Friday, January 16, 2015

Fifth stop on the Loose Corset Goddess Fish tour

Geek girl problem #88: The Loose Corset Goddess Fish tour is half over!

Today I'm sharing ten geeky things about me

Share with us something geeky about you!

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  1. Dice and debauchery - wow! Good luck with your book tour.Sounds fun :0) Thanks for your visit Christine, yes, have to start with action and all the way through for 10 year olds, thanks for your kind support.

  2. just saying hello. Happy Friday

    Just been a while :)

  3. I'm a musician. Enough said!

    I'll go hop over and see what's so geeky about you. ;0)

  4. Carole, my pleasure! And thank you.

    Mac, have a great weekend!

    Sherry, hehehe! Thanks!

  5. If I told you some geeky things about me you might not like me. (Hee Hee!) But good luck with your book tour!

  6. All the best with your book tour.

  7. Hope you're having a great tour, Christine!


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