Saturday, April 1, 2017

Learn A Word In 100 Words & good luck to the A to Z Challenge bloggers!

Good luck to everyone participating in the A to Z Challenge!
I won't be doing it this year, but I'm cheering you on. I can't wait to read all the awesome posts!

Here's some inspiration for the month!
A cool little collection of drabbles.

A collection of flash fiction inspired by unusual words. Each tiny tale is crafted around a word that is unique or no longer in use. Read them while waiting in line or before bed. They range from sweet and lighthearted to dark and disturbing. Look out for the supernatural, but don’t turn your back on the average human. A killer might be lurking underneath. Expand your vocabulary, and get some inspiration of your own.

Buy links: B&N * Kobo * Smashwords

About the Author:

Patricia Josephine never set out to become a writer, and in fact, she never considered it an option during high school and college. She was more of an art and band geek. Some stories are meant to be told, and now she can't stop writing. She writes Young Adult under the name Patricia Lynne.

Patricia lives with her husband in Michigan, hopes one day to have what will resemble a small petting zoo, and has a fondness for dying her hair the colors of the rainbow.



  1. Hi Christine - I saw Patricia's anthology and it looks really interesting ...

    A-Z started... are you and little one doing anything 'funny' for April 1st?

    Cheers Hilary

    A - Z Challenge 2017 post today is


  2. Love drabbles, especially writing them! Good luck to Patricia! YA is so popular!

  3. Hurray forPatricia! Good luck with your book. I'll be sure to do some tweets and other mentions. I'm sitting out the A to Z this year, too. So yah, yah, yah to all who are in the challenge.

  4. Thanks for giving my new book a shout out. I'm going to need the luck for the challenge. Still very tired. x_x

  5. That's an interesting concept for a book of flash fiction! I've never been able to talk myself into the A to Z challenge, but I follow who I can.

  6. Thanks for the cheers! I'm looking forward to checking out Patricia's book. I love learning new words.

  7. As a word nerd, the book sounds great.

    And hello to you!

  8. Congrats to Patricia!

    and congrats to you, Christine! Shadows Fall - excellent cover and I know what that raven means! woot! I'm on spring break this week, hoping to do some extra reading =)

    happy april!


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