Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Realms Faire 2013 - Soak-a-bloke

Welcome to day two of Realms Faire 2013!

The rules of this event are simple:
1) The dunkee is chosen by committee.
2) I'll direct you to their blog.
3) You drench him with comments.
4) Everyone who comments is entered in the daily giveaway to win an ebook of your choosing by M. Pax and my ebook, The 13th Floor Complete Collection.
Everyone who comments all five days will be entered into the grand prize drawing to win a 50 page critique by me, and ebooks from M. Pax, Julie Flanders, Ellie Garratt, and me.

Yesterday's winner: Chris Fries
Congratulations! An email is coming your way.

Are you ready to soak an unsuspecting bloke with blog love?

Click on over to Mark Knight's site and drench him!
A Knight as our dunkee? Be sure to acquit yourself honorably, my fine lords and ladies.

Make sure to check out all the events happening this week and enter to win more prizes!
Joust ~ Stockade Brigade ~ Dueling Bards ~ Phasers ~ Masquerade Parade ~ Collective Performance ~ Castle Jumble ~ Dragon Hunt

Today Xan is featured over at the Joust. Hop on over to see what he has to say and then cheer for my champion.
Remember, to score points as you cheer, you need to use at least one of the following words:
Xanthus Ehrensvard, 13th, and cutpurse.

To help Xan's wonderful fans, here are some sample cheers you can copy and paste:

Three cheers for Xanthus Ehrensvard! The other knights are but brides of trolls!

See brave and shirtless Xanthus Ehrensvard. Not even the most craven cutpurse would dare tangle with him!

Huzzah! Xanthus Ehrensvard is the one true knight. He has killed his 13th dragon and captured a cutpurse as the villain tried to take his lady's purse.


  1. Congratulations, Chris!
    Hope you guys are having fun.

  2. Happy Tuesday—and congrats to Chris!

  3. Bonus that Mark has a prize of his own posted. Nice.

  4. I'ma head over to soak that bloke RIGHT NOW!!! :-)

  5. Thanks! I'm happy to have won. Email sent back at'cha!

    But uhh... Mark's blog hasn't been updated since Oct 1st. Can we do a retro-dunking?

  6. Just popped over and said hello to Mark!

  7. What a fun thing to do. I'll head over to Mark and see what this soaking is about!

  8. Thank you everyone for your support for Xan today. He's about to take the armor offered by a few of his opponents, but I think they just want to cover up what's drawing all the ladies' attention.

  9. Dang it. I took a long weekend and forgot to cheer him on. Hanging my head in shame.


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