Thursday, January 15, 2015

Next stop on the Loose Corset Tour

Have you entered the giveaways for a chance to win your own Christine Rains die yet?

Today I'm talking about why people are drawn to erotic reads at Words of Wisdom... from the Scarf Princess.

Why do you think people read erotic stories?


  1. I guess for the reason you said, that it gives a real high if done well. Needs to be done well though - I'm still working on getting a sex scene right!

  2. Makes me think of Melvyn Bragg who won an award for the most ridiculously written sex scene ever, even when writing my children's books I try to steer clear of 'purple prose' - don't want to win an award for the worst children's book ever :0)

  3. I missed the tour, but will fix that! The book looks awesome. I want to read it today!

  4. Hey, your blog tour is underway... forgot about it!

  5. Nick, it definitely needs to be done well, or I just end up rolling my eyes or snickering!

    Carole, I definitely don't want to win that award!

    Elizabeth, thank you!

    Michelle, thanks very much! :)

  6. Even the prudest of us understand in our base nature we're sexual beings. Reading a good erotica, in that sense, is natural :-)

  7. Love seeing your posts everywhere... Oh hubby saw your dice on facebook and he reminded me to make sure I enter...hehe he's such a geek:)