Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wicked Wednesday - sexy costumes for geeks

I bet when you read the topic for today's post, you immediately thought of Princess Leia in her steel bikini or Captain Mal. While absolutely tantalizing, geeks don't need to see tight clothes on starship captains to find their favorite characters sexy. Someone fully clothed can be just as alluring.

Here are some ideas for costumes that leave everything to the imagination. Just the way we like it!

I see a lot of women dressed as the TARDIS. I understand the desire. I would love to have a TARDIS of my own, but I don't want to dress as one. I'm sure you can think of a few joking comments you'd like to avoid wearing it! So what about other ships? Serenity, the Enterprise, or the Millennium Falcon. Oh, even better, Moya from Farscape. She's a living sentient ship.

Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nothing is sexier than science.

The Bowler from Mystery Men. There's so many guy superheroes out there this year, we need more options for the ladies.

There's nothing as fun as riffing movies. You could be Joel or one of the robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000. I always wondered what a man alone in space with only robots as companions did in the times between he was forced to watch bad films.

And if you really must be Princess Leia in her slave outfit, be LEGO Princess Leia.

What costumes can you suggest that leave everything to the imagination but are just as awesome?

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  1. What fun ideas for new sexy yet still geeky costumes!

  2. Dress as an iPhone and say, "I am Siri. What can I help you with?"

    Sorry, that's about as geeky as I get :(

  3. I think zombies are going to be big again and if I were doing Doctor Who I would not dress at the Tardis but as Matt Smith's version of the Doctor.

  4. I'm all out of geekdom today--along with cheese. Must needs get more... But I had a good chuckle--at both your title and thoughts. Showing skin is definitely not the end-all, be-all, especially when you're expecting.

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  5. I wonder how many people would get the Mystery Science Theater costumes?

  6. These are all fun ideas. If I ever dressed as Leia in her slave outfit I'm sure I would terrify everyone! LOL I'd be afraid to leave my house.

  7. I know what a man alone with robots would do in between films!
    Anyway, back to business...
    I still want to get my wife Kate Beckinsale's Selena outfit from Underword. Now that is sexy.

  8. Go with the librarian, sans ample cleavage.

  9. Be Lego Princess Leia, LOL. :-D

    Geeky, non-skanky costumes...for some reason, Beverly Crusher from ST:TNG comes to mind, but that's soooooo 90s...Still, I heart that gal. :-)

  10. I came for the bikini... JUST KIDDING!!

  11. What a fun post idea! Who doesn't love Bill Nye? ;)

  12. Oh I love the ideas. And I agree, you don't need to show a lot of skin. Actually people prefer if I don't.

  13. Fun ideas. I like that shows are starting to make fun of all the "sexy whatever" outfits.

  14. Hehehe! I'm glad you all had so much fun with this post. I had other suggestions, but they were more obscure.

    Carol, hilarious!

    Ken, the people who are true geeks would!

    Alex, one day maybe!

    Elizabeth, awesome! I <3 librarians.

    Mina, Beverly is cool.

  15. I saw a lot of Tardis-dressed women at the Comic Con they had a few weeks ago here.

    I don't think I've done any specifically geek themes, but I do go crazy over Steampunk. Love it!


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