Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five for November 22, 2013

1. It's been a slow NaNoWriMo week for me. I've been so busy outside my hermit hole, I haven't had much time to write. Yet I'm still in a good place. As of yesterday, my word count is just over 36,000. I would say I could easily finish that before the end of the month if I had until the end of the month. Which I don't. We leave Wednesday to go visit my in-laws, and so I have to finish on Tuesday. The story won't be finished. I have a feeling this will be a long one, but that's okay. If I ever go back to edit it, it will need a lot of fat trimmed!

2. I've had five rejections over the past few weeks. That's affected my writing too. I've had a lot of leftover Halloween candy therapy. My jeans are a bit tight! Come December, I'll send out my short stories and try other places for them. I also have a few stories whose contracts are up. I can find places willing to take reprints for those.

3. I've baked a lot this past week. Cupcakes decorated as turkeys, banana bread, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I had to make a schedule for it. I never thought I'd be a woman that needed a baking schedule! Funny where life takes us.

4. I won't be going out to do any shopping on Black Friday this year. I haven't in several years. I find myself doing more and more shopping online. It's really so much easier. I still have a rocket ship to buy for my little guy. There are some nifty ones on Amazon. Do you find that you do more shopping online these days?

5. Speaking of my brilliant boy, he is an official reader now. Yes, he's 3.5 year old, but he can read. His preschool class is small enough that his teacher can read with him for about ten minutes each day. He read two new books for me on Wednesday while I was there assisting the teacher, and he even corrects himself when he misses a word or doesn't say it right. Next semester, I'm putting him in an after school literacy program which he got special permission to be registered in. He'll get to work with the teacher he'll have next year for school. I'm one proud mama!


  1. Whoa, you're already at 36K? That's amazing! That really sucks about the rejections, though. Good luck with all the short stories you plan to submit!

    I do a lot of shopping online anymore, too. It'd be nice to purchase things in person, but stores often don't have what I need!

    And wow, that is so, so impressive about your son. Looks like he's going to grow up to be a big reader! :)

  2. Yay for your son reading.

    I think it's time to dump my Halloween candy.

    I hate going to stores and not finding what I'm looking for, plus those crowds. I head online.

  3. All the best novelists have rejections, so don't worry. Stay positive and you'll be stronger.
    How do you find time for all that baking? I moan enough about making meals.
    Perhaps your son will be a writer? He's really gorgeous. Come to think of it - he looks a bit like me!

  4. Glad your little guy is reading!
    My baking schedule just involves eating.
    And except for clothes, I do all of my shopping online now. Black Friday is great because I don't have to leave the house.

  5. Very cool that your little boy is into reading. I've got my older daughter hooked, but am still working on the younger one.

    I do shop more online these days except for clothes. I hate sending back things that don't fit.

  6. I think it's so awesome Brandon's reading now! His book fairy will have to find him some new books to read for Christmas. *grins*

    You're doing great with NaNo! I'm a little over 30k, so I need to catch up. *sighs*

    And I'm planning to go out on Black Friday, but we're thinking about getting a later start and going out for lunch instead of breakfast. We don't really do much with the sales. I do some shopping online, but I do like finding random objects for people in stores too. Or sometimes I'll see something in a store and check to see if I can get it cheaper online. I do a lot of that.

  7. Congrats to your son! How wonderful!

    I haven't been out during Black Friday in years. Ugh. The thought makes me cringe...

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Shopping online on black friday makes so much more sense. I will not brave the crowds.

  9. The best news is definitely your little guy reading. Getting an early start will help him so much in school. Yay! Congrats on 36k - that's a LOT of words. Your baking sounds wonderful. Many years ago I used to bake cranberry nut bread. It was delicious! Where did I put that recipe...

  10. Hi Christine .. well you've done incredibly well considering how much else is going on ..

    Now listing out all those other jobs well done - puts me to shame ..

    While your little one - just brilliant news and I'm so happy for you all ..

    Enjoy Thanksgiving .. cheers Hilary

  11. I do most of my shopping online as well. I like to frequent local places if/when I can, but once the holiday crowds hit I stay away. I horde catalogues and find stuff in them and order that stuff online. Wow. So much easier than having to go out! Hard to believe there was a time when that wasn't an option!

    Sorry about the rejections. I've had a batch as well. Trying to lay off the candy, but it's tough . . .

  12. You've really worked hard and I'm sure you'll reach your goal. Your little guy is something.

  13. Lucky little boy to have such a good educational beginning, and he looks happy, too!

  14. Thank you, everyone. I think my little guy is gorgeous too. (And looks a bit like you too, Fanny! *LOL*) Have a great weekend. :)

  15. How awesome your son's reading so well. Mine only seem to read under duress, even though they both loved their bedtime stories and books in general when they were little.

    Well done on your NaNo word count too.

  16. You're in pretty good shape for NaNo still! Thanksgiving is going to wreck a lot of projects, but you've still got a few days post-holiday to knock it out. :)

    Don't get the rejection blues! You're already a fabulous AUTHOR. A few "no thank you" notes doesn't change that one bit.

    I do pretty much all of my shopping Online now--except for clothes. I really like to see them on before I buy. LOL

    I can only imagine how proud you were when he read his first words on his own! He's just unlocked a lifetime of gifts and doesn't even know it yet. :)

  17. I do most of my shopping online too. It's just so much easier!

    Your little fella is such a one too.

    And don't worry over rejections. I know you're awesome, that's really all that matters :)

  18. Huge congrats on your nano progress... that is so great:) Sorry to hear about the rejections... just keep sending them out:)

  19. How proud you must be! Cute and intelligent like his mom!

    Congrats on the NaNo, you're doing well. I'm about there too and struggling to get the rest done.
    Baking - I remember those days, but not anymore. I enjoy eating it too much!
    Don't worry about the rejections, it wasn't the right fit! You'll find a better one!

  20. It's great that you're son is reading! Congrats on reaching 36K.

  21. In reality we only know a fraction about the visible universe, keep practising your craft Christine.

  22. Hi, Christine. CONGRATS on your NaNo word count! That is awesome. Sorry about the rejections.

    No Black Friday shopping going on here. Thought about it, because one place had comforters on sale. I decided I'm not going to fight the crowds for a couple of comforters.

    Lots of yummy baking going on at your place recently. I promised my son I'd make him some cookies later today.

    Your son is a little cutie. CONGRATS to him on his reading!

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