Friday, July 19, 2013

More Than Just A Kiss blogfest and The 13th Floor collection poll results

“A kiss, when all is said, what is it? 'Tis a secret told to the mouth instead of to the ear.” ~ Edmond Rostand 

The wonderful Cecilia Robert and I would like to invite you to the MORE THAN JUST A KISS blogfest!

Sweet, sizzling, fiery, awkward, mind-blowing. We want to read your kissing scenes.

The rules are simple:
1. Sign up on the linky list and post the badge on your blog.
2. On one of the days of the week of September 9th, post a kissing scene on your blog. It can be either fiction or non-fiction.
3. Please do not exceed 250 words.
4. This is a blogfest, so visit the other participants and have fun!
But wait! This is more than a blogfest.
We're offering prizes!
The scenes will be judged by these amazing romance authors: Cecilia Robert, Laurelin Paige, Kyra Lennon, and Christine Rains. (Hey, that's me!) We will choose three posts to win these awesome prizes.
Prize 1 - A critique of a kissing/intimate scene from your WIP (not exceeding ten pages). Critiques will be done by Cecilia Robert, Kyra Lennon, and Christine Rains.

Prize 2 - A critique of a kissing/intimate scene from your WIP (not exceeding five pages). This critique will be done by Laurelin Paige and Christine.

Prize 3 - A critique of a kissing/intimate scene from your WIP (not exceeding one page). This critique will be done by Cecilia and Christine.

Cecilia, Kyra, Laurelin, and I will each choose one of our favorites to give out some fantastic ebooks.
Laurelin - FIXED ON YOU
Christine – All six volumes of the 13th Floor series.

Sign up at the bottom of this post!

 Now on to the 13th Floor tenant poll!

Thank you to everyone who voted. It was very clear that each of my readers have their favorite characters, but the majority of you voted for a new tenant just moving in!

I already have my character and a story idea. A character unexpected considering I had tenants I already considered for this series standing by. I do hope you'll be as enchanted by her as I am.

I've been making progress on the cover for the collection. So many designs and none of them fit. I think I'm close to finding the right one now. I hope! *knocks on wood*

Don't forget to enter the HUGE giveaway at A Buckeye Girl Reads. You could win the entire 13th Floor series!

And in case you weren't able to keep up with the tour this week, here's the list of my marvelous hosts!
July 18 - Colette Chmiel and Clare Dugmore  

Don't forget to sign up for the blogfest! 


  1. W00t! SO looking forward to the bloghop!

  2. Awesome blogfest! I'm taking a blogging break until September, so this is perfect to come back to! <3

    Oh, a new tenant! Exciting! Feel free to email me if you want my eyes on the story, or if you want to discuss the collection cover. :D

  3. Oh, what a fun idea for a blogfest! Too bad I just draw kiss scenes instead of write 'em now, or else I'd be so tempted to join in on this...

    And ooh, a new tenant? Awesome! I'm so very much looking forward to this story. :D

  4. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this new tenant!

    Happy Friday. ☺

  5. I want to sign up. I will consider myself signed up...but if I cannot put the picture on my sidebar it will be par for the course!

  6. Looking forward to the new tenant.
    If I had a real kissing scene, I'd enter the blogfest.

  7. Looking forward to meeting the new tenant!

    And I read about this blogfest on Cece's site earlier - great idea!

  8. I'm curious about your cover design process. How do you go about finding/choosing/creating your covers?

  9. Okay, I'm in! Gary might throw stones at me, but oh well.

  10. I think I signed up...if I messed up the linky, let me know, okay?

  11. Thank you, everyone! Please help spread the word. We've got lots of time to help promote. Have a great weekend! :)

  12. OK, I'll sign up for this one. I think I have at least one scene that qualifies.

  13. EEP! So excited to read everyone's scene. :) This is going to be fun!

  14. i am too shy to write anything good, but i will advertise for you =)

    and yay for a new tennant!

  15. That bloghop looks -so- out of my comfort zone, as a writer, that it's not funny.

    Still, though, it sounds very interesting if, for nothing else, a way to stretch the writing muscles...hmmmm

  16. Good luck with the bloghop and tour -- looks great! I'll be sure to RT as you go.

  17. What a fun idea for a bloghop, and would you believe it - my WIP has a kissing scene (or two ;) ) Guess I have to polish it up :)

  18. The kissing blog fest seems like a LOT of fun only I swear, I'm experiencing blog fest burn-out! OTOH, I'm happy to promote it! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  19. Sounds fun. I'm planning on entering, just have to wait until August when I'll be able to do the post. Writer’s Mark


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