Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Five for May 22, 2015

1. I have all three covers for my Dice & Debauchery series now. The final cover is my favorite! They make quite the attractive set too. One week until Layers of Lace is released! I won't be touring until August, but if you'd like to do a shout-out for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Email me or leave a comment, and I'll send the info your way.

2. Today is my son's last day of preschool. I'm excited and a little sad. We were so lucky to have a super preschool. Small classes, play based program, and the best teachers ever! They'll have a graduation tonight. The kids will wear caps and gowns. It'll be amazingly cute! Plus we'll get cake. Mmmm... cake.

3. So with the last day of school is my last day of morning writing time for the next few months. I'm already mourning it. Yet when August comes around, my little guy will be in school for full day kindergarten. Full days every weekday to write. It's like this shiny, golden treasure just beyond my reach. Summer will go quickly, I know, and I'll enjoy it, but oh, that beautiful, shiny writing time. I can't stop thinking about it!

4. I'll be posting on my blog less in June and July, but you'll still see me lurking about at night. Not the creepy kind of lurking. Though, after long, hot days, I might look a little scary!

5. It's the long weekend. Yay! In my schedule: a renaissance birthday party, Dungeons & Dragons, and maybe we'll get to see Avengers 2. Have a fantastic weekend, folks!


  1. great covers. Yall are gonna have a great summer...I see it in the tea leaves.

  2. What cute book covers!!! Love 'em all! I would be happy to do a shoutout for you. Just send me an email. :)

  3. Love the covers and I'd be glad to schedule a post for your release.


  4. The covers look really nice together. I like the last one the best.

  5. Love the covers! Now I want cake...

  6. The covers look amazing! I've heard good things about Avengers 2; hope you enjoy it if you get to see it.

  7. Hooray for new releases! The covers are so pretty!

    Last week was the last day of nursery school for the 3 year olds I teach. Mine don't get out until the first week of June, so next week I get 4 full days to write before they invade for summer vacation and my writing time becomes miniscule.


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