Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five for February 6, 2015

1. Today my number one concern is my son. He's having surgery to correct an eye turn. It's a simple surgery which takes 20 minutes. He doesn't need to stay overnight or even have a bandage over his eye. It's a routine operation, and his doctor is very good at his job. Still, I'm freaking out a little. It's surgery on an eye! Think good thoughts for my little guy. With any luck, we'll be having ice cream before the afternoon is out.

2. I've been busy with touring, but I've also been doing some work. Last month, I rewrote a short story and resubmitted it to the editors who were interested in it. It was rejected, and so I submitted it to another venue. I also wrote a silly Easter story for my local critique group. I'm starting off the year good for short pieces this year.

3. I finished the last revisions for my urban fantasy novel, Of Blood and Sorrow. It's currently being proofread and formatted. I'll be releasing it to the world on March 13th. Yay! You can add it to read on Goodreads. I'll be doing a character themed tour as the book has a large cast of characters. There are a few slots left open if you would like to host me the last few weeks of March. Please email me or leave a comment below if you're interested.

4. I'm working on a short story for the next Untethered Realms anthology. I'm playing around with sci-fi horror this time. Once I finish it, I'll be diving into my next paranormal romance novel. The characters have been nagging at me for months now. It's been a while since I started a big new project and I'm really excited about it.

5. My Geeky Dice & Debauchery Tour will continue next week. Don't forget to enter to win Zombie Dice and my unique Christine Rains die. Good luck and have a great weekend!

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  1. Prayers for your son. He will be fine, Mom.
    Looking forward to hosting you next week!

  2. Well wishes for your son! Give him an extra scoop of ice cream on me!

  3. Whooboy, as a fellow mother, I can understand your freak-out. But it sounds like your little guy is in good hands. I hope all goes well.

    And keep on rocking the writing! You're amazing!

  4. Thinking of you and Brandon today! I hope he did well.

  5. Sending good vibes for your son. At least it's planned and expected. My oldest urchin had an emergency appendectomy three years ago where almost everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. She's fine now, but I would have much rather had it planned. As a mom, I know how you feel!

    And your tour has been going well, I think! Been seeing you pop up all over the place. So, YAY!!

  6. Alex, thank you! I'm excited to be on your blog. :)

    Trish, will do! Thanks.

    Loni, thank you. Everything went very well. He's already eating ice cream and playing video games!

    Cherie, thanks so much, and thank you again for his gift. :)

    Ava, oh my! I'm glad your daughter is okay now. It's hard when our little ones have to go into surgery. Thank you!

  7. You're one busy woman. Warm thoughts for your son as he goes through surgery. Let us know how it goes!

  8. Hope things went well with your son. My youngest son had minor eye surgery when he was two years old. It was terrifying as a parent.
    You really have a lot going on and lots of plans.

  9. Happy to hear the little guy is okay.

  10. Aw, your poor son! Surgery of any kind is always scary, no matter how simple it is...

    On a brighter note, how exciting about Of Blood and Sorrow! I'd be happy to help out with the blog tour, if you still need any...

  11. I hope the surgery went fine. =)

  12. I saw on Facebook that the surgery went well - such a relief, isn't it? My eldest was four when he needed to have a couple of teeth removed. He looked so tiny on the table.

  13. Thinking of you and your son today. I hope he did well.

  14. Stephanie and Susan, thank you. The surgery went well. My son is back to his normal self already!

    Ichabod and Patricia, thanks!

    Heather, thank you. I've sent you an email about the tour! :)

    Annalisa, I know what you mean! But my little guy was so brave.

    Nas, thank you. He did excellently!


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