's all about targeting the right audience. Something I actually have to work on since I'm not a marketer by nature.

  11. Krystal, pantsing sounds crazy to me too, but it works out for me in the end. Surprises me too!

    Heather and Juneta, thank you.

    Cherie, the progress you make is amazing, even on your slow times!

    Anna, we can do this together!

    Diane, good luck!

    Elizabeth, they need to create a new word for authors that equals maddening!

    Steven, same here. I'd rather just concentrate on the writing side. But I must do both until one day I can afford a PA!

  12. It's amazing to me that you wrote all those books—without plotting, so quickly. Hang in there; it will all come together.

  13. That's a long series! And I find it amazing that you're able to do that without plotting. There's no way I could do that!

  14. How cool that you are almost done with the Totem series. The end will come, I've no doubt!! You always come up with amazing ideas.

  15. "Yes, marketing is hard, but I'm doing what I love. How many people get to say that?" YES!

    It's hard for me to get back to writing after time away. I need to start writing the last book in my series and it's been 6 months since I finished the last book!

  16. Congratulations on almost being done with your series. I used to be a plotter too, but I think it allows for less creativity. Have a lovely Sunday.

  17. Thank you for being honest and talking about the hard times. Nobody ever does and then I wonder if I'm crazy because other writers only speak of how great their writing is going, and I'm struggling. Congrats on almost being done with your Totem series. You are an inspiration, Christine.


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